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  1. dixonge

    Back to DSLR

    Not counting my childhood camera (which I 'won' by selling greeting cards) my photography journey began in the 90's. I bought a basic body (Pentax I think) and captured my first tornado with it. I learned darkroom technique. Later I upgraded to a digital video camera (2 mp!) and then a Canon...
  2. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    Niels, You may have a point there. But I kinda want both. Mainly, I want an easier way to take hundreds of bird photos and turn them into observations/records. ScytheBill has a way to do this, but I am put off by the way it is organized and displayed. BirdJournal has a very nice map view (in...
  3. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    An update and a wrap-up. From the responses on this thread, it would appear that there are still two Mac desktop birding apps that are popular with birders here -- BirdJournal and Scythebill. Scythebill is free and open source, developed by an enthusiast for over a decade. I love the Flickr...
  4. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    I have sightings from 40+ states and a few countries. :(
  5. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    Are countries/states already set up by default in parent/child format? I'd hate to enter all that by hand... Thanks for the video. It does seem to make more sense now. I'm evidently much more of a 'casual' birder than most, so there are a lot of features in birding software that I'll never use...
  6. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    I'll reply to myself here - I DID finally manage to create an entirely new location in the correct state, then switched the entry to that spot, then deleted the old incorrect location. But even that was fraught with frustration, having multiple ways in which the behavior I expected was not the...
  7. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    OK, I don't mean to rant, but I have to a bit. This is not directed at you, I appreciate your help! But this app... So I have been clicking on Location on the left side of the screen. I did not even see that there was a separate Location button up at the top right. But as it turns out, it...
  8. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    While I appreciate the taxonomy updates and multi-taxa, I need better functionality. I ran into multiple places where a function that I expected was either very difficult to do or simply not possible. Like editing a location for a sighting.
  9. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    I apologize for the confusion. I was referring to editing locations in BirdJournal. During the import (which was also unintuitive) I managed to set a location wrong and there seemed to be no way to fix this.
  10. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    After several attempts I did manage to get my eBird data imported, but I was unable to edit any of the locations to correct them. It seems this feature was removed a few years ago and hasn't been added back in. Just out of the gate, I do find it a bit painful to navigate. I do not find it very...
  11. dixonge

    The Demise of Birding Software

    I guess this has been going on for awhile, but I just now discovered that it seems as if most of the birding software out there, especially for the Mac desktop, has disappeared. Either the creator has died, or the web site is gone, or the software has been discontinued, or - for the few...
  12. dixonge

    Not a Western Tanager?

    Well now, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick and decisive ID! This sighting was on the northwestern edge of Quanah Parker Lake at the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, OK. Date was April 28.
  13. dixonge

    Not a Western Tanager?

    I originally thought this was a Western Tanager. The next thing I tried was some form of either juvenile or female or molting plumage. I have not found any such photo anywhere on the internet that match this bird. I could use some expert opinion! Tanager?
  14. dixonge

    Lots of Waxwings in se Texas

    I spied 20 or so yesterday in a tree at the edge between our rural but modern neighborhood and a large field. This picture is at the edge of my lens' capabilities with a grey sky, but you can tell it's waxwings..... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2127/2271439154_832180170b_o.jpg
  15. dixonge

    Bird ID Help - north Texas

    Aha! Yes, Kaufman's has a photo showing the underside of the tail which matches that fourth picture I linked very well. Thanks so much!
  16. dixonge

    Bird ID Help - north Texas

    took these outside my front door this morning - sorry for the poor quality, gray skies and all... This one has a wing bar but couldn't get much of the head... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2302/2269929738_f3b7be7a18_b.jpg Here is a wider view including the partner...
  17. dixonge

    Texas Birding Weekend

    The wife and I did a bit of a blitz this weekend. She kept the checklist, I manned the camera. We went to Lake Fork, Lake Tawakoni, Hagerman NWR and also the very north-eastern tip of Lake Lewisville, north of Hwy. 380. Here are highlights: Lake Fork - first stop we saw a bald eagle soaring...
  18. dixonge

    Hide etiquette

    This 'hide' phenomenon you speak of......it appears to be rather common on that side of the pond I take it? Is it more common there than birding whilst walking around?
  19. dixonge

    Connecting with Texas Birders

    just another Texan here (OK, I admit it - I replied just to see my new avatar) :o)
  20. dixonge

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    517 pages and approaching two years. That's one helluva thread!
  21. Savannah Sparrow

    Savannah Sparrow

  22. Red-Shouldered Hawk

    Red-Shouldered Hawk

  23. dixonge


    I've been wondering where all the birders were. Just checking in.