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    Chicago Birding?

    Here are some sites along the lake. 1. Montrose Hedge-East of Montrose Harbor. 2.Jarvis Nature Center-Irving Park Road to the lake. 3. North Pond-Just north of the Lincoln Park Zoo, off of Fullerton Ave. 4. Northerly Island- Just south of the Sheed Aquarium.
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    Finches, Montego Bay Jamaica

    Thank you both for the IDs. The blue head of the Banaquit threw me off, the other Banaquits I saw had blackish not blue on the head.
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    Finches, Montego Bay Jamaica

    In Jamaica this past weekend, for a family wedding, managed to go to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary for a little birding ,and some birding around the Round Hill Resort. Unable to identify these little guys. Help!
  4. Christmas Card -2008

    Christmas Card -2008

    My 2008 Christmas card. Daughters Wedding. Grandchild from son #2. Long-eared Owl. White-winged Crossbill. Snowy Owl. Hooded Warbler. Wood Ducks. Blackburnian Warbler.
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Alligator Snapping Turtle'

    I think it is called Duckweed. It floats on some ponds around Illinois. By the way, I think it is a female laying eggs. It is digging a hole with its rear feet.
  6. Alligator Snapping Turtle

    Alligator Snapping Turtle

    Herrick Lake F.P., DuPage County, Illinois,USA Photographed June 2008
  7. Chimney Swift

    Chimney Swift

    Swift making a sharp turn.
  8. Rough-legged Hawk

    Rough-legged Hawk

    Third year in a row Rough-legged Hawls have wintered in Lincolnshire a residential area in Lake County, Illinois
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    Green-breasted Mango -Beloit ,Wisconsin

    A Green-breasted Mango was found at a bird feeder in Beloit Wisconsin, only the second Mango rported in the US outside of Texas. Attached is the article from the local paper: http://www.rrstar.com/homepage/x1429051683 Also Attached is a picture I took of the same bird.
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    Saw-Whet Owl in Illinois

    After many many tries finally got some pictures of the little Saw-whet Owl that has shown up in the same tree in the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago for at least the last two winters.
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    Hawk ID

    This hawk was sitting on a pole March 20th 2006 about 10 miles north of Raymondsville Texas. At first I thought Red-tail ,but no belly band. Any ideas as to its ID would be appreciated. Nal1212
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    Falcon /Hawk?

    I sent John Barclay the full pictures, and as I said to him the bird did not look small. NAL1212
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    Northern Harrier?

    THis pictures were taken today at Northerly Island formerly Meigs Field on the Chicago Lake front. The bird was flying no more than four or five feet off the ground. NAL1212
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    Falcon /Hawk?

    Merlin Thank you both, Merlin sounds good to me. Nal
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    Falcon /Hawk?

    This picture was taken November 3rd,2005 at Anahuac NWR. This is on the Texas Coast near Galveston. Sorry the picture isn't clearer.
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    ID Krestrel?

    Picture taken South Padre Island this November. If not a Krestrel ,what?
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    Picture taken in Texas Aransas NWR, this November the hawk was under uress beacuse a group of vulture were around him in the first picture and then he flew into a tree.
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    Sparrow Id

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    Sparrow Id

    Picture Taken In Glenview Illinois. A Striped Sparrow ,but Which One? Nal1212
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    Cooper's Hawk?

    Yesterday Saw Two Birds Flying Over Lake In Arlington Heights,il. They Were Flying North To South, And The Best Picture #3 Shows A Hawk But Which Hawk? Nal1212
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    Confusing Fall Warblers

    There was a fall out of Warblers around Lake Arlington today in North eastern Illinois. Here are pictures of some of the birds , IDs would be appreciated. NAL1212
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    The photo was taken today at Lake Arlington in Illinois. Looking at the Petersen Field Guide it appears to be a Cape May Warbler female. Any other thoughts. NAL1212
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    IDs' Please

    Thanks to all, Pictures #1 & #3 must be Swainson's Thrushes, a website for our area Illinois IBET has been reporting many sightings of these birds. Picture # 2 does look more like a Least Flycatcher, because of the two distinct wingbars, whereas the Kinglet's top wingbar is faint in most...
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    IDs' Please

    All four pictures were taken today in Lake County, Il. #2 is a small bird with a bug in its mouth. Is it a Flycatcher, Warbler, or what? #1 & #3 are of a Thrush, but which Thrush? #4 Looks like a Vireo ? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. NAL1212
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    I Was At Sterling Lake In Lake County Illinois This Morning. An Osprey Came Over And After Three Attempsts Finally Caught A Fish. Unfortuneately I Was Unable To Get A Picture Of Him Diving Into The Water, But He Was Spectacular.