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    Terrible Opticron 8x50...

    In many of the places that I visit, some dealers and particularly shops in reserves have a range of bins to try out unaided by staff, often tethered by a cable. I suspect that these are treated roughly (maybe even deliberately) by those trying them. Some of them get damaged and tend to stay on...
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    Repair: replacing a focus knob?

    Just the job for a 3D printer?
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    Your Most Used Binoculars?

    The binocular that spends most time hanging around my neck is the M7 8x30. It is my bin for hiking and non-birding holidays. If birding is the objective, it's my UV7x42HD or if it's a risk to my bins (lots of travel etc) then my ED2 7x36. Although the 8x30 are not in the same league as my...
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    Legend L 10x42 bargain?

    I managed a couple of hours with the Legend L 10x42 around my local woodland/country park and a little while studying the crumbling brickwork of a nearby mill. My non-expert impressions are that they will not replace my 7x for the woodland work, but in more open terrain (which is where I...
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    Legend L 10x42 bargain?

    I read quite often about binocular bargains in the US, feeling a little jealous... I noticed that the low price of the Legend L series is repeated here in the UK by Amazon.co.uk who advertise the purchase from the USA and ship (duties paid) to here in the UK.. Seems too good to miss! The...
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    Monarch 8x30 7 or 5 model?

    I bought two, for myself and wife. This was after some research into a sub 400g binocular. I tried a few 8x25 (no alphas) but the ease of use and big view in the M7 won me over. A little over 400g and just too big to keep in my jacket pocket. I haven't been troubled by the flaws reported...
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    Dialyt 7x42B T*P* has arrived - first impressions

    I had a 7x42 BN that had a firm spot in the focussing. I sent it to a repairer recommended on this forum (East coast Optics) who corrected it quickly and at very reasonable cost.
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    ZEN RAY Optics

    I'm sure that many adjustments are well within the capabilities of repairers. My ED2 7x36 became unusable when the dioptre adjustment hit the end stop before accommodating my eyes. It was repaired/adjusted in the UK by a repairer (recommended on this forum) and is now as it should be and is...
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    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    I've bought more binoculars from Uttings than anywhere else, and will use them again, so they must be my favourite dealer. Uttings give excellent service with keen pricing and a great after-sales service (and it's possible to visit them in person in their real shop). Dave.
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    Thanks Andy, you are right, lots of Opticron bins to choose from and a good brand to buy. I like their porros (and have a couple 0f 8x already). I am lucky to not be in a hurry. I may try my local bin stockist in the next week or so when I can plan a trip to Manchester. Dave.
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    By the time it arrives it will have added a good amount to cover carriage and customs.. still affordable at around £250, but a headache if it has a problem and must be returned. Probably better to buy more locally for this reason, even better to buy from a bricks-n-mortar store whilst they...
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    The Hawke 10x43 Frontier seems to be well thought of, available at an attractive price a little over £200 here. If that has comparable optics to my ZR7x36ED2, then it's very much a runner for me... some are advertised as Mk2, I can't see any difference in the images that the sellers...
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    Really not thinking of investing in a mid to top tier binocular, just a cheaper one to try. I can always hire/borrow a 10x at one of the RSPB centres at a reserve nearby, that way I can compare for a day without much outlay. My normal "hide kit" is my 7x binocular with a 60mm scope with...
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    I have a 8x42 HRWP and love it, not sure if I would want a similar FOV and slow focus in a 10x. The SRGA 10x might fit the bill.
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    Which budget 10x to compliment my 7x bins.

    I have a great time with my UV7x42HD and ZR7x36ED2 binoculars. I appreciate their steadier view and increased DoF but for hiking and holidays we (wife &I) take Nikon M7 8x30 bins (because I can't find a 7x that will do that job). Our main viewing is done in woodland and fairly compact habitats...
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Interesting info and experiences you have.. Thanks for the pointer to the Orion 10x50, it could be a runner (and cheap!). This thread has wandered off the original theme, so I may post a general question "what bin should I buy". Thanks for your input..
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Thanks Chris6, the urge has passed now. The HRWP will be fine for outings to reserves where open areas are viewed (and the need to use 8x persists), my UV7x42HD/ZR ED2 7x36 for most else and the M7 8x30 where a lightweight and compact bin is needed. I had a couple of 10x42 some time ago...
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Small departure from the thread... During an outing to an RSPB reserve, I was able to try some of their 8x42 binoculars. I realised that as I looked through my 7x36, then the 8x42 at a fixed object (feeder etc) it was not difficult to see that I got a small amount of extra magnification...
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Thanks both for your comments. I admit that I was tempted by the low price, dropping from what was quite high. I guess that the reason we've not heard too much of it is that it's a fairly average bin.
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    The Viking 8x42 ED-S and the Vanguard 8x42 Endeavor (Mk1) are available for under £200, I wondered if they might suit me. It may be a tall order, it will have to better my Nikon M7 8x30, mainly in regard to the contrast and also get somewhere near the optical performance (within the...
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Hi, thinking of adding an 8x42 roof to my set of binoculars. I have noticed that these binoculars can be bought for around £200, but can't find much in the way of reviews for them.. Has anyone tried them?
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    Warranty / Customer Service Experiences Thread

    Here in the UK, I've had warranty dealings with Nikon for my M7 8x30 bins, fast, free (repair and shipping!): Viking Optics for a repair and a minor part, again good comms and pleasant service: several dealings with Opticron re alignment of some porros (non-warranty) and an alignment/hinge...
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    Common Crossbills at RSPB Dove Stone Feb 2018

    My wife and I had a short walk up the side of Yeoman Hey reservoir after parking the car in the layby at Bin Green (the actual car park is closed and full of building plant). Walking down the lane to Yeoman Hey Dam, we saw three male Crossbills in the top of a bare Larch, leisurely feeding...
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    What bin do we use

    I was happy looking for my "sweet-spot" in price vs performance near the budget end of the market in the $200-$350 range. I was doing OK too, fuelled by reviews and recommendations on this forum. After having spent on various binoculars (some good, many poor or very poor in one respect or...
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    No birds? What do you like to look at then?

    My home is in a suburb, with neighbours close by. Not so easy to sit at the window staring with any neighbouring property in view. When the birding is thin, I can sit on the bedroom floor and look at the crumbling brickwork on a mill nearby, completely out of sight of any neighbours. I...