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    Comment by 'WillyB1' in media 'Coopers Hawk?'

    Thanks - more links - same bird. We have a Kite family in the neighborhood but they appear to be smaller than this bird. http://willyb.hopto.org/What_is_it.jpg http://willyb.hopto.org/What_is_it04.jpg
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    Name this Raptor, Please

    more links - same bird http://willyb.hopto.org/What_is_it.jpg http://willyb.hopto.org/What_is_it04.jpg
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    Name this Raptor, Please

  4. Coopers Hawk?

    Coopers Hawk?

  5. The Hummer takes a break

    The Hummer takes a break

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    Central Arkansas

    Hi Ruthless. I am a Newbie Birder in Little Rock. Give me a hoot (or maybe a hog call).
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    ID Tips for new moth'ers

    Thank you very much!
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    Howdy from Middle Tennessee, U.S.A.

    Welcome. I an Arkansas Neighbor. I look forward to your pics.
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    decline in birder competency

    IanF's comments in this thread made me feel welcome here. No one else's comments have. I may be simply intruding in a discussion that I have no place in. I do not imply that Pro Birders should lower standards of competency to be accepted as a Pro. Perhaps there could be separate sections created...
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    ID Tips for new moth'ers

    Thanks Brian, This is a great idea. I'll add a pic but you'll need to identify it for us.
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    What is this Bird?

    Links are live now. Thanks for the message.
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    What is this Bird?

    Photographed in Central Arkansas. http://willyb.hopto.org/Flight.jpg http://willyb.hopto.org/Flight2.jpg http://willyb.hopto.org/Good1.jpg
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    Comment by 'WillyB1' in media 'Common_Grackle_'

    That's a fine shot of the grackle!
  14. Northern Cardinal

    Northern Cardinal

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    What Bird is this?

    This pic was taken in Central Arkansas, USA. http://willyb.hopto.org/_MG_1155.jpg
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    What is it?

    Thank you very much for the swift replies.
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    What is it?

    Not good photos. I hope for assistance identifying this bird seen in central Arkansas. Thanks in advance. Please follow these links: http://willyb.hopto.org/_MG_9915.jpg http://willyb.hopto.org/_MG_9919.jpg
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    Comment by 'WillyB1' in media 'Commander Grackle'

    Thanks for the information. Correction made.
  19. Commander Grackle

    Commander Grackle

    This Grackle was barking orders to a subordinate.
  20. The Nag

    The Nag

    Female house finch yapping at her Male.
  21. Mockingbird Display

    Mockingbird Display

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    DSLR and lens choice

    If this is your first SLR, take time to consider which lensing system you are buying into and which company is moving forward technologically. Canon and Nikon are the big boys. My choice was Canon. Be prepared to spend for that big zoom.
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    Comment by 'WillyB1' in media 'House sparrow'

    Well done! These are very quick little birds!
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    Comment by 'WillyB1' in media 'Male House Finch??'

    It is my feeder and a commercially available finch feed. This has attracted house finches thusfar and I hope to attract others.
  25. Cardinal