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  1. Anderlfs

    Local Leica Ultravid or imported SW CL 10x25?

    I thank you both. From what I read, the most recent Swarovski CL's were the ones that had problems due to changes in the formula to make the rubber biodegradable, but they are aware of the problems and working on it. I ruled out the Zeiss Victory Pocket due to the many reports of the diopter...
  2. Anderlfs

    Victory Pocket owners...focus wheel tightness?

    Maybe a silly question, but can't the owner put the knob back? Does It require a special tool, or calibration, which requires to be sent to the repair facility? Edit: I ask this because I’m interested in this model, but I don’t have a service facility near me, just overseas.
  3. Anderlfs

    Leica UV 8x20 versus Zeiss Victory 8x25

    This post is old, but since the thread was resurrected and the photo is still avaliable (Comparison off-axis.jpg), don't you see some blue/purple fringing on the roof of the house like I do? Could any Victory 8x25 owner confirm if this is normal? I mean, it's minimal, a good result, but from...
  4. Anderlfs

    GPO Passion ED 8 x 32 Review

    After my last post I decided to contact the GPO and they responded quickly. Some, like Kowa, never responded to me. Anyway, here's the answer:
  5. Anderlfs

    GPO Passion ED 8 x 32 Review

    What kept me away from Verano was some reportings related to QC/diopter (like this one) and I also lost interest in it when I saw a report comparing it to a monocular. It´s a good monocular, for sure, but I was frustrated when I read It. I'm sure that if I could test It in the store and have the...
  6. Anderlfs

    Leica Ultravid 8x20 dissection (The beauty)

    Hi, I recently went to a Leica store and tested this and other models. I noticed that some scratches had appeared on the lens of my eyeglasses and I thought about the possibility that It had come from testing some binoculars with a metal eyecup. I read here in this review that the eyepiece cups...
  7. Anderlfs

    MHG 10x30: usable eye relief & blackouts.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, tenex. I can imagine how difficult it must be for a child to hold a 10x binocular, but the idea is to use a lightweight tripod that I already have and leave it "in the right spot" for them to just look at.
  8. Anderlfs

    GPO Passion ED 8 x 32 Review

    Hi! I believe the GPO is more on the level of the Opticron Traveler (~$450) than the Explorer (~$250). On paper, It would be a good upgrade, but what I generally see from people satisfied with cheaper binoculars is dissatisfied with more expensive investments of the same format and...
  9. Anderlfs

    Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 vs. 8x42 for birding

    Actually, Conquest 32 is appealing to me. It has one of the best usable eye relief in the category and probably a snappy focus, edge’s sharpness and so on, although I'm still starting the research, which is why I came here. Good tip, I'll try to find a local group, while I can only stay in the...
  10. Anderlfs

    MHG 10x30: usable eye relief & blackouts.

    Hi all! The Monarch HG 8x30 have some reports about blackouts, but didn´t find too much for the 10x30. Considering that 8x has an eye relief of 16.2mm, It likely that blackout problems will not occur on the 10x which has an eye relief of 15.2mm, right? I thought about the possibility that the...
  11. Anderlfs

    Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 vs. 8x42 for birding

    Ok. I just reread an Oberwerk’s review and didn’t remember the reviewer (a forum user) even made a comparison with the Conquest (probably with the 8x42): “Sport ED 8x42 has that crystal clear clarity reminiscent of high-end European binoculars like the Zeiss Conquest HD but with a significantly...
  12. Anderlfs

    Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 vs. 8x42 for birding

    I can't understand the reason for this Zeiss Conquest 8x32 because it has the weight of a good quality 8x42, with dimensions more similar to a full-size than a mid-size. There many options for a few grams more, better FOV, eye relief... Of course, I have never used a Conquest, so I imagined that...
  13. Anderlfs

    Binocular Comparison: Nikon Prostaff ATB 8x25 reverse porro vs. Hawke Endurance ED 8x25

    How these reverse porros holds up to being tossed and possible impacts in the backpack? When I researched about the Pentax Papillo, I read some reports of decollimation with use. There is a positive report here on the forum about the Hawke Endurance ED 8x25 (vs Swarovski CL!) you were...
  14. Anderlfs

    Local Leica Ultravid or imported SW CL 10x25?

