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  1. keith

    Keep your cat inside during spring

    When I was a young lad, it was a common sight to see packs of dogs roaming the streets, people used to put them out when they went to work. Then the mindset changed, it was discouraged, these days it's unusual to see a dog running loose, probably escaped, hopefully, the cat problem will go the...
  2. keith

    UK roadkill stats

    I live near RSPB Saltholme, Teesside, the reserve is surrounded by roads where people drive so fast with no concern or thought about wildlife, an Otter family got wiped out in no time a few years ago, dare I suggest speed limits could be applied near nature reserves?, then again, who is there to...
  3. keith

    Moral Dillema...

    As a former cat owner, I agree with the above, my 2 rescue cats lived a safe and long life without leaving the house, why should they be outside where they can kill or be killed?.
  4. keith

    Glue Trap Hunting method upheld in French court

    I totally agree with that statement, I would also add most of the Mediterranean countries, although some are better than others.
  5. keith

    Would you count a bird on a camera trap as genuine tick?

    There should be a ' like ' button for that response.
  6. keith

    Pipit... have I got the wrong one?

    Thank you, photos are never as good as seeing birds in the flesh, I sometimes struggle with that.
  7. keith

    Pipit... have I got the wrong one?

    I'd be interested how you can be so positive about that from the photos, the bill looks quite strong, white belly with fine flank stripes, and you can't see the hind claw, I'm not being contentious, I would just like to know what makes it so obvious to you, I'm always willing to learn, thank you.
  8. keith

    Goose - Svalbard

    See if it turns up at Caelaverock next winter, I photographed a mostly white barnacle at Longyearbyen 2 years ago and it turned up in winter, easily identified by the markings.
  9. keith

    Second discontinued prosecution for alleged raptor persecution offences (RSPB)

    Worth supporting the RSPB for if nothing else, I know the results are disappointing, but they don't give up, we need something to hang on to.
  10. keith

    Wildlife protection laws under threat in the UK

    The Wildlife Protection Laws don't seem to be doing much to protect the birds trying to pass through Malta.
  11. keith

    Killing farmer fined

    Was he capable of the thought process?.
  12. keith

    Northern Wheatear confirmation

    Northern Wheatear for me, first reaction by its jizz.
  13. keith

    The Supervet - Buzzards- Wed 23/11/2016 20.00-21.00pm

    I agree with Kathy, credit where it's due, both people are doing great work.
  14. keith

    Rare farmland bird reaches major milestone (RSPB)

    Well done to the RSPB and the Devon and Cornwall Farmers, good news is always welcome.
  15. keith

    Fireworks and birds and other wildlife

    A lot of gun dogs fail because they can't get used to the bangs.
  16. keith

    Fireworks and birds and other wildlife

    I would suggest that you've never owned a nervous dog, fireworks are horrendous to mine. I would imagine a lot of our wildlife suffers badly as well.
  17. keith

    Unlikely birds seen on telephone wires ...

    Wryneck on telephone wire from my front window, spotted by my wife while having a coffee.
  18. keith

    feeding sanderling

    Very nice, wish I could do that.
  19. keith

    Talk about pure Awesome!

    Spectacular shot.
  20. keith

    Licencensed "control" of Buzzards

    I also received that response, this government doesn't give a damn about our wildlife, as they've proven time and time again, it makes you wonder why we keep signing these petitions when they just seem to ignore them.
  21. keith

    Broad-billed Sandpiper

    I think it's a superb photo, an absolute joy to look at.
  22. keith

    Coalition of the ignorant

    The best quote I've seen on this, or any forum,
  23. keith

    Greenland Shark

    Thanks fugi, that certainly was interesting.