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    Sparrowhawk under attack

    Whilst in the garden yesterday I saw a Sparrowhawk in the sky, as I motioned to my wife and kids I noticed it chasing a small flock of Goldfinch. Thinking I’d made a mistake and the kids were about to see a finch get grabbed, all of a sudden the tables turned and 3 of the Goldfinch started to...
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    Upgrading for a 7D which way to go?

    Check out Mike Lane on YouTube, he recently carried out a Olympus ( the new model ) v Sony A1. He said he couldn’t tell them apart apart from the obvious crop out of camera.
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    Bird Of Prey ID, silhouette S. Wales, UK

    Raven it is then, thanks both for your help, there are lots of Ravens around here, I hear them cronking a lot but they are normally very low down.
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    Bird Of Prey ID, silhouette S. Wales, UK

    The shape of the tail threw me { albeit I'm just a happy snapper birder }, my ID skills aren't strong and it was only a dot in the sky..................... ? Thanks for your reply
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    Bird Of Prey ID, silhouette S. Wales, UK

    Hi everyone I took this last weekend, it was quite high up being mobbed by crows, so it didn't hang around for long. Thanks Ian
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    Bird List/log book for children

    Hi Julie. Thanks for suggesting this, I've ordered 3 so I have one for each of my little ones. I'll report back into this thread when we've had them a few weeks and had chance to have a play. Thanks, Ian
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    Bird List/log book for children

    Thanks for these suggestions, I'll look into them. The Amazon book looks promising. Shame about your little one, parents are not cool to hang out with for a period in their child's life, but they normally come back to you. I have three children, 3, 5 and seven years old, but I have done it...
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    Bird List/log book for children

    Thanks for the reply, I was thinking of something with pictures of the UK bird species, hopefully with something she can tick off and add notes of location, numbers etc. She has a few bird books, binoculars and a Nikon bridge camera so she's good to go. Ian
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    Bird List/log book for children

    Hi all. My 7 year old daughter wants a book she can start to log her sightings in. Can anyone suggest some books for her, life/year book suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Ian.
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    FF vs APS-C camera - worth trying a 90D?

    On other forums people ( birders ) who I respect greatly, are reporting the 90D's AF system through the view finder to be erratic and unreliable. The live view they say is superb, and, because of this they are using Lazer Red Dot Finders with great results. But, that means shooting the great...
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    Budget spotting scope question

    How about a Nikon RAiii, there's one on Ebay right now on budget. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=nikon+raiii+scope&tbm=shop&sxsrf=ACYBGNQhdthg16gFC0lc_cYO3PRyF8ZCUA:1575154429995&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj0nZDCg5PmAhUKTBUIHbxYApgQ_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=625&dpr=1#spd=7198839587329160166
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    Suggestions for retirement project?

    Hi Sean. How about "A Year In The Life Of" a local park/reserve near you. By exploring what happens to all living things there, hopefully that will give you an insight into which direction you may want to go. Ian.
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    Lunchtime in Lincoln

    She's a beauty, I saw a Sprawk take a pigeon last year, it was a brutal kill.
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    Good service from Sigma UK.

    Hi. A few days ago I started having F0.0 on my Canon 7D whilst using my Sigma1.4x tc and Canon 500mm F4. Took tele-converter off, put it back on, cleaned the contacts with no joy. Removed tele-converter and tried bare lens and all worked ok. Took it home and put it back in its bag. A few days...
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    Question: Spotting scope vs. super telephoto lens

    I used to do a bit of digiscoping in the early days, things have moved on since then I know, but you can't compare a digiscoping set up to a 500mm/4. Perched birds will give you the opportunity to fine tune focus, but anything on the move gives the advantage to the 500mm/4
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    I saw something that blew my mind!

    What a rare moment, welcome to Birdforum :)
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    Halesowen Garden sightings

    My feeders are filled predominately with sunflower hearts, the white centre leaves little mess as birds just discard the black shell. Siskins, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Bullfinch, House Sparrows, Great/Blue/Coal/Long Tail Tits, Nuthatch feed on that feeder. ( plus a Grey Squirrel ) Then niger...
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    Very busy at the bird feeder today!

    You just reminded me why I stopped feeding last spring - RATS Like Star Trek, they "boldly went" about my feeders not bothered by my presence at all. As an animal lover I didn't poison them, I stopped their food source. I haven't seen them since. I had a 25KG bag of Sunflower hearts in the...
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    Very busy at the bird feeder today!

    I use white sunflower hearts ( less mess ) and niger seeds. My Goldies love them. You look to have a good location and if they're flying over then you just need to attract them down. Put up some more feeders with a variety of foods, I know it can be expensive but it will show you what your local...
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    Can you elaborate what you didn't like about your 7D please ??
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    How many Canon shooters of both the 7Dc and the 7D2 feel the upgrade from the original body was a worthy exercise ?? I would normally wait 2 generations to get a noticeable improvement between bodies, so any pictures to illustrate I'm being overly cautious would be appreciated.
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    Griswold's Vacations 2019

    My daughter ( at 4 y o ) started to take pics of me with my mobile phone when I had nodded off. She would send them to random people in my phone book. Normally not very flattering ones of me dribbling of something. I'd find them in my 'messages' days/weeks later |:$|
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    i came across it a few weeks ago, it is very good.
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    I just checked now, May 2010 I purchased my 7D. I've probably been waiting for an upgrade for at least 5 years easily. Since my son was born 4 years ago i stopped carrying my Canon stuff everywhere and bought into Fuji as it was so small and light ( essential when you have to carry all the baby...
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    If Canon decide to go down the mirrorless route with the 7D3, that's a straight 2 fingers up to me as a 7Dc and 500/4 user. Who's going to buy a new body with a new 500/4 mount at the same time. I've been waiting on the 7D3 so if it doesn't show then maybe sell my 10 year old 500/4 and get a...