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  1. Ross Ahmed

    Tree ID, NE England

    Any ideas?
  2. Ross Ahmed

    Plant ID help please (NE England 06/08/23)

    1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6. broom? 7. chickweed? 8. common henbit? 9. common knotgrass? 10. mallow? 11. plantain? 12. shepherd's purse? 13. willowherb sp?
  3. Ross Ahmed

    Plants to identify please

    All taken NE England in November. 1. Smooth sow-thistle? 2. Common Field Speedwell? 3. Common Whitlowgrass? 4. Dove