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  1. K

    Juvenile swallow - Anglesey - 2020-12-05

    Where on Anglesey was it seen please? Sam
  2. K

    Juvenile Coot? Southern Spain

    Thanks Rob, let us know if you see it again! Thereā€™d be a lot of interest in seeing it! Sam
  3. K

    Fea's Petrel - Cape Verde (off Sao Nicolau) - April 2013

    It was largely thought that the recent Irish bird was probably Desertas Sam
  4. K

    Walrus Kinlochbervie

    Nobody knows. Swam out c.20m, went under and was never seen again Sam
  5. K

    Walrus Dunnet Head

    Seen at Armadale, Caithness, this morning Sam
  6. K

    Walrus, North Ronaldsay

    It/another seen on Peedie Sands, Dunnet Head yesterday https://twitter.com/Davyshanks/status/975864088634028032 Sam
  7. K

    Birdguides new system

    No Mark, that's still the case
  8. K

    Birdguides new system

    There is an app too, to save you having to load the website on your phone
  9. K

    British Big Year - 2016. 398 so far.

    UK400 & British - though he wasn't strictly doing UK400 to begin with so didn't go for things like BH Wagtail & Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll! Sam
  10. K

    RFI Pearl Fritillaries

    Hurst Castle is the only mainland site for Glanville Frits. Sam
  11. K

    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    Whilst dipping the Kelling Two-barred we had a good selection of butterflies, including numerous Silver-studded Blues, at least 4 Purple Hairstreaks, White Admiral and a Grayling. Sam
  12. K

    Yorkshire Birding

    Sorry I'm late to the party, but is this not Channel? Very flared supercillium, powery-blueish head and a very extensive sub-ocular patch below the eye. Plus the bird has a white throat. Sam
  13. K

    Western Scotland birding

    The head looks very powder-blue in all photos, but that may be down to them rather than the actual bird. A lot easier in the field! Sam
  14. K

    Western Scotland birding

    Apologies if I'm missing something, but is this not a Channel Wagtail? Sam
  15. K

    Derbyshire County Birding

    These edging towards summer plumage yet Dave? Thanks, Sam
  16. K

    Nottinghamshire Birding

    Arrived slightly too late myself too. You're right about my being a Notts fan. Not had much to celebrate this season so watching the young 'uns impress wasn't too bad! B (: Sam
  17. K

    Nottinghamshire Birding

    Works Pit. If you're in a rush, park at Meadow Lane end and walk through that way. Sam
  18. K

    To Suppress or not to surpress ?

    That's of course what I meant. I also didn't mean 1 in 10, I just meant very infrquently. In my own experience it's closer to 1 in 100, if that! Sam
  19. K

    To Suppress or not to surpress ?

    I'm sure you realise I didn't actually mean 1 in 10! ;) Sam
  20. K

    To Suppress or not to surpress ?

    People put too much emphasis on camera shutter noise scaring off birds - 9 times out of 10 it causes no problems. It would be nice if it could be turned off but unfortunately in DSLR's it can't be - the noise is created by the mirror inside the camera flicking up, the picture being captured and...
  21. Buff-bellied Pipit, Berkshire

    Buff-bellied Pipit, Berkshire

    Fantastic bird and a fantastic twitch!
  22. Buff-bellied Pipit, Berkshire

    Buff-bellied Pipit, Berkshire

    Really wasn't bothered by human presence. Why can't more twitches be like this?!
  23. K

    Buff-bellied Pipit, Queen Mother Res', Berkshire

    A couple of this stunner from today. Cheers, Sam
  24. K

    Eagle attempting to take child

    Looked obviously fake from the first time I saw it, not sure what all the fuss is about to be honest... Sam
  25. K

    Young Birder

    It's the British version. I'm in both but Jocotoco is easily the best for Americans. If you do want to join "Next Generation Birders", send me a PM on here with your Facebook details and I'll add you to it. Sam