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  1. cuckooroller

    Somalia or Common Bulbul - Djibouti September 2018

    For me, somaliensis. The separation must be done with schoanus. The other two barbatus-related taxa in the region are dodsoni, and spurius, and they both have yellow crissa. The only reliable distinguisher that I have found with schoanus is the appearance of the hind-nape evident in your last...
  2. cuckooroller

    Comment by 'cuckooroller' in media 'Abbot's babbler'

    Michael, I did come across one of your photos of an obvious Abbott's at Cat Tien! I make the separation of the two species as they are found in S Annam by looking at two things principally, the bill strength, and the tail length. You are right! I am convinced that this particular photo is of...
  3. cuckooroller

    Comment by 'cuckooroller' in media 'Abbot's babbler'

    Why is this not Trichastoma tickelli annamense?
  4. cuckooroller

    Comment by 'cuckooroller' in media 'Orthotomus sepium'

    Why isn't this an adult male Orthotomus s. sepium (Olive-backed Tailorbird)?.
  5. cuckooroller

    Comment by 'cuckooroller' in media 'Buff Spotted Flameback'

    This is an adult male Chrysocolaptes haematribon (Luzon Flameback). Most taxa of the "lucidus" group have now been split as good species, and this is one of them.
  6. cuckooroller


    Yes, it would suggest that, however the taxon is not a juliae, whatever it is. It does resemble a race trochilus (there is a photo on OBI). However, the closest trochilus range in SC Mindanao (S Cotabato, and the southernmost part of Davao del Sur), and on the southernmost islands of the...
  7. cuckooroller


    Thanks much Richard. It is obvious that race association of puella sensu stricto is not quite ready for prime time. I have no problem with the split itself, it is understanding the zoogeography that is irksome, and more information is needed. For the moment, we will likely leave catarmanensis...
  8. cuckooroller


    Peter, Boyd affirms that Fabre sampled only three taxa of the complex. We are currently reviewing the taxonomy for the Philippines, and the race association to this split seems to be long on conjecture. If followed we are going to wind up with two species of Hypothymis azurea sensu lato in the...
  9. cuckooroller

    Robsonius babblers

    Des is still in Africa I think. I have requested the file as we are currently updating the philippine taxonomy.
  10. cuckooroller

    Unknown Bird Species Mata Atlantica

    Andrew, you have convinced me. Thanks. At least it makes sense! http://www.pbase.com/wmarissen/image/147623919
  11. cuckooroller

    Unknown Bird Species Mata Atlantica

    An enormously out-of-range immature male Periporphyrus (discounting the white pectoral band as being an artefact)?
  12. cuckooroller

    Unknown Bird Species Mata Atlantica

    I can't make it one. I am almost wondering if somebody didn't just paint this bird and release it just to make people go nuts. The rump, the crissum, the belly, appear to be red. There appears to be a rather consistent whitish pectoral band. There appears to be a tuft-like feather formation...
  13. cuckooroller

    Unknown Bird Species Mata Atlantica

    I haven't the foggiest idea of what this is, and it is driving me nuts! http://www.flickr.com/photos/fshufelt/7913340626/
  14. cuckooroller


    Several booksellers are taking pre-publication orders. Other than avespress, I saw that NHBS was doing so about three months ago. I wrote Lynx about it, and after initially giving a mumbo jumbo answer about why they were not carrying it, they decided to do so. Happily, they are taking...
  15. cuckooroller

    HMW Handbook of the Mammals of the World

    I received the volume yesterday. Very disappointing art work. Of course, the above reflections about the speciosity of certain groups is cogent. We will probably see even worse art work for certain volumes. Bats are difficult art subjects. I would imagine that a Bat volume that satisfies...
  16. cuckooroller

    ID help Leeds, UK

    Bombycilla garrulus? Tough photo.
  17. cuckooroller

    Peruvian Birds

    Yes, you are right on the Anisognathus. Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager.
  18. cuckooroller

    Comment by 'cuckooroller' in media 'shining sunbeam'

    Aglaeactis cupripennis.
  19. cuckooroller

    Brazil Nightjars Emas NP

    In this location, with this morphology, I see no alternatives. Not parvulus. The second one looks like a classic adult female candicans. The first is also candicans, but I am not able to age it. It is either another female, or an immature of indeterminable sex.
  20. cuckooroller

    Birds from Bali to identify

    Agree with 1, 8, 10, 11, 12 as above. 9 is an immature A. panayensis. Yes, Brown Prinia - polychroa. The pigeon photos are not clear enough to allow more than a guess in my estimation. The tail conformation, even if considering it perhaps worn, does not seem to me to indicate T. sphenura.
  21. cuckooroller

    Bird identification in Caohai("grass sea") Weining, Chine)中国, 威宁, 草海

    The white egret is a Little Egret - Egretta garzetta The other is a non-breeding Grey Heron - Ardea cinerea
  22. cuckooroller

    Tongan Whistler, Vava'u

    You did not happen to get a photo?
  23. cuckooroller

    EPA Unveils New Weapon In Drive To Exterminate Those Pesky Birds

    In keeping with the absolutely schizophrenic approach of the (sic) environmentalists, and in conjunction with the extremely effective eolic meat-grinders already providing the large communities of carrion-eating scavengers living beneath the wind-towers with constant sustenance, the EPA, and the...
  24. cuckooroller

    Species names

    It is basically a question of globalization. There is an increasing number of global birders a great portion of which are mother tongue English speakers (...and yes, I do include the peculiar dialect spoken in the UK in this group;)). The change in the names of birds one used to use in one's...
  25. cuckooroller

    virus and firewall

    Niels, Just one note, and that is to go through the HD after disinstalling the McAfee. Vestigial files belonging to that program have given me problems with interference with subsequent AV applications. Avast is pretty good among the freebies. If you want a light-memory but very hermetic pay...