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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. spotted-nightjar-gluepot.jpg


    Spotted Nightjars can be found at night standing (they appear to be sitting but just have very short legs) on tracks in the bush here in Australia. Note shape of eye. They tend to be blinded by vehicle lights so driving slowly is important. They can be approached closely enthuse situations.
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    Comment by 'Seashore' in media 'White-backed Swallows'

    Hi Delia et al Thank you all for your supportive comments. Not having seen them that much but I think you are correct that they are more than likely to be immature birds: tail streamers appear shorter and were not that evident when they flew; larger area of dusky colouring on the back of the...
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    White-backed Swallows Uncommonly Common

    They say White-backed Swallows are common but I don't think so... https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/white-backed-swallow ... but it was nice to see them again even so....
  4. White-backed Swallows

    White-backed Swallows

    Three White-backed Swallows sitting on a dead branch.
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    Comment by 'Seashore' in media 'Male Chaffinch'

    That's good! Tell's us something about the bird and its life, a story which all photos should. The background compliments the image of the bird beautifully. Regards Chris
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    Bastard Wings Displayed on a Nankeen Kestrel

    Alula flight feathers or, bastard winglets are small wings at the elbow of birds especially raptors... and probably many others. I took some photographs of a Nankeen Kestrel displaying them in strong up-draughts hovering above the cliffs south of my home in Adelaide... and an Australasian...
  7. Bastard winglets on Nankeen Kestrels

    Bastard winglets on Nankeen Kestrels

    Birds have an array of ways of providing the flight profiles they need for the space in which they live. Kestrels use the Alula, or Bastard winglet but it is often folded up out of sight. The photograph of one hovering here in Adelaide shows there alula's extended...
  8. Royal Spoonbill at Mutton Cove-2

    Royal Spoonbill at Mutton Cove-2

    Mutton Cove.... https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/royal-spoonbills-at-mutton-cove is a small abandoned conservation reserve among a billion dollar development
  9. Pied Cormorant

    Pied Cormorant

    A large black and white cormorant with yellow facial skin and blue eyes. https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/pied-cormorants-kingston-park for more images of a common Australian cormorant taken within walking distance of my home in Seacliff, South Australia.
  10. Emu's At Boolcoomatta

    Emu's At Boolcoomatta

    Juvenile Emu are wandering about in herds at Boolcoomatta https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/emu-herds-at-boolcoomatta
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    Juvenile Emu's at Boolcoomatta Station Reserve in South Australia

    We are just starting the annual bird survey on behalf of Bush Heritage Australia at Boolcoomatta Station Reserve in the North East of South Australia. Driving through the mud after recent rains young Emu are very evident. https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/emus-at-boolcoomatta
  12. Emu


    Juvenile Emu are curious. This individual came up to my vehicle on the plains at Boolcoomatta Station.
  13. Pheasant Coucal, Northern Australia Arare Litus

    Pheasant Coucal, Northern Australia Arare Litus

    This is a breeding Pheasant Coucal evidenced by its dark head and body. More photos cane seen on my blog https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/pheasant-coucal
  14. A Breeding Pair of Mute Swan

    A Breeding Pair of Mute Swan

    Mute Swan are symbolic of gracefulness and poise but can be aggressive.
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    What Italy (Lombardy) in a tree September 2011

    Black cap or marsh tit?
  16. black-headed-gull-italy-1.jpg


    Can't resist adding this photo of a Black-headed Gull in flight thatI took in Italy in 2011 or you can see it on my blog: https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/black-headed-gull
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    What Italy (Lombardy) in a tree September 2011

    I've left my Collins in the UK...
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    Sooty Oystercatchers Are Very Dark Like Darth Vader

    On a recent holiday to Beachport in South Australia I came across a very obliging pair of Sooty Oystercatchers that hung around while I changed lenses balancing on a rock... so I could photograph them. I was actually trying to photograph Penguin Island at the time. Sooty Oystercatchers are not...
  19. white-throated-treecreeper-wallaby-gully-1.jpg


    Forages on bark of trees spiralling upwards...
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    Comment by 'Seashore' in media 'Senegal Eremomela'

    Looks like an Australian Thornbill...
  21. DSCF1839.jpg


    Scarlet Robin
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    Massive Numbers of Black Swan at Lake George in South Australia

    It's winter time down under and Black Swan have congregated in huge numbers at Lake George in the South East of South Australia. https://www.ararelitus.com/blog/massive-numbers-of-black-swans-at-lake-george We don't always get to see them in such large congregations but the shallow saline lake...
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    Gluepot Birds in March 22

    Thanks Delia, it's Monday today, quite warm and there are a line of thunderstorms approaching there Gluepot area just as when you n were here. We are always grateful for rain although I need to leave Friday so hoping the gluepot road is not too sticky. Chris
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    Gluepot Birds in March 22

    Summer is coming to an end; only 32°C today and very pleasant it is too. We've had some rain over summer; much like birds that come and go some years and others nothing... anyway a few puddles and a refreshing drink for the Mallee and other plants. I've been volunteering as an assistant ranger...