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    Best month to visit Hawaii?

    I see that no one responded to your inquiry even though a year has past. Therefore, I will share what I know and hopefully it will be helpful. The forest areas that you're interested can get quite rainy in the February/March time period you are looking at. However, that is also the time...
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    Can someone give me a run-down of Hawaii?

    For Kauai, there's Jim Denny (http://www.kauaibirds.com/contact.htm). He and Jack Jeffrey have collaborated on a bunch of books. (http://www.kauaibirds.com/books.htm) There's David Kuhn (http://soundshawaiian.com/recordist.html), but looking at his website doesn't show any tours. You can try...
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    Can someone give me a run-down of Hawaii?

    If you're on the Big Island, you can try contacting Jack Jeffrey. He does the tour into the Hakalau Forest. http://jackjeffreyphoto.com For Maui, there's Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park. http://nuttybirder.com/Wheretobird/Hawaii/hosmergrove.html#.W5CppC2ZNBw The Nature Conservancy...
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    What is this?

    Juvenile Hawaii Elepaio? I saw a Juvenile Kauai Elepaio once, and it looked like this.
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    Advice and Referrals for birding on the Big Island

    In regards to Hakalau, you will need to get in contact with them at (808) 443-2300. They have a website. According to that, the Upper Maulua Unit is open Saturdays, Sundays, & holidays from sunrise to sunset. I have never been up there (something I will have to correct one of these days), but...
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    ID request

    Ah, so it is a juvenile then? I've never seen one. I've seen lots of adults in Naalehu. Thanks for clarifying that.
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    Oahu Business Trip Planned - Birds!

    Most of the seabirds you've mentioned are on offshore islands. There are no wild Nene on Oahu, maybe at the Honolulu zoo? Bkrownd already mentioned the problem with I'iwi on Oahu. You'd have much better luck at Hosmer Grove on Maui or Koke'e on Kauai. You can also find Nene on both those...
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    ID request

    Perhaps a Yellow Billed Cardinal with some kind of disease? They're pretty common in South Kona. Here's a photo I took of one last year...
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    Hybrid honeycreepers

    Well that's interesting. They're all descended from a common ancestor. Perhaps some hybridization can occur?
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    Mauna Kea

    Thanks! Hopefully I'll be able to get up there in June or July.
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    Mauna Kea

    Thanks for the info. I've driven past that checkstation many times in the past. About how far do you need to walk in to start seeing Palila?
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    I'iwi and noddies on Maui?

    Here's another site you might try. http://www.birdinghawaii.co.uk/wheretowatchintro2.htm
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    Mauna Kea

    How does one get access to that side of Mauna Kea?
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    I'iwi and noddies on Maui?

    I have had great luck in seeing I'iwi at Hosmer Grove up at Haleakala. It's best to look for them in the morning before the heat of the day sets in. There's a short trail that leads to a bench and railing that overlooks a small gulley. This is just one of several spots along the trail that...
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    Mauna Kea

    I hope they catch the people that started it.
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    Oahu for five days?

    I've think that you can see Bristle Thighed Curlew up at the James Campbell Wildlife refuge at the Kahuku Point wetlands. I've never seen them up there. I'm not sure, but I think that they're up in Alaska during the summer. Most of the endemic forest birds are relatively inaccessible...
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    Places to see I'o and Pueo on the Big Island???

    Well, I'll finally get up there next week. Going to try to hit the pastures on the Waimea side of the Saddle Road as well as my friends house up in Volcano. Heard that the wild turkey and sheep have become really common in that area.
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    Big Island Iten Validation Request

    The 'Alala is extinct in the wild. A few captive birds are in the breeding program and that's it...|=(|
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    Places to see I'o and Pueo on the Big Island???

    BTW, Around what times of the day have you seen them? I am likely going in early August. Thanks.
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    Birding West Maui

    There is the Kapunakea Preserve, but access is severely limited by the Nature Conservancy, if I remember correctly.
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    Birds Oahu, Hawaii

    Hey guys, it looks like you're a few years too late for a reply. Still it's good info...:t:
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    Up to date advice, O'ahu

    He is probably the best person to talk to. He also maintains a pbase account (http://www.pbase.com/bkrownd) As I understand it, most of their remaining habitat are in the valleys of the Waianae range on the western end of the island. Most of this is conservation land or military and access is...
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    Places to see I'o and Pueo on the Big Island???

    Thanks for the heads up. Haven't had a chance to go to Hilo yet, too busy. I'll keep this in mind when I do get the chance, whenever that might be...:-C
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    Places to see I'o and Pueo on the Big Island???

    Thanks for the tips and especially the warning. I hate mosquitos and having to use DEET because of them. They're not at all good for the birds either...
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    Places to see I'o and Pueo on the Big Island???

    Mainly interested in the habitats, flora and fauna. Thanks again. I'm planning a family trip in October (hopefully). I'll have a couple to free days to tromp around, so I want to do a little bit of birding. I've always wanted to visit Hakalau, but I don't think I'll have the time on this trip...