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  1. cassowary

    Seychelles hotspots

    you should find the following link helpful : https://ebird.org/barchart?byr=2000&eyr=2019&bmo=1&emo=12&r=SC
  2. cassowary

    Birding California

    Bears I've found relatively easy at Yosemite ask the rangers on recent activity. Chevron meadow has been fairly reliable in the past (also great grey owl near here) .... I've been in this meadow with a couple of bears digging around mid-day unconcerned with my presence. Bobcat - Last year about...
  3. cassowary

    Yet another SE AZ trip; thoughts welcome

    I'm currently near PHX ....... Lawrence's Goldfinch is nomadic so it's best to go to a spot where they have been recently seen; it was a bogey bird for me for a long time.... Olive warbler is territorial in the breeding season, I think LeConte's Thrasher is too if I recall, so if you are using...
  4. cassowary

    Birding krugerpark

    Can't help you with guides but with ebird and xeno-canto (and cloud-birder) prep is a lot easier nowadays if you can't find a guide....... see link: https://goo.gl/2Xzz6F
  5. cassowary

    48 hrs in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks

    Larry that's around where I intend to look for it - sounds like you had a fun trip. I'm squashing a fair bit in in 24 hrs but I'm only doing the west side of the island. Anyway I flicked through a couple of recent reports on cloud birders and I had forgotten about the successful reintroduction...
  6. cassowary

    48 hrs in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks

    Thanks Neils - I'll only be on the west side of the island so looks like I'll miss it - I'll now only have ~20 hrs birding anyway - but with luck I should have a decent shot all the other endemics (except perhaps the nightjar).
  7. cassowary

    48 hrs in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks

    Struggling to find info on where to see Puerto Rican Parrot... the nightjar looks difficult as well but I have locations for that.
  8. cassowary

    48 hrs in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks

    Anyone birded /traveled around Puerto Rico recently? https://ebird.org/barchart?byr=2018&eyr=2018&bmo=1&emo=12&r=PR I'll likely just try for the endemics /some regional specialties - Just not sure how well the island has recovered from the hurricane; also I prepped for a trip here a while...
  9. cassowary

    24 hrs in Singapore this weekend - where to go?

    Just thought that I would add that Pulau Ubin is very easy to access - I've transited through Singapore many times and hadn't thought of birding here. Anyway briefly it's $3 each way for the 'Bum boats' (7am-7pm) to Pulau Ubin - operates very regularly and cycle hire $10 cash/day is almost...
  10. cassowary

    24 hrs in Singapore this weekend - where to go?

    Cheers I'll take a look
  11. cassowary

    24 hrs in Singapore this weekend - where to go?

    A little bit of research and it seems like the German Girl Shrine mangrove and Chek Jawa Wetlands are the 2 main spots for the pitta.....
  12. cassowary

    24 hrs in Singapore this weekend - where to go?

    Managed to see a confiding oriental dwarf kingfisher whilst walking through gardens of the bay This weekend through again Singapore (36 hrs) and I intend to spend most of that time on Pulau Ubin. https://ebird.org/hotspot/L1055540 Mangrove Pitta is around ... hmmmm anyone know where to see this...
  13. cassowary

    24 hrs in Singapore this weekend - where to go?

    Chaps thanks for the advice... I noticed there were a few interesting Owls about. Cheers,
  14. cassowary

    24 hrs in Singapore this weekend - where to go?

    Maybe Singapore Botanic gardens? https://ebird.org/hotspot/L952084 or https://ebird.org/hotspot/L6668304 https://ebird.org/barchart?byr=2018&eyr=2018&bmo=9&emo=12&r=SG not sure - haven't done my homework... Probably will only do a few hrs birding
  15. cassowary

    Guided birding Kuala Lumpur and Bali

    In Bali I went out with a local chap called Putu Suardika for 1/2 a day. email: [email protected]. He was based at the Menjangan. I would only use him around that area though. However Bali is pretty easy without a guide if you do a little homework.
  16. cassowary

    Black Turnstones near Venice, California?

    This link might help you https://ebird.org/map/blktur?neg=true&env.minX=-140.36624999999998&env.minY=28.610940883342145&env.maxX=-98.17874999999998&env.maxY=45.30378481077823&zh=true&gp=true&ev=Z&mr=on&bmo=7&emo=12&yr=cur&byr=2018&eyr=2018
  17. cassowary

    Great Grey Owl Yosemite

    ebird no longer shares the exact location of a few species in certain areas inc GG owl in this area. However historically the main sightings off the top of my head have been in Chevron meadow, Crane Flat, Wawona meadow (as previosly mentioned) and McGurk meadow.
  18. cassowary

    Help from UK: scammed by Europcar

    The easiest way I can think of contesting is to claim fraud with your CC company... a couple of CCs that I have cover primary CDW (only if other CDW insurance isn't taken out)........approx 3 years ago.... 2 weeks in Italy with 2 cars (at the same time) and Europcar tried to charge for damages...
  19. cassowary

    USA Trip Info (San Francisco & Monterey/Chicago)

    It would likely be a fairly easy transition to drive on the right ... Years ago I drove in Florida a few weeks after passing my UK driving license without difficulty. However CA are unforgiving on traffic violations as the state is broke and needs $$ (I haven't been pulled over there yet ...) I...
  20. cassowary

    USA Trip Info (San Francisco & Monterey/Chicago)

    Sounds like a good general coastal CA itinerary. You might want to look at ebird to locate specialties. https://ebird.org/barchart?byr=2018&eyr=2018&bmo=1&emo=12&r=US-CA I've seen condor at both - Pinnacles they are apparently pretty much guaranteed. I've sometimes missed them at Big Sur Sea...
  21. cassowary

    Pantanal easy independent itinerary

    Mt Adventure and Sclateria thanks for the info. Mt Adventure on paper your itinerary does sound enticing and nice and easy. I'm a little concerned with Cuiaba having such a high murder rate but I assume things get safer outside the city. Those lodges look great. Can you recommend any companies...
  22. cassowary

    Panama: old Gamboa Road?

    I wonder if the golf course end of old gamboa road (jet antbird stakeout) has any barriers now as you used to able to access that area with little difficulty and walk to the ponds. There used to be a Spectacled owl stakeout approx midway to the ponds from that end. I suspect it's after the ponds...
  23. cassowary

    Pantanal easy independent itinerary

    Andy thanks for the info
  24. cassowary

    Pantanal easy independent itinerary

    I haven't decided yet .... I have just started looking into this... I don't know how much species overlap there is between north and south etc... I'm not too twitchy, I'm just looking for a good independent itinerary or base for one. Also I'd love to have the chance of see some of the big...
  25. cassowary

    Pantanal easy independent itinerary

    I'm thinking of going to the Pantanal in September for two weeks - Not surprisingly there is a lot of species overlap with the llanos of Venezuela where I have previously been... Anyway, I went through a bunch of reports on cloud-birders and there is obviously some good info there; I have only...