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  1. Malsam

    4 days in Jakarta... Again. Any chance for green junglefowl near?

    thanks guys for sharing, I'm looking for a guide next month in Jakarta, will contact her for her availability.
  2. Malsam

    Birding near Oslo?

    I'm now in Norway, just reached Alesund. For the past few days, I have spent time in a few fjords. Are there any birds to look out in these areas? I have seen a lot of gulls though. And pica pica and hooded crows can be found mainland. Any locals tips will be great! Starting to love this icy and...
  3. Malsam

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Yes for sure, ATC just feel so much more like a tripod/monopod free scope :-) if I'm using it more like a scope and not to use it interchangeably with a bino, I will go for ATC as well. Did anyone who owns them use a phone adaptor for digiscoping? I'm trying to see if the magnetic ones works...
  4. Malsam

    Birding near Oslo?

    Thanks for the tip! Will put that on my notes :-)
  5. Malsam

    Birding near Oslo?

    Thanks Katastrofa! This is going to my itinerary now at Maridalen. Is there an observatory post in this area? Google map points me to the middle of the forest :-)
  6. Malsam

    FOV for BTX with 115mm objective

    Raptor watching is definitely my thing :)
  7. Malsam

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    just did a check, 12x42 NL pure exit pupil is at 3.5mm, STC at 17x is 3.4mm and 40x is 1.4mm....I might be at a higher magnification without knowing it since I'm doing a random test swapping between the two. I may have put on a higher magnification without knowing it. Let me do a confirmation...
  8. Malsam

    Birding near Oslo?

    hello all, rekindling this thread. Have the same intent as the OP, but a year later. Plan to go for a Scandinavian tour with the kids. Would love to cover some nature and birding with the family especially areas near the capital cities which driving can reached. I've checked out Katastrofa's...
  9. Malsam

    Swarovski ATC: which lightweight tripod?

    I use a marsace xt-26s with an extension rod MTY-45 for STC. Initially bought for the ATC but decided to get STC instead hence add an extension to have it taller. Easy to setup and weighs almost nothing. Very good mobility set with the compact nature of the STC. Head wise I’m using the included...
  10. Malsam

    FOV for BTX with 115mm objective

    This is something that i wanted but have not found a use in my country yet. We don’t really have vast areas of land that have flocks of birds to observe at a distance. Can you share how you are using it with a 115 and a BTX? I can only think of using it for star gazing but that might be too...
  11. Malsam

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    I finally decided and gotten the STC after waiting for more than 3 months with the local distributor sold out immediately when it first arrived. Had it like 2-3 weeks now and have been trying to get used to this new tool so I thought to share my experience using it. First of first, justifying...
  12. Malsam

    Sony Alpha One

    I switched a system because of this body...but I guess the rest are just as worthy in their field. Go borrow and try 1...if you can appreciate it and enjoyed the features, you can justify the price tag already :-)
  13. Malsam

    What am I doing wrong ? RX10IV sharpness

    to OP...I'm using the camera since first day its launched and yes I'm not sure why sometime its very sharp while sometime it isn't. Until today its still a mystery to me. I tried resetting the camera, it will be fine for a few trips then it will become a bit blur again. I don't play with a lot...
  14. Malsam

    Compact tripod help

    I just google the model that you have mentioned, not too sure is that consider a sturdy model? Frankly some camp of photogs are saying the in-body stabilization or the lens OSS is good enough that you can do without 1. For me, I'll get the best tripod or monopod that I can afford, probably save...
  15. Malsam

    Is a 50mm NL likely?

    I own a 12x42 NL and costs around the same (higher) compared to 12x50 EL and for the longest time I can't bringing myself to purchase the latter. When I tested the NL, took me like 10 seconds to decide to place an order. If there is a 12x50 NL and the price is way higher, I'll probably still end...
  16. Malsam

    NL pure phone adaptor

    I have never been able to visualise how does phone adaptor works on the bino since bino is about quick, impromptu viewing and of course we all know how fast birds are. I usually carry a bridge camera with me but i do realise this usually result in losing the birds position hence I’m thinking of...
  17. Malsam

    Hello from Italy

    Hi old man Carlo’S :-) and welcome by old man Malsam too! Please share your sightings would love to know more about the common birds in your city or neighbourhood!
  18. Malsam

    Hello from China

    Welcome! Please share sightings of your city would love to know more about them! Might be common for u but rare in other parts of the world so do keep it coming!
  19. Malsam

    12x42 NL instead of 10x42 NL for birding ?

    I was also thinking of going for a 10x as my primary bins but after trying out an NL Pure and the very logical FRP attachment, I tried a 12x and decide to place an order last year. I just got it last weekend and it’s been working pretty well for me. I would say the FRP is not a game changer but...
  20. Malsam

    I bought EL 12x50 for $2149.95 New!

    Like what others mentioned, I manage to try out a NL 10x42 last week at a shop, its dazzling clear and it feels like my kid will like it better than me. Its wickedly appealing! The EL 12x is already very clear and I have been looking for a 12x for my raptor watch beginning in November. I will be...
  21. Malsam

    Swarovski Scope ATX vs STX - which do u use it for

    Does anyone have any experience in using either? I understand Photographers prefer the STX but ATX allows easier viewing? Please share your experience. Thanks!
  22. Malsam

    Birding backpack - Vanguard endeavor

    anyone uses 1 the birding backpack from Vanguard? How does it fit a scope with bino, camera etc. Most importantly the ergonomic of carrying it. Thanks! https://youtu.be/brzd6z3YZk8 https://youtu.be/op2SY99-lHo
  23. Malsam


    Hello and welcome! Please share your experience/opinion! Love to hear from u soon!
  24. Malsam

    Ultravid HD+ 12x50

    Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and to confirm my thoughts of owning different lines and experiencing it differently! Really appreciate the insights! :-)
  25. Malsam

    The 3 big brands using experience

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights! This is invaluable info to newbies like myself. I came from photography world and Leica is the only name I have heard besides some occasional Zeiss brand mentions and Swarovski is jewellery in my country :-). I decided on the swarovski for a few...