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  1. Julian Bell

    Birding near Oslo?

    Bit early for most migrants so number of species will be limited. Check out this blog to get an idea of what can be seen.
  2. Julian Bell

    Madeira Island and Zino's Petrel (+ Island Endemics)

    I took a trip with these guys back in 2011. Just amazing, I would love to back at a different time of year to vary the experience. More details here.
  3. Julian Bell

    The North Sea v The Irish Sea

    I have seen Peregrines hunting offshore in the North Sea on a number of occasions, most recently on the Dogger Bank in April 2003. Sometimes they hunt at night around vessels / offshore installations - the lights can make "circulations" of passerines which circle around making them easy prey for...
  4. Julian Bell

    Question about migration of Great Spotted Woodpecker

    I always say there will be an influx/irruption of GSW if I start seeing them in August (usually late in the month). This year was like that and suddenly they are "everywhere". To me GSW in late August is a sure sign that they will turn up in bigger numbers later in the autumn. This is based on...
  5. Julian Bell

    That time of year again....

    Late April and early May is traditionally the best time to see good numbers of White-billed Divers in SW Norway. This year was no exception with a massive 45 adult WBD passing my local headland on 30 April. Elsewhere in SW Norway diver migration records are being smashed no doubt owing to the...
  6. Julian Bell

    Yellow-legged Gull sp

    Wing pattern good for YLG but perhaps too much head streaking for December.
  7. Julian Bell

    Bat ID

    I'm not much good at bats. On a number of occasions I have seen various bat species offshore (North Sea and Baltic). In late August / early September I had a few bats onboard a vessel I was working on in the Baltic. Here is a picture of one of them that dropped down on deck right in front of me...
  8. Julian Bell

    Mallorca 2020

    Just in case it is of interest I spent a couple of weeks offshore in the Med in October / early November, most of the time with the island of Mallorca in view:) Species list and photos here
  9. Julian Bell

    Dealing with eyes watering...

    This is how I did things in the spring of 2006. Normally I just find somewhere out of the wind, but this is not always possible.....
  10. Julian Bell

    Bird migration offshore in the Mediterranean, October 2020

    Another trip offshore, this time between mainland Spain and the Balearics in late October 2020. Black Redstarts the most regular migrant onboard the vessel I was working on. Starlings, Blackcaps, Cattle Egret and more all heading for Mallorca for the winter. More details here for anyone interested.
  11. Julian Bell

    Fieldfares bathing in seawater

    In October I came across a large number of Fieldfare on an island in Oslofjord. Nothing unusual about that but many of them were down at the waters edge bathing - but this was seawater not freshwater. Anyone else seen other passerines bathing in seawater?
  12. Julian Bell

    Raja Ampat, Indonesia, November 2019

    Thank you, I was considering Northern Fantail as this fits quite well. However, I was unsure of the tail shape - most fantails have a rounded / wedged tail but I found images for Northern that show it to have a more notched /forked tail.
  13. Julian Bell

    Hi, I have a few questions

    Or perhaps learnt that tapping on the window makes food appear.....like so many other species.
  14. Julian Bell

    Raja Ampat, Indonesia, November 2019

    This is something of a long shot as the head of the bird is not visible. However, the tail looks quite distinctive and the field guide only shows tails from the side. Additional info is that the bird had a white / pale throat and probably also a dark crown. It was high up in the canopy and fed...
  15. Julian Bell

    Should professional bird tour guides use long-lens cameras?

    As someone who regularly does professional bird guiding my take on this is that the camera is always taken along but mostly stays in my rucksack. I let clients know that I have a camera with me but that it is for "emergencies" only. Sometimes clients are more interested in photo opportunities...
  16. Julian Bell

    Triller, Bali, November 2019

    Many thanks!
  17. Julian Bell

    Triller, Bali, November 2019

    I do not currently have my Indonesian field guide with me but seem to remember that most, if not all, of the Trillers that should occur on Bali have a white supercillium which this bird clearly does not. I am struggling to view the OBC database which I would normally use for ID assistance...
  18. Julian Bell

    Husavik & Siglufjorour, Northern Iceland- Mystery Birds

    I'm with KenM on this one. Both look like Black Guillemots.
  19. Julian Bell

    Patch tick

    If you don't get them locally then this would be a perfect time for a migrant. Might come under dispersal but as I said earlier I see this species at places they definitely don't breed almost every autumn....many species that are traditionally viewed as resident undertake movements that make...
  20. Julian Bell

    Offshore east of Argentina - spinetail?

    Worth reporting indeed. But where? Argentina? I have A LOT of observations from this area (including three species of passerine). Obviously most are seabirds, and I identified the vast majority - still have some work to do with all the prions though:)
  21. Julian Bell

    Offshore east of Argentina - spinetail?

    Many thanks, Sharp-billed Canastero fits the bill nicely! What a record though.....hundreds of km offshore.
  22. Julian Bell

    Offshore east of Argentina - spinetail?

    Thanks THE_FERN, I have the plates volume of Birds of Northern South America. The nearest i can get is Plain-crowned Spinetail but this doesn't seem to fit either - the images I have found so far have too much rust in the wing. This bird seems to have a rather limited amount of rufous / rust...
  23. Julian Bell

    Seen near Axminster in October

    Dunnock, Hedge Sparrow, Hedge Accentor, prunella modularis
  24. Julian Bell

    Patch tick

    The date fits very well for this species which regularly moves in late autumn. I've seen them migrating with thrushes over the mountains and even posted a bit of info regarding this back in 2005. There is an obvious peak in records at my current local patch in late autumn which has nothing to...
  25. Julian Bell

    Offshore east of Argentina - spinetail?

    This bird turned up on a vessel several hundred km east of Argentina in November 2018, it lived onboard for at least a few days, eating insects that had also landed on the vessel. Very active, bouncing and jumping about.... It looks like a spinetail of some sort, but I thought these were not...