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  1. Stuart Goodwin

    Computer Software

    Morning. I use Birdjournal. It can also, for a small annual fee, also record butterflies, dragonflies (as long as someone has create the lists). Regards.
  2. Stuart Goodwin

    Reliable site for swifts around SE London/Kent?

    Morning. We had Swifts last night in Sittingbourne, Kent. The area around Albany Park and near the Co-op at Northward Drive is the best place I know. Possibly a bit early but in a few weeks time will be good. Regards
  3. Stuart Goodwin


    Morning. I tried sugaring a month or so ago in the garden for about a week in Sittingbourne and drew a blank. I’ll try again when It is dry. I used a plank of wood found along the Medway, I had a romantic notion of recycling it for nature. There should be a country moth group on Facebook...
  4. Stuart Goodwin

    Does kitesurfing have an impact on birds?

    Morning. I believe this is a big issue at Pegwell Bay, Kent, which parts are SSSI status from memory. Regards
  5. Stuart Goodwin

    Last Butterfly of the Year 2023

    Evening. A Speckled Wood and a White seen yesterday in Gillingham, Kent. Regards
  6. Stuart Goodwin

    How do you record non-bird wildlife?

    Afternoon. Completety agree about moving across to another software package. I haven’t found a package where I can add my field notes tide, weather, missed species etc to an entry. I’m a premium member, for the additional non-birding access, so lets see if they take next year’s subscription...
  7. Stuart Goodwin

    How do you record non-bird wildlife?

    Afternoon. Has anyone heard anything from Birdjournal about updates/ software development? I posted a Twitter message to them but no reply. The software still works well but, to me, the data analysis/ dashboards have been left behind by INaturalist & Irecord. Regards
  8. Stuart Goodwin

    Bird ID from audio - Tunstall, Kent - 28/08/23

    Hello. When my youngest was at Cubs, a couple of years ago now, at the Tunstall village hall I had a Little Owl around the old orchards/ infants school. I tend bird around the Rodmersham/ Cromer Wood area along with Milton Crek CP. Regards
  9. Stuart Goodwin

    Beginner on a budget

    As I only dabble in and around the garden not than many at all. I also use Inaturalist & Obsidentify as pointers to genus
  10. Stuart Goodwin

    Beginner on a budget

    Evening. I’ve got James Lowen’s book but also the book’s illustrated by Richard Lewington. Regards
  11. Stuart Goodwin

    Canary chiffchaff?

    Afternoon. I’ve heard a couple around Playa de las America this week. Heard them first and checked on the Merlin app, then got good views. A lot darker than the Common Chiffchaff I’ve seen in the UK. Regards
  12. Stuart Goodwin

    Megachile/ Leafcutter bee species of the Canary Islands

    Afternoon/ Hola. Please could anyone reply with what Megachile/ Leafcutter species there are on Tenerife or the Canary Islands. The photos I took on my Iphone have been uploaded to Inaturalist & Observation.Org , but have had conflicting results Canary Leafcutter (Inaturalist) & Silvery...
  13. Stuart Goodwin

    Beginner on a budget

    Morning Richard. I would be interested to know how you get on as I’m thinking about starting mothing more seriously next year. In addition, I’m keen to do some mothing at our local Country Park. Mains power isn’t an option and batteries look to heavy/ difficult to lug across the park. Regards
  14. Stuart Goodwin

    Plain Swift - Tenerife (Covert birding)

    Thank you Jeff. I hope you had a good trip. Got better eyeball views today. B*ggers to try to follow with bins though. I thought watching Common Swifts was bad enough! Regards.
  15. Stuart Goodwin

    Plain Swift - Tenerife (Covert birding)

    Morning. Will give it a go. Using the Wildguides Wildlife of Medeira & the Canaries and the Collins app for reference. Regards
  16. Stuart Goodwin

    Plain Swift - Tenerife (Covert birding)

    Afternoon. Personally I got that broadly, based on my limited description, that the likelihood was that the birds were probably Plain Swifts but no more than that. Regards
  17. Stuart Goodwin

    Plain Swift - Tenerife (Covert birding)

    Thank you for the reply and Ebird data. Afternoon. I have my old pair of RSPB bins in the hotel room, but didn’t think having them around the pool while the kids swam was the best option. It made the Canary Chiffchaff that worked its way around the pool a lot harder to ID! Regards
  18. Stuart Goodwin

    Plain Swift - Tenerife (Covert birding)

    Thank you for the reply and the support on the ID. Will try to enjoy the hols but temperature heading towards 40C. Some early morning wanders I think before it gets to hot. Regards.
  19. Stuart Goodwin

    Plain Swift - Tenerife (Covert birding)

    Good morning all. To celebrate a number of significant milestones, we are on holiday in Tenerife, only our second overseas holiday in 20+ years. Anyway, can I check that the circa 5 Swifts flying over the hotel complex are most likely Plain Swifts. The birds seem to have a more fluttering...
  20. Stuart Goodwin

    Birdtrack database still down ...

    Afternoon. Thank you for highlighting this. That explains why I wasn’t able to upload last weeks sightings. It might not have been user error then. Regards
  21. Stuart Goodwin

    Strange gaps in British county lists.

    Evening. I don’t know whether the more remote higher elevations of Romney Marsh might hold pair or two. 😁 Regards
  22. Stuart Goodwin

    Humes Warbler? Kent, UK Feb 2023

    Evening. Preston is close to the Stodmarsh/ Grove Ferry NNR, the fields with dykes and the lakes at Wickhambreaux The pub there was nice (c20 years ago). From memory there was a interesting article written in the Kentos magazine about long term monitoring in that area. Regards
  23. Stuart Goodwin

    Suggestions for phone adapter for Swaroski ATX80

    Hello. Thank you for the reply. I’ll investigate. Regards
  24. Stuart Goodwin

    Suggestions for phone adapter for Swaroski ATX80

    Morning all. I’m looking at getting a phone adapter to attach to my Swaroski ATX scope. The Swaroski option is around £200 which seems expensive. I’ve seen the Viking Optics offering which looks like it will work but I’m wondering whether there are other options. My phone is a an Apple...
  25. Stuart Goodwin

    Proposed new reservoir Broad Oak (Kent)

    Evening. Ah yes the golden slipper. I also avoided it. My teachers were Miss Clayden and Miss Carpenter. For primary, I only remember Miss Bazzard as the head. From memory, and I could be wrong (won’t be the first time), councils get revenue from house building. Perhaps Canterbury is more...