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  1. iraqbabbler

    New Emperor Penguin colonies found

    I hope they leave them alone!
  2. iraqbabbler

    Comment by 'iraqbabbler' in media 'Yellowhammer in the snow'

    I hope it finds sufficient food and shelter to survive the winter!
  3. iraqbabbler

    Comment by 'iraqbabbler' in media 'It went'

    It says November 2019 on it.
  4. iraqbabbler

    18 weeks jail for taking Peregrine eggs.

    He deserves more than 18 weeks (or even months) in the can. I wonder if that's enough of a deterrent at all.
  5. iraqbabbler

    Crane on the train ... almost

    I came across this today. It's an article from October 2023, so it's not quite news, but I found it interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/oct/28/easy-way-to-make-a-living-how-bruce-the-brolga-embraced-city-life-and-won-over-a-community
  6. iraqbabbler

    Council warn elderly woman from feeding the birds in the garden

    Outrageous! How dare she feed wild birds? Those poor neighbours are probably buried in robin guano. My posterior goes out to them.
  7. iraqbabbler

    Hello from the Hunter Valley

    The other one is a mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum).
  8. iraqbabbler

    Ethiopia and binoculars

    (y) The moral of the story: Birders, avoid Ethiopia. Take your valuable tourist dollars elsewhere. Perhaps that'll teach them a lesson.
  9. iraqbabbler

    Woodpeckers causing power outages in Ireland

    I'm worried now that woodpeckers will start pecking at posts in this forum.
  10. iraqbabbler

    Cheep bird watching survey

    Great idea. Let us know when the app becomes available.
  11. iraqbabbler

    Comment by 'iraqbabbler' in media 'The moss eater'

    It's lichen, isn't it?
  12. iraqbabbler

    Comment by 'iraqbabbler' in media 'Brambling'

    Nice composition.
  13. iraqbabbler

    Comment by 'iraqbabbler' in media 'Water Vole.'

    Great advertisement for Regatta.
  14. iraqbabbler

    Could you eat a Robin? – The work of LIPU – BirdLife in Italy

    In the south of Iraq, they trap and kill wild Greater Flamingos by the tens of thousands each year, and make stew out of them!
  15. iraqbabbler

    Binoculars confiscated by Egyptian authorities at airport

    It's not really about poverty. I've been to much poorer countries and had no problem whatsoever - no one at the airport or even in the poorest of villages there attempted to take anything off me. The issue is that here in the Middle East, many people (including unfortunately many in authority)...
  16. iraqbabbler

    Binoculars confiscated by Egyptian authorities at airport

    No! The main problem is the lack of human rights and human dignity in such countries, and the concomitant absence of the rule of law or at least the haphazard application of the law. You have no rights in such places. It's as simple as that. Well put! That's the whole point. I mean what good is...
  17. iraqbabbler

    Binoculars confiscated by Egyptian authorities at airport

    I've been to (and birded in) every inhabited continent on Earth, and the only place I've had trouble in regarding my binoculars is the Middle East. The problem here is that government means absolute authority, so it is normal for a customs/airport official to think they can do whatever they want...
  18. iraqbabbler

    Visiting Dublin Late March: Query

    Bull Island is good, but check the tide times. Also, consider Swords/Baldoyle estuaries if you have the time. Also, I don't know if it's still possible, but you can see Puffins and other auks if you can get to Ireland's Eye (island) from Howth. If you do go to Bull Island, take a quick look in...
  19. iraqbabbler

    Crow without nest

    I bet it's a rook that Coley46 is talking about. Ireland has hooded crows (not carrion crows).
  20. iraqbabbler

    New scope

    Thanks, but where's the link?
  21. iraqbabbler

    New scope

    I gathered as much, but out of those three, which one is the best?
  22. iraqbabbler

    Renewal time

    Thanks for the replies above. I'm willing to spend a decent amount. I am not constraining myself, because it's been a while since I got myself any decent equipment.
  23. iraqbabbler

    New scope

    I've posted a similar thread in the binoculars section; I basically want to get new equipment. I have an old Nikon spotting scope, and I would like to get a new high-end scope. I care about: Durability. Water resistance/proof. Clear optics. Warranty. Oh, and I'd prefer an angled eye piece...
  24. iraqbabbler

    Renewal time

    Either 10x50 or 12x50.
  25. iraqbabbler

    Renewal time

    I'm in the market for a new pair of binoculars. I have a pair of Leica Ultravids 10x50, which have great optics of course, but which I've always found to be prone to getting foggy, dirty and scratchy. I've had them sent for warranty service a few times, even though use them sparingly. I also...