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  1. chill6x6

    Hiking tripod for Kowa TSN-663M

    I have the 1545T and in fact use it with a TSN-664M but I don't think it's tall enough for you. The Travelers are nice lightweight tripods BUT....I really like my Mountaineers a lot more even though they are heavier and more expensive. Take a look GT2543L. It's heavy and expensive but it would...
  2. chill6x6

    SFL vs. Aurora...

    How long did you have an Aurora? 100% agree with the focusers being less than optimum. Most definitely no worse than a late model SLC. I've used the Aurora a good bit. I'd be happy with it. I've just used them while birding. I haven't taken the time to do anything critical which would...
  3. chill6x6

    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    I actually had really good purchase experiences with CameralandNY, Focuscamera, and 6ave, and B&H. Both B&H and 6ave ship literally immediately. And best of all I can order online impulsively with any of the above before I've had a chance to reconsider!
  4. chill6x6

    Nikon HG 8x30 dissection

    HGs and Monarch 7s.... I bought my 8X42 HG in 2017, my Monarch 7 8X30 before that. That's a pretty dang good track record. I have since added a HG 8X30 refurb a couple of years ago. Those binoculars have really been used. ALL of them. The Monarch 7s have been abused. Seriously. Number of...
  5. chill6x6

    SFL vs. Aurora...

    So... to continue on the Aurora theme... I've used the Aurora every time I've been birding. Sometimes by itself but usually along with another binocular. It's easy to take along an extra binocular with the RYUL harness and that's what I do. I have to say optically I've been impressed...
  6. chill6x6

    Kowa USA Sale

    Sounds like a great trip! I've got the new 88...I like it but I don't use it that much. I use an S2 mostly. My 66mm Kowa is the 664M with the 30X eyepiece. It does a good job. I bought a GT1545T anticipating this trip and that's what the 664 is on.
  7. chill6x6

    Kowa USA Sale

    What a coincidence...I've been looking at 50-60mm scopes lately. I'm more than a little apprehensive with a smaller objective than 66mm(the Kowa I have). A little traveling is in my future and I'd actually like to carry a scope with me.
  8. chill6x6

    8x32 advice?

    Most folks prefer either the FL 8X32 or the UV 8X32. I tend to prefer the Ultravid BUT some like the FL more and I can see why. 100% personal preference although on paper the Zeiss the better of the two. If you can get a current SF 8X32 and you can try it and it works for you...that's the one...
  9. chill6x6

    Perhaps another game changer

    Why wait? What could possibly go wrong? New(at least to us on BF) optics manufacturer, new binocular models, MIC, optic service center? .... What could possibly go wrong?
  10. chill6x6

    Asking for help: Meopta Meostar B1 10 X 42 vs Opticron Aurora BGA VHD 10 x 42

    One more thing...LOL To the OP....with your predisposition for a low CA binocular...there is no way I would buy one without looking thru it first. Remember....everyones opinions are just that...opinions. Good luck!
  11. chill6x6

    Asking for help: Meopta Meostar B1 10 X 42 vs Opticron Aurora BGA VHD 10 x 42

    So of three binoculars I have compared to the Aurora, within a similar price range(except Noctivid), as far as CA goes. Right now drizzle and cloudy is an easy observation before work. Of the binoculars I had on my kitchen table a quick view from my back patio yields the following results...
  12. chill6x6

    Swarovski NL Pure 8x32 vs CL Companion 8x30

    Agree 100%! There IS something about that focus adjustment... I think sometimes the effort isn't consistent while focusing. And yes I do think part of the issue is the focus wheel itself. I've tried a couple of other CL Bs and the focus was exactly the same. Mine is on the chopping block...
  13. chill6x6

    Another mini fluid head - Leofoto Ranger BV1

    Their websites(US and abroad) are a little hard to decipher. I will say the BV-10 has turned out to be a really good head and it looks as if the BV-5 is going to be just as good but a little lighter. So far I've been impressed with Leofoto's products!
  14. chill6x6

    Asking for help: Meopta Meostar B1 10 X 42 vs Opticron Aurora BGA VHD 10 x 42

    So it's a conventional FOV binocular BUT Opticron DOES write in their literature, "delivers a sweet spot so big it will surprise and delight." The FOV is at least as flat as the Monarch HG, maybe a little better. I'd say both are better than average in this regard but neither is a SF/SV/NL. I'd...
  15. chill6x6

    Will Retrovid 8x40 leather case fit an ultravid HD 7x42?

    I just tried it...and yes it will. My 7X42 will fit with the RYUL harness(very snug) but I don't think it would fit with the Leica supplied strap. I would try that for you but I don't have any with the OEM strap attached.
  16. chill6x6

    Asking for help: Meopta Meostar B1 10 X 42 vs Opticron Aurora BGA VHD 10 x 42

    Hi, So I don't have a later model Meostar to compare BUT....I do have the Aurora in 8X42. I will say it's better than average where CA is concerned. So far of the three binoculars I've compared it to concerning CA...SFL 8X40>Monarch HG 8X42>Aurora 8X42. One advantage I do appreciate is that...
  17. chill6x6

    What's your most used binocular?

    I agree! Mostly... A lighter binocular will do really ANYTHING a heavier binocular will do. I do make a few exceptions here and there. I have found that the RYUL harness helps with any size binocular(I know folks get tired of me with my RYUL harness comments). Funny how you get used to a LW...
  18. chill6x6

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Red-Legged Honeycreeper! Tobago. I wish I had gotten a good picture. Beautiful bird!
  19. chill6x6

    Trinovid hype

    "respect for the truth".......hmmmmmm Let's start at the beginning.....Let's put things into perspective...Leitz changed to Leica around 1986 soooo....that Leitz 8X20 Trinovid is around 38 years old. Are your MIC binoculars from the same era? So you do have a 1986 "alpha" binocular and is of...
  20. chill6x6

    What's your most used binocular?

    Same here! Lately I've been using the Opticron Aurora 8X42 every time I go out sometimes paired with the Monarch HG 8X42. Those two are a pretty good comparison....
  21. chill6x6

    Vortex Viper HD 15x45x65 spotting scope thoughts!

    So the "angle of view" is the "angle of view" regardless of distance. One thing you CAN do to compare FOV between scopes is to set each to the same magnification and THEN compare FOVs. Some heads have a degrees scale so it's pretty easy to do.
  22. chill6x6

    Leica eye candy....

    You win some, you lose some! LOL!
  23. chill6x6

    Zeiss Victory HT 8x42 vs. Victory SF 8x42

    Field flattener- two extremes of "field flatteners," Monarch HG and Swarovski EL/NL. To me not noticeable with Monarch HG. EL/NL- you will notice immediately compared to almost any other binocular. The complete FOV will be in focus from edge to edge. Eye box comparing HT 8X42/SF 8X42- I'll...
  24. chill6x6

    Leica eye candy....

    Quickly...I purchased one NIB from what seemed like a reputable seller in Hong Kong. BTW, I have bought optics from Japan, Canada, Poland, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, others? without issue. Actually excellent purchases. Not Hong Kong. Purchased it. They say it is hung up in customs. Never...
  25. chill6x6

    Zeiss Victory 7x42 FL internal check after 15 years of use?

    My own FL 7X42...is a non-Lotutec model. The FLs came out in 2004 I think and Lotutec started in 2006. So my FL 7X42 is a 2004 or 2005 model. I can't believe it's 20 years old. It's been used a lot by me and I bought it at LEAST second hand. It's still in perfect working order and pretty...