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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Costa Rican Airforce.jpg'

    Thanks a lot... We are happy to see the population doing well.
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Costa Rican Airforce.jpg'

    Thanks folks.. The population is doing well around here. All the best to you too Randall www.naturegroupcr.com
  3. Costa Rican Airforce.jpg

    Costa Rican Airforce.jpg

    Taking off from the favourite ocean side near Carara National Park.
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Atilla.jpg'

    Thanks Kits, we have seen this bird many times that morning so we decided to pursue a photo. And we got it!!!> Randall Ortega www.naturegroupcr.com
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Atilla.jpg'

    Thanks, S&S. We saw the opportunity and we took it. Also, keep a distance because we noticed it was close to a nesting site.
  6. Atilla.jpg


    Attilas as their name suggest is a ruthless predator. Here at Sarapiqui lowlands in Costa Rica captured a small Anolis lizard. We found its nest later on but we left it alone. www.naturegroupcr.com
  7. redcappedmanakin.jpg


    New world manakins are mind-blowing. And Red-capped Manakin is one of their stars. Walking along branches like the famous Michael Jackson and his moonwalk performance. Very bright red-headed with a dark blue or black body and striking yellow tights. A tropical gem found bathing at Carara...
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    ash-throated vs brown-crested flycatcher?

    Brown crested has somewhat of a brighter yellow belly and the crest shows a shade of light brown to dull brown. Its relative common in Central Pacific and north of the Tarcoles River where we bird everyday. Randall Ortega www.naturegroupcr.com
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    Photographic equipment for rainforest trip

    Some people keep their camera gear inside the bathroom when they run AC.
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    Photographic equipment for rainforest trip

    Hi there... We are and have been Nikon users since decades ago. And we are Costa Rican photographers so we are very familiar with all your camera gear, the good and bad about them. Also extremely familiar with photographic challenges. Number one D500 it's a superb camera along with Topaz...
  11. Kingfisherconbabuina.jpg


    During a regular day at Tarcoles River boat tour, it's possible to find up to 5 species of King Fishers doing their thing. On this occasion, we photographed it with a local fish called Babuina. Ringed King Fisher is our most prominent species. Belted is the only migrant to our country the...
  12. Lesser yellow headed Vulture.jpg

    Lesser yellow headed Vulture.jpg

    It was thought not to be in the area of Jaco Beach. Its southern range reached Golfito area but we have seen this species of vulture since 2012. Despite our efforts to get people to believe it has been a failure until this day. www.naturegroupcr.com
  13. Resplendent Quetzal.jpg

    Resplendent Quetzal.jpg

    Mythical, adored by Mayas, Aztecs, and nearly all Central American less-known native groups. The image was captured during a feeding display. Here a little more technical about the bird and its natural history. https://naturegroupcr.com/all-about-the-resplendent-quetzal-life/
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Bananaquit.jpg'

    Its a small bird and a large flower.. Thanks for the comment.
  15. Bananaquit.jpg


    Very seldom do you see this unique specie called Bananaquit feeding on a Banana Flower.
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    Unknown - Costa Rica

    Greetings from Costa Rica. It's indeed Yellow Tyrannulet. This species presents faint wing bars. Another main feature is the beak as shown in the image. Randall Ortega www.naturegroupcr.com
  17. Spectacle Owl.jpg

    Spectacle Owl.jpg

    Mostly nocturnal, lives in pairs for a long time on the same perch. Feeds on everything that moves including snakes, opossums and large insects. www.naturegroupcr.com
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Resplendent Quetzal.jpg'

    Thanks a lot... It was a gorgeous moment.
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Resplendent Quetzal.jpg'

    Thank you so very much. We will share more photos of the species very soon.
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Resplendent Quetzal.jpg'

    I hope you do. Just make sure you go to the right places they don't show at the same locations at this time of the year. Kind regards, Randall Ortega www.naturegroupcr.com
  21. Resplendent Quetzal.jpg

    Resplendent Quetzal.jpg

    Mid-May is the end of the reproduction season of Quetzals for most parts of the country. July some individuals would try again or for the first time in the year. It depends on where in Costa Rica. Here is a lovely moment at Monteverde Cloud Forest. www.naturegroupcr.com
  22. Common Potoo.jpg

    Common Potoo.jpg

    Found the in the heart of Corcovado National Park. Quite surprised in fact that this bird was perched in such a remote primary forest, normally they are more of semi open of open fields, anyhow we are very glad to see it and of course captured it.
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    Comment by 'Nature Group Costa Rica' in media 'Costaricainanutshell.jpg'

    Thanks a lot!! This is not an everyday thing but it happens often where we are. Soon in early July, they will congregate by the dozens. We will post a photo or video.