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  1. Tantien

    Canon 10x30 IS stabilised binocular sticky covers

    This is a quick update for my 12x36 IS IIs that had this problem with the sticky coating--Canon wanted me to ship it to them, and pay them $253 to recoat them and I said, "No way! Return them. This is your manufacturing problem and a defect." Here are my bins (Before and after): I used lots of...
  2. Tantien

    Durability and reliability of Canon IS binoculars

    Thank you, Mike: exactly what I was looking for. My 12x36 IS IIs (purchased in 2013) also started getting soft and tacky in parts last year but I didn't know a good fix--this is a good workaround and the bins themselves still work great. (y)
  3. Tantien

    Pulled the trigger on new ED2 7x36s

    Twins from another mother I finally got them together today to really see their family resemblance. The resemblance to the old Atlas' is spooky. And the size difference is nominal for the 10x vs 7x and the 42 vs 36. I also compared the 7x36's to my Nikon SE and Vipers and I think these...
  4. Tantien

    Pulled the trigger on new ED2 7x36s

    Just got them in (First impressions) Hi All, They came in surprisingly fast (given that they were shipped Monday from Oregon to San Francisco, California). They look and feel great--very substantial with thumb indentations too (Prime HDs don't have them). The fit and finish is pretty good...
  5. Tantien

    Pulled the trigger on new ED2 7x36s

    Thanks for that feedback Cluster. I have two bins at home that I will be comparing with this: one's the venerable Nikon SE 8x32's (which I'm hesitant to travel with due to them not being waterproof, so cold/rainy Alaska and the steamy tropics kind of limit the SE) and the other's the...
  6. Tantien

    Pulled the trigger on new ED2 7x36s

    It's like deja vu all over again. Thanks Bruce! Yeah my bargain bino EDD has flared up again. ;) It's so odd to see the design of this version--again! I've own a pair of Altas Optics Intrepid ED 10x42s for many years and my only real gripe about them was that there was play/slack in the focus...
  7. Tantien

    Pulled the trigger on new ED2 7x36s

    Hi Jerry: Thanks! I'll check out your post on that thread but this is a brand new bin. I've also read Holger Merlitz's 2009 review as well and other more recent versions. Very impressed and the price is right.
  8. Tantien

    Pulled the trigger on new ED2 7x36s

    Yesterday, I ordered these bins because with ZenRay offering a $150 coupon on them, they are $250 (delivered), which IMHO is a great deal. I have lots of choices at home now, including the Nikon SE 8x32s, Vortex Viper 8x32s, both with EP= 4, but I needed to see myself for the 7X difference, the...
  9. Tantien

    Review by 'Tantien' on item 'Ultra-Light Binocular Harness'

    I've recently replaced two much more expensive harness systems with this one and like this one so much more! It is the best of the ones I own now; and I own 4 other manufacturers and styles. The only reason I kept looking is that traditional single padded straps are too hot and the bino's swing...
  10. Tantien

    Ultra-Light Binocular Harness

    Ultra-Light Binocular Harness uses thin shock cords instead of flat elastic straps to holds heavy binoculars or cameras without swaying or neck pressure or causing wind flutter. Single point adjustment system includes a clever quick disconnect system. Only 1 oz.
  11. Tantien

    Is 8x32 or 8x42 the best Birding format?

    8x32. That's the one I use most of all the formats I have.
  12. Tantien

    Is 8x32 or 8x42 the best Birding format?

    I like this explanation, peatmoss. It totally makes sense and explains the level of fidgeting I get from some binoculars and not others. Thanks!
  13. Tantien

    Is 8x32 or 8x42 the best Birding format?

    Made this point for a newbie earlier but I'm not confident that this will hold true for this crowd. ;) If the EP for an 8x32 is 4mm And the EP for an 8x42 is 5.25mm And your your max Eye Pupil for your age is about 40 years old: 6mm 50 years old: 5mm 65 years old: 4mm Then if you are over...
  14. Tantien

    Decide on three compact binoculars

    Thank you Jerry!
  15. Tantien

    Decide on three compact binoculars

    Some Optics Education Hi Wachi: The combination of magnification [the '8' in the 8x25] and objective/aperture [the '25" in the 8x25] is the "rating" (often misnamed power). When the objective gets larger, the binoculars generally get bigger and heavier. But this "rule" can vary if the bins...
  16. Tantien

    Midpriced binocs for tropical birding?

    Hi: I have a pair of 10x42 Zen-Ray HD Primes that I think are pretty fantastic. Yes they are heavy, so I have a harness, but they really have a fantastic view and feel very well built. See my Review. They should last me pretty much until I decide that I need to spend over $1,500+ for another...
  17. Tantien

    Porro or Roof?

    Hi kathystez, Welcome to the wild-world of binoculars and this crazy forum! ;) If I had to put together all the money I've spent on inexpensive binoculars because they were affordable, and then inadvertently knocked them out of alignment I would have spent much more to begin with. Look for a...
  18. Tantien

    Decide on three compact binoculars

    Hi Wachi, Adding one more that I ended up getting (also was looking at the Minox): Opticron T3 Trailfinder WP 8x25. Low price point, really good armoring and build, tethered objective lens caps, nice padded case, close focus, lightweight and a very clear view to boot. Not the best out there--(I...
  19. Tantien

    Not a single thread on the compacts?

    Me too! I agree! And was a bit perplexed that this forum was oddly silent about this when I was researching the Opticron T3 Trailfinder 8x25s (that I did get from Eagle Optics). They were a fantastic price-point for such specs ($95 at this writing) and so I bought two. It was a decision...
  20. Tantien

    Where can you get Opticron's HR WP 8x42 Porro's in the US?

    I wrote them a few months ago to get a pair of T3 Trailfinder Compact Binoculars (8x25). These are a few from an email that they sent. These are near here in the SF Bay Area: ================================ If you have any problems getting hold of them please call me at 704 895 3046 and I will...
  21. Tantien

    Prime HD contest

    Indeed! The more I use them, the better they get. More people ought to know about these. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Charles and Zen-Ray with huge thanks for the contest this year and for me to sing the praises for these bins! Glenn
  22. Tantien

    Zen-Ray, My Lucky Day!

    Review Posted http://www.birdforum.net/reviews/showproduct.php?product=450 Versions of this will also go up on Amazon and Zen-Ray's site as well. Again: thanks to Charles @Zen-Ray for this opportunity. I have really enjoyed these Primes plenty.
  23. Tantien

    Review by 'Tantien' on item 'PRIME HD 10x42'

    I was fortunate enough to win these from a Zen-Ray contest here on the Bird Forum and I will be unsparing in my comparisons with some excellent binoculars that I own. They are indeed nicely over-built; like a tank in fact and hefty, with really clear optics. A nice padded case included as well...
  24. Tantien

    PRIME HD 10x42

    Dimension (HxW): 6.1x5 Weatherproofing: Waterproof/Fogproof Magnification: 10x Field of View: 340ft/1000yards Eye Relief: 20mm Close Focus: 2 m/6.6 Ft Weight: 29 oz Interpupilary distance (IPD in mm): 56-74 Carrying case: Premium Padded SoftCase Neckstrap: Cushion Padded Premium Neckstrap with...
  25. Tantien

    Winner Announced; Next Drawing December 10th: Win a Pair of PRIME HD binoculars

    Good on you! Congrats Hubcap and hope you enjoy them! (they are really excellent):t: