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    new for database

    Just uploaded Ascension Frigatebird which is new to the database cheers Marc www.agami.nl
  2. Ascension Frigatebird

    Ascension Frigatebird

    The Ascension Frigatebird breeds only on the tiny Boatswainbird Island near Ascension Island in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. It formerly bred on the larger island, but was exterminated by introduced cats, Brown Rats, and human persecution. It breeds on the rocky slopes of Boatswainbird. There...
  3. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Soft-plumaged Petrel'

    Digishooter, this bird is highly Pelagic! They tend to avoid land... so that's why you have to get out into the ocean to see them...
  4. Soft-plumaged Petrel

    Soft-plumaged Petrel

    Always a pretty sight these Pterodroma species. More seabirds at www.agami.nl
  5. Great Shearwater

    Great Shearwater

    Near its breeding site at Gough island. More seabird pics on www.agami.nl
  6. Atlantic Petrel

    Atlantic Petrel

    The species is restricted to just two breeding island, it breeds in enormous colonies on Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island. Although the species exists in large numbers, the world population being estimated at around 5 million birds, the species is listed as vulnerable. Taken on the Atlantic...
  7. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Gough Bunting'

    Hi Steve, i couldn't find another image of this species in the database. I think this is new for the database. Rasmus, it is indeed very very very far from everything else!
  8. Gough Bunting

    Gough Bunting

    Rowettia goughensis aka Gough Bunting. Easy to see when you get there, only it is one the remotest places in the world! Seen during a Zodiac Cruise along the shore as part of the Atlantic Odyssey 2006. More pictures of the AO 2006 on www.agami.nl
  9. Common Swift

    Common Swift

    This year, I tried hard to get different shots from Swifts instead of just the 'ordinairy' flying-bird-against-the-blue-sky (which were hard as well to get good pics). These two birds tried to enter and leave the nestsite at tje same time. more swift pictures on www.agami.nl
  10. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Drinking Common Swift'

    Thanks for all the comments, I was very pleased with the result myelf as well! Of the 100's of pictures i took during my quest for this shot, so many were unsharp (due to background, the AF doesn't catch on) or just the moment before or after the moment that the bird drinks. Will upload some...
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    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Grey-winged Blackbird-DB'

    Sat Tal is in India, in the Himalaya. It is a relatively new (birding) site near Naini tal where most birders used to go.
  12. Drinking Common Swift

    Drinking Common Swift

    This shot was very hard to achieve so i was very pleased to get the shot i had in my head before i started with this subject. More pictures of (almost) drinking Swift on www.agami.nl
  13. Sooty Albatross

    Sooty Albatross

    Photo made during a 4-week voyage from Ushuaia (Argentina) via Antarctica to Acension. More pictures of this Atlantic Odyssey 2006 can be found here: www.agami.nl
  14. Common Tern

    Common Tern

    A Common tern from this spring on Texel. More pictures at www.agami.nl
  15. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Snow Finch'

    Neil, you were right, I was not accurate. I went skiing for yerus in the alps but never found one. This year I returned in summer, went straight up the alps and there it was! Magic. Erwin> I didn't use a hide. Snow finches can be quite confiding. I just waited near this young bird until its...
  16. Snow Finch

    Snow Finch

    Feeding his young. Finally seen after years of skiing in winter!! This year I returned in summer and alas.. More pictures at www.agami.nl
  17. Brahminy Starling

    Brahminy Starling

    Brahminy Starling More pictures at www.agami.nl
  18. Stout-billed Cinclodes

    Stout-billed Cinclodes

    Scarce bird of Ecuadorian and Colombian highland. More pictures at www.agami.nl
  19. European Bee-eater

    European Bee-eater

    One of Europe's most beautiful birds. Quite common in southern Europe. More pictures at www.agami.nl
  20. Brown Dipper

    Brown Dipper

    Bringing food to his nest More pictures at www.agami.nl
  21. White-throated Kingfisher

    White-throated Kingfisher

    Bharatpur, India More pictures at www.agami.nl
  22. Silver-studded Blue

    Silver-studded Blue

    A scarce butterfly in the Netherlands. More butterfly and Dragonfly pictures at www.agami.nl
  23. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Rppels Warbler'

    probably due to the many many pics that are constantly uploaded. Even in a short time it can be overwhelming - than you just can't see them all :-(
  24. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Comb Duck'

    OK, thanks. I know there is one in India, that is probably still regarded as a subspecies.
  25. M

    Comment by 'Marc Guyt' in media 'Comb Duck'

    Diffrenet birdbooks have different names... I doubt if Knob-billed Duck is its 'official' name, but maybe he split it from the Indian subspecies.