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  1. Richard Henry

    where to find whio (blue duck)

    yes, i was the one who posted on the birdingnz yahoo list. there wasn't much traffic here, so i actually forgot to check back here. i got many great recs from the list. in any case, we had a fantastic trip. as always, too short... and we actually did get to see a whio family in the first...
  2. Richard Henry

    where to find whio (blue duck)

    Thanks for the reply! I'd stopped checking this thread, because it didn't seem to be frequented by people who'd spent much time in NZ. I'll check out the places you mentioned and see if we can get to them. I had heard about the Homer Tunnel rock wren location. We'll stop if the weather's...
  3. Richard Henry

    where to find whio (blue duck)

    My wife and I will be in New Zealand for a short 2-week trip this coming February. To keep from sprinting around the whole time we're only going to be on the South Island, probably from Christchurch south. I'll probably have several questions, but let's start with this... We're not going to...
  4. Richard Henry

    Looking for a conservation group...

    tnc i'll add another vote for The Nature Conservancy.
  5. Richard Henry

    Malta No Hunting this Spring and Spring Hunting Poll thread combined

    not good news from the time of malta website: Hunters suspend ultimatum [16/02/2007 - 00:08] The hunters’ federation has suspended its ultimatum to the government, expressing cautious optimism that conditions for spring hunting this year will remain unchanged. The Federation for Hunting and...
  6. Richard Henry

    What would You Do?

    I have great respect for The Nature Conservancy (www.nature.org) and the way they work.
  7. Richard Henry

    Where did the birds go? (SE Massachusetts)

    not many here either... have things improved for you? we are northwest of boston and experienced a similar sharp dropoff in the number of birds feeding this fall. i understand that the warm winter will cause them to need supplementary feeding less, but it seems to me that there are even...
  8. Richard Henry

    Amazon.com and sharks

    sharks and CITES I believe there are 4 sharks in CITES Appendix II: great white, basking, whale and white. Could this be used as a tool against companies that sell sharkfin soup? i.e. "Prove to me that your soup doesn't contain these sharks." Of course, I'm not sure who has the burden of...
  9. Richard Henry

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    I have been "avidly lurking" (someone else's phrase from a couple of days ago) for a few months. This is not the first time that I have been immensely impressed with fangsheath's posting and general demeanor. Consider this a well deserved and overdue "Well done!" from at least one lurker. You...
  10. Richard Henry

    Status of Hawaii's Endangered Birds ??

    I think you are right, and unfortunately, it seems that the environment the pigs like is also the environment that the forest birds like(d). The ideal thing would be to pick an island like Lanai that's been widely developed at one time or another and fill it with pigs and make it The Hunting...
  11. Richard Henry

    Status of Hawaii's Endangered Birds ??

    sorry, i wasn't clear. The specific reason is the pigs which you discussed in your post. I talked with NP rangers who lamented both the rampant destruction by the pigs and the political issues that prevented killing the pigs even w/in the nat'l park. In general, there are two types of...
  12. Richard Henry

    Status of Hawaii's Endangered Birds ??

    a few comments and questions... 1) I've only visited Hawai'i twice (1995 & 2004), so my data set is extremely limited, but I would agree with the assessment that Kokee seems to be on a downhill slide. As an example, in 1995, the visitor center area was home to a nene family, while in 2004 it...
  13. Richard Henry

    Kakapo on Ulva Island New Zealand

    sigh... If only I'd remembered to earmark $5K USD in this year's budget for spontaneous birding trips, we'd be there in a flash (a 20-hour flash, that is.) ;) I hope for the sake of the kakapo that this is not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, i.e. that the population grows enough that at...
  14. Richard Henry


    Hello birding world, In this age of identity theft and spamming, I thought about going completely incognito, even on the one net forum where my alter ego would easily be recognized as such. However, I decided to at least own up to the fact that my real name is Erik, and I live in the state...