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  1. Red-breasted Nuthatch

    Red-breasted Nuthatch

    I don’t often spot this small bird at my feeder, but today, amidst the gloomy, overcast weather and occasional rain, it is a persistent visitor. It seems particularly drawn to the Nyjer seed feeder, where it fusses with the Pine Siskins and Goldfinches. Capturing a decent picture is challenging...
  2. California Scrub-Jay

    California Scrub-Jay

    The California Scrub-Jay inhabits the west coast, spanning from Washington to the Baja Peninsula. Unlike its more aesthetically striking Blue Jay cousin, the Scrub-Jay's appearance might not be considered as handsome. Even its name, "Scrub-Jay," carries a somewhat unflattering connotation...
  3. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'California Towhee'

    Great picture of this little bird. One of my favorites, always nearby. Thanks for posting.
  4. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Black-bellied Whistling-Duck'

    Beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  5. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Mr. and Mrs. Western Bluebird'

    Beautiful birds, beautiful setting. Thanks for posting!
  6. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Northern Mockingbird'

    Wow! Such a nice stop-motion capture. Those wing bars are so well displayed. Thanks for posting.
  7. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Bullock's Oriole.jpg'

    My favorite Oriole. Beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  8. An Upside-Down Bird

    An Upside-Down Bird

    White-breasted Nuthatch — This little bird lives across much of the United States. I usually see them in this upside-down position. This male (?) is carrying a food item to its young in a nest box nearby. I was a little too close to the box so he decided to pause on this tree limb and wait for...
  9. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Bullock's Oriole'

    Such a Beautiful Oriole. Thanks for posting.
  10. Quick Visit For A Snack

    Quick Visit For A Snack

    American Crow — ...have started a nest in a nearby tree. This one discovered the peanut/suet cakes nearby and paused in the top of this bush long enough for a few shutter clicks. Thank you for accommodating the camera, Mister Crow.
  11. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Gray Catbird 7888.jpg'

    Great picture of a great bird. And nice separation of foreground and background. Thanks for posting.
  12. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Bullock's Oriole'

    Great picture of this beautiful lady. Thanks for posting.
  13. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Bullock's Oriole (female)'

    Great picture of this beautiful lady. Thanks for posting.
  14. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'White-naped Honeyeater (juv)'

    A great picture of this interesting bird. Well done! Thanks for posting.
  15. Just flew in from Mexico

    Just flew in from Mexico

    Black-headed Grossbeak — Return migration from Mexico, March 26th. Today, the 27th, I see several of these males around the feeders. This one looks like his adult plumage is still coming in. This may be his first spring. The females should be here in a week or two.
  16. My Favorite Oriole

    My Favorite Oriole

    Bullock’s Oriole — Return migration from Mexico, March 27th. A visit by this Oriole is not as common as the Hooded Oriole but I think this is the prettier one with the black cap and the black line through the eye.
  17. Welcome Back Little Titmouse

    Welcome Back Little Titmouse

    Oak Titmouse — This little not-so-colorful bird lives in a limited range along the length of California from southern Oregon to northern Baja California. This is probably one of the same mated pair from previous seasons. This is the first sighting this year and I expect it and its mate will...
  18. Hooded Oriole

    Hooded Oriole

    The first return migration from Mexico. was a lone male March 3rd, then no sightings until March 13 when several males appeared and have stayed nearby since. I haven’t seen a female yet but expect to soon.
  19. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'American Goldfinch, Male'

    Great picture, and beautiful color theme. Thanks for posting.
  20. A Visiting Predator

    A Visiting Predator

    Sharp-shinned Hawk — This hawk visited outside my window today. In this shot it stretched its wings but didn’t launch.
  21. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Spotted Towhee'

    Very nice portrait. Well done. Thanks for posting.
  22. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Mountain Bluebird'

    Great image! This is the prettiest of the bluebirds. Thanks for posting!
  23. J

    Comment by 'Jamulbob' in media 'Eastern Screech Owlet'

    What a great picture. It's a joy to view. Thanks for the diligence at your neighbor's tree and the posting.
  24. Pretty Sparrow

    Pretty Sparrow

    White-crowned Sparrow — I think this is a female but there is that little black feather in her crown. It seems early in the year for this to be a juvenile. I didn’t find any information on the mixed colors in the crown. I welcome your comments.
  25. House Finch, A Lady

    House Finch, A Lady

    House Finch — “The ladies deserve attention too.”