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  1. MrBruce

    Rare and Scarce Birds in Staffordshire

    Our first impression was "is that a ring-billed gull? haven't there been hybrids about? maybe it looks dark". Very educational bird what ever it is.
  2. MrBruce

    Young Birder

    It would be interesting to see how many Young Birders are on this thread/check this thread. Must be loads of us out there, yet only a few posts since march 2013?
  3. MrBruce

    SW Turkey - Raptor

    I think it is a sparrowhawk.
  4. MrBruce

    Swifts gone, Winters on its way again.

    Mine left 2 days ago :(
  5. MrBruce

    Hello, from Rugby, England

    Hi dnic and welcome!! I would Highly recommend Barr and Stroud Series 4 8x42 Binoculars. I got mine off amazon for £105, but they usually retail for around £150. Very impressed with the optical quality for the price!! I am from Rugby, where abouts do you like to go birding? Matt
  6. MrBruce

    Brent Goose North Wales, UK

    Cheers guys, Dark Bellied is not the usual race seen around here!! Also, should this bird not be further north by now??
  7. MrBruce

    Brent Goose North Wales, UK

    Is this a Light Bellied Brent Goose? Taken today in Bangor harbour:
  8. MrBruce

    What and Why in Wales

    Where is Llanelli in relation to Bangor as 56 siskin were ringed in my garden this winter, would be great if you could read the number!!
  9. MrBruce

    House sparrows in my bluebird box

    Luckily? Do they normally kill other species when competing for nest sites?
  10. MrBruce

    Feather ID please, suburban UK

    One man and his dog, you are clearly the big cheese around here, please enlighten us as to what gives you the right to be such a nincompoop. if you say it could be a goshawk, I'll say sparrowhawk, the odds are in my favour after your recent form!
  11. MrBruce

    Garden (Yard) List 2012

    Only just found this thread..... 1. Blue tit 2. Great tit 3. Coal tit 4. Dunnock 5. Robin 6. Long tailed tit 7. Blackbird 8. Song thrush 9. House sparrow 10. Chaffinch 11. Brambling 12. Goldfinch 13. Greenfinch 14. Siskin 15. Bullfinch 16. Blackcap 17. Nuthatch 18. Goldcrest 19. Wren 20...
  12. MrBruce

    Extracting - help!

    reading all this is making me terrified of my first mist net experience later this evening!!
  13. MrBruce

    how many BOPs have you seen

    1. Whited Tailed Eagle 2. Golden Eagle 3. Booted Eagle 4. Spanish Imperial Eagle 5. Bonellis Eagle 6. Osprey 7. Lammergeier 8. Griffon Vulture 9. Black Vulture 10. Egyptian Vulture 11. Hobby 12. Peregrine 13. Red Footed Falcan 14. Merlin 15. Kestrel 16. Lesser Kestrel 17. Sparrowhawk 18. Goshawk...
  14. MrBruce

    Rare and Scarce Birds in Warwickshire

    RBA website reported a black redstart in warwickshire yesterday? any details on this?
  15. MrBruce

    Be gentle with me.

    love the butterfly, the wing looks as if it is coming out of the paper!!
  16. MrBruce

    July moths 2011

    Oooo now thats what I am looking for!! Thank you very much. I did attempt a build last year, but with little time, it wasnt very effective!!
  17. MrBruce

    My first Serotine!!

    Just been for a walk to determine a route for a bat survey. Saw and heard my first serotine bats :) as well as common pipistrelle. went just before dusk so I could see the path a bit better. When I do the survey I will start 20 minutes after sunset and I hope to record 4 species (soprano pip...
  18. MrBruce

    July moths 2011

    My first ever leopard moth, in my garden. Are there any small budget traps out there? they seem pretty pricey :(
  19. MrBruce

    Warwickshire unknown moth.

    thanks for the quick reply :)
  20. MrBruce

    Warwickshire unknown moth.

    http://i685.photobucket.com/albums/vv212/Moleysphotos/002-1.jpg seen in my garden, at deaths door i think. and how do i get photos to show in a post :(
  21. MrBruce

    Chris's 2011 Mammal List

    Love this thread, makes wonder why I don't look for mammals more often when out birding. you have Japanese Weasel twice on your list though I think.......
  22. MrBruce

    The Natural History of Warwickshire: Fauna & Flora

    Last summer I spent many days searching sites in the rugby area and found 1 grass snake just north of the leicester road. Saw plenty of common toads and frogs, but nothing else of amphibian or reptillian nature.
  23. MrBruce

    Butterfly ID. Anglesey.

    Don't know much about butterflies yet, but a quick google search leads me to think it is indeed a fritillary.