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  1. greykangaroo

    Quoth the Raven "Nevermore"

    Now back three years ago My wife and I were being conveyed in a bus through Boston and when we stopped at the lights at Charles Street South, the driver told us to look to our right and we would see the bronze statue of Edger Allan Poe. A small section of the city is actually dubbed “Edgar Allan...
  2. greykangaroo

    A pure White Kookaburra

    In fact it would possibly be both. Kookaburras would swoop on chickens in the fowl yard as well as rob nests of chicks. I was looking at a large red wattle bird on a limb down the park doing that loud noise it makes with its head in the air when a kookaburra tore down and grabbed it off the tree...
  3. greykangaroo

    A pure White Kookaburra

    Alright, but what happens next time? There wont be a magical 'HERE' there to abide by the rules. People at ground level like me didn't know how to link anything.
  4. greykangaroo

    A pure White Kookaburra

    No sorry, it was removed because of over moderation. I wanted all people on the forum to see this actually.
  5. greykangaroo

    An Easter Mystery

    Why did the chicken cross the road at Easter? Take a look at what he saw on the other side.
  6. greykangaroo

    A pure White Kookaburra

    A very rare white Kookaburra seen and photographed by a lucky person in Queensland. It is most probably the result of a condition called leucism Leucism, is an abnormal plumage condition caused by a genetic mutation that prevents pigment, particularly melanin, from being properly deposited on a...
  7. greykangaroo

    A Nightingale was unlikely to sing in Berkely Square

    Well, my knowledge about it is that it is to do with tying something to a buoy at sea. We had an infamous Prime Minister by the name of Paul Keating. Conservatives will tell you that he was always at sea. But we have been waiting to hear more about the RSM and your perceived meaning.
  8. greykangaroo

    A Nightingale was unlikely to sing in Berkely Square

    ‘Ode to a Nightingale’: A Poem by John Keats Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird! No hungry generations tread thee down; The voice I hear this passing night was heard In ancient days by emperor and clown: Perhaps the self-same song that found a path Through the sad heart of Ruth, when...
  9. greykangaroo

    A Nightingale was unlikely to sing in Berkely Square

    Eric Maschwitz wasn’t mistaken when he wrote about the nightingale. In fact he knew very well that Berkeley Square was the last place on earth you would expect to hear a nightingale. But the possibility of one doing this conjures up thoughts of Romantic and dangerous times. Vera Lynn, the blitz...
  10. greykangaroo

    The Bandicoot and the Corella both want the seed tray

    This is our front yard in Perth, where we daily feed a pair of Corellas and a Bandicoot. The Bandicoot gets to have the seed tray after the day dims and the birds depart. But this morning for the first time the Bandicoot came to eat the bird's seed. The Corellas tried to scare him off with the...
  11. greykangaroo

    A bird from the desert near Dubai

    Yes you are dead right MacNara. Once the name was known I found plenty of photos and information on this bird. Thank you.
  12. greykangaroo

    A bird from the desert near Dubai

    On a trip to Dubai, we did a bus tour out into the desert to see the sun go down in the desert dunes. People sit on lounge chairs set up for that purpose. Being from Australia that wasn't that novel, so wandering around I came across this bird. I have looked at photos of many bird species that...
  13. greykangaroo


    The first and last thing many birds see is this sight in the sky. Where I live opposite a large park full of many species of birds I have noted times when the chatter of virtually twenty species comes to a dead stop. This is generally after an alarm call from a small bird, like Drrrrrrrrr. All...
  14. greykangaroo


    This seemingly appears to be a miracle. The man virtually bought the kookaburra back from the dead. Great save.
  15. greykangaroo


    How incredible it is to see these wild black swans surfing with the people. A Dad even has to lift his child up so the swan can surf by. Virtually a freshwater lake and river bird. How they got into saltwater ocean surfing is unimaginable.
  16. greykangaroo


    I have just returned from cruising the Great Barrier Reef in the Royal Caribbean liner 'Quantum of the Seas'. Out there beyond the reef about three hundred miles is a marvelous bird habitat called Willis Island. Willis Island is the furthest weather station east of Australia and is inhabited all...
  17. greykangaroo

    Saving a Mopoke Owl

    Sorry Dienan, this was months ago and I doubt if I will ever see the bird again, although I still hear it now and again. My wife always wakes me and says "A Mopoke in the park, listen". Unless the Magpies or crows flush it out again, I will make sure it is saved.
  18. greykangaroo

    Raiders of the lost dog kibbles

    I have this pair of Australian Pied Butcher birds that have made my property their home. The old female on the right seems to be getting ready to lay eggs. Her male partner on the left seems much younger. Butcher birds have an incredible voice. They seem to almost turn themselves inside out when...
  19. greykangaroo

    Saving a Mopoke Owl

    THE MOPOKE OWL Well, yesterday I heard all this noise of excited magpies over the road from our house and I went out to investigate. About half a dozen Magpies had a Mopoke owl cornered underneath a parked car. I was able to shoo the magpies away which allowed the Mopoke to make a break for it...
  20. greykangaroo


    Queen of the Night jungle cactus. We have this fantastic plant in our garden called Queen of the Night. It is a night-blooming cactus with large, white, fragrant, spider-like flowers in a fantastic display. It is an epiphyte, meaning it grows on trees for support without harming them. It...
  21. greykangaroo

    You don't use fly spray to kill lobsters

    Well done Rafael. It wasn’t that difficult really to see my inference to the fact that slaters are actually related to lobsters and are not insects. When our Mr Adcock revealed that he often snacked out on slaters because they taste like shrimp I though he came close. I was a bit surprised that...
  22. greykangaroo

    You don't use fly spray to kill lobsters

    Hello KC, it's good to see an American friend. You might like to check out the Crusader bug here too. It is a species of insect in the family Coreidae known by the common names crusader bug and holy cross bug. It is distributed in Australia, Indonesia, and the Indo-Pacific. The insect can be...
  23. greykangaroo

    You don't use fly spray to kill lobsters

    SLATERS IN THE GARDEN Slaters are crustaceans and are related to crabs, lobsters and prawns. They are one of only two groups of crustaceans that left the water on a permanent basis and still need some moisture to survive. They have changed very little since they first moved on to land. To me...
  24. greykangaroo

    Wandering albatross

    When I read about where the Albatross was tagged back in 1976, I decided to look further at where that is in relation to where I live in Perth Western Australia. On this Google Earth projection one can see far to the south the French Illes Crozet about one third of the distance between Cape Town...