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  1. Steve Babbs

    Sei whale Scotland

    I haven't really followed the details but there's been several sighting of Sei whale in Scotland recently and I know it has been seen and Kinghorn today. What I don't know is how well it's be showing. Anyone got any better details?
  2. Steve Babbs

    Resizing MP4 videos

    Has anyone got any recommendations on the easiest way to resize MP4 videos? Thanks Steve
  3. Steve Babbs

    Anyone else got a plan a and plan b trip?

    I'm presently planning two trips, although I'm not booking anything yet. One to Uganda - fairly easy to plan as I should have gone there last year, and my gorilla permits have been moved to this year - and one to France, if Uganda isn't possible/sensible, complete with itineraries. so if it does...
  4. Steve Babbs

    Problems with Camera with Windows 10

    When I try to record a video using my desktop and plugged in webcam, I get this message when I hit the record button. The webcam works fine when I used it for a meeting. Any help much appreciated as I am teaching my class from home at the moment.
  5. Steve Babbs

    Butterflies of Tanzania

    Does anyone have any opinions on this book as an id guide? https://www.pemberleybooks.com/product/butterflies-of-tanzania/1396/
  6. Steve Babbs

    case for Nikon Monarch 82A

    Can anyone recommend a case for the Nikon Monarch 82A please? Either stay-on or just something to put it in the boot of my car or my luggage should I ever get abroad again. Thanks Steve
  7. Steve Babbs

    grasshopper Haut-Jura

    Request for ID. I think I'm going to kick myself with this one but I'm failing to identify it. Any help appreciated. Haut-Jura, France August 2020.
  8. Steve Babbs

    weevil for ID, haut-Jura, France

    Request for ID. Weevil, Foret du Risoux, Haut-Jura, France. 17/8/2020. I think it may be Liparus glabrirostris but I don't really know if there are similar species that need to be ruled out.
  9. Steve Babbs

    Fungi for ID King's Forest February

    A rather belated request for id help. Anyone any thoughts on this small, waxy feeling fungi from the King's Forest last February? Regards Steve
  10. Steve Babbs

    Insects of B and I Brock edition 2

    I have the first edition Brock insect book. Is it worth replacing it with the second edition? Any thoughts appreciated. Steve
  11. Steve Babbs

    Digiscoping with Sony TG-6

    Digiscoping with Olympus TG-6 and Nikon 30-60 WA Hi all I tried digiscoping with my phone: bought an adaptor completely failed and it's floated around my boot for several months. That is my only experience. But now I have bought an Olympus TG-6, my thoughts are that it would be better anyway...
  12. Steve Babbs

    Converting a PDF file to Google Slides

    As a teacher I am being provided with lots of good stuff to help with online learning but it's sometimes in PDF form. Is there a easy and free way to convert, sometimes large, PDFs to Google Slides? Cheers Steve
  13. Steve Babbs

    Trouble installing software

    Hi all I'm trying to use some software that appears to have installed but when I run it I get the attached message. I'm pretty sure I had the same message last time I tried to install something - I gave up on that. Any help much appreciated as it's driving me nuts!
  14. Steve Babbs

    Bug for ID Western Sahara southern green shieldbug?

    Could anyone confirm that this is southern green shieldbug Nezara viridula? Taken in Western Sahara 2019.
  15. Steve Babbs

    Exercise orchids

    Although it looks like we might be able to be a bit more mobile soon I have set myself the task of seeing how many orchids I can see on my exercise cycle ride. Suffolk isn't the best county in the country and it's early days. Two so far early purple and green-winged. A lot of the rest are...
  16. Steve Babbs

    Mongolia for snow leopards - heaven and hell trip

    Very high on my 'must do' trips - which is likely to be put off for a year or two as I, hopefully, do the trips that I had planned for this year - is looking for snow leopard in Mongolia. I may well be looking for people to team up with. This report of a trip of extremes. Boy did he pay for...
  17. Steve Babbs

    Seeing Beesley's lark in northern Tanzania.

    Although I am a big fan of looking for things myself rather than having a guide, I'm told that this isn't advisable with Beesley's lark. There is a website for the lark: https://www.sites.google.com/site/beesleyslarkengikaret/ Unfortunately I have had no response when I have used the email on...
  18. Steve Babbs

    Taxonomic changes since the Birds of East Africa was published.

    Hi all Does anyone have a list, or a link to a list, of the taxonomic changes since The Helm guide was published please? Steve
  19. Steve Babbs

    Request for fungi help

    I've spent a lot of today failing to identify a lot of the fungi I've photographed over the last few days. These are just some of them. If anyone could help, I would be very grateful. All from woodlands on the east of Ipswich. I think the first one is fairy ring champignon, but I could well be...
  20. Steve Babbs

    Bonnet sp.

    Can anyone tell me it this is rosy bonnet Mycena rosea or Lilac bonnet M. pura please?
  21. Steve Babbs

    Best field guide fungi

    Dear all I'm having another year of struggling to identify fungi. I know a bad workman blames his tools and all that but I'm looking to expand my selection of books - Roget Phillips, David Pegler and Courtecuisse and Duhem. What would people recommend? Regards Steve
  22. Steve Babbs

    Cicada for ID from the Dordogne.

    Anyone any good at cicada id? My educated guess is Cicada orni. Dordogne August 2019.
  23. Steve Babbs

    Katonga NP, Uganda

    Hi Have any members visited Katonga Wildife Reserve? It sounds good but I can find very little information on it. There is a very basic campsite in the reserve but I'd be keen to avoid that so as well as bird/wildlife information anything on more salubrious places to stay would be good...
  24. Steve Babbs

    Bush-cricket Ecrins

    Is this Alpine dark bush-cricket Pholidoptera aptera? From Ecrins NP, France.
  25. Steve Babbs

    worm from Ecrins NP

    I realise that species id is almost undoubtedly impossible from the photo, but any idea of what sort of worm this is would be of interest. It was very approximately 50cm long.