    Hello to everyone. I'm looking to purchase a compact binocular (10x25) and the main criteria is a good usable eye relief, the second durability, budget US$1K. I tested the Leica UV 10x25 in a local store near home, which really impressed me, but I thought the eye relief (15mm, 14mm usable) could...
  15. Anderlfs

    Biased test regarding exit pupil?

    Thanks for the inputs. Indeed, I do have astigmatism! Although I tested with glasses (and also surprised me), the pocket models were a bit finicky to use with spectacles, not due to the eye relief, but to the small diameter of the eyecup, allowing a lot of side light to enter. So, even with...
  16. Anderlfs

    Biased test regarding exit pupil?

    Hi! I came from a Leica store and tested several models. I took my not so popular Meade CanyonView 8x42 to compare. To my surprise, Trinovids HD 8x42 and 8x32 produced the same result as my Meade. The greater eye relief of the Trinovid 8x42 made the initial positioning on the face a little...
  17. Anderlfs

    Cornell Lab sub $600 8x42 review

    Cornell Lab's review of the Oberwerk Sport ED 8x42 contains a technical flaw. They state "Eye relief on the low side", only based on the specified 15mm, but they don't pay attention to the fact that it is "usable eye relief" (Oberwerk is one of the only ones to make this available). They are...
  18. Anderlfs

    The topic of eye relief. What is it actually?

    A forum user measured these two models that corroborates your experience. Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42 has a usable eye relief of 16.5mm, while the GPO Passion ED 8x42's usable eye relief is 15mm.
  19. Anderlfs

    Usable Eye Relief (spartan method)

    Gijs, I was almost certain you were measuring the same way as Canip, as I read an article of yours where the GPO Passion ED 8x32 Eye Relief measured the same 13mm he found, even though the manufacturer specifies 16mm. Anderson.
  20. Anderlfs

    Deciding between 8x32's

    Hi! You may have already decided after some weeks, but If not, there is a review by Steve C comparing the two in this exact size of 8x32. Apart from physical differences, what caught my attention were some differences like "slightly greener green" (Verano) "slightly less saturated color display"...
  21. Anderlfs

    Verano BGA HD to VHD, optical changes, usable eye relief.

    Hi! I've read the reviews and everything in between and I'm looking forward to learning more about Verano BGA VHD 8x32. I tried unsuccessfully to look for a review of the optical characteristics of the BGA VHD compared to the previous HD version, If any. There were changes in the specifications...
  22. Anderlfs

    Usable Eye Relief (spartan method)

    hi all, I have learned a lot since arriving on this forum a few days ago. I'm currently trying to measure the "usable eye relief" of my Meade CanyonView 8x42 because despite having only 14mm of specified eye relief, I can see the entire FOV on It wearing eyeglasses. My purpose is to be able to...
  23. Anderlfs

    GPO Passion ED 8 x 32 Review

    Your measurements are of great public utility, I was still unaware of its existence until now. I found It really crazy to see a Nikon Monarch M7 8x42 with 17.1mm eye relief drop to 13mm usable, while the M7 8x30 dropped from 15.1mm to 13.5mm. More usable eye relief than the full-size version! It...
  24. Anderlfs

    GPO Passion ED 8 x 32 Review

    I was about to press the button for a GPO Passion Ed 8x32 when I read in GPO Passion ED 8x42 review the link by Dr. Gijs van Ginkel "independent spectrophotometric measurements on the smaller 32mm" stating: "We measured an eye relief of 13 mm, but the GPO flyer lists 16 mm". As an eyeglass...
  25. Anderlfs

    GPO Passion ED 8x32, when was hydrophobic coating introduced?

    I´ve seen some GPO dealers & reviews stating the Passion EDs are dielectric coated, but I can´t find this information in their manual or website, both in gpo-usa.com and gp-optics.com. Can you help with this? (sorry if I posted it in the wrong place, but it's somewhat related to what was asked here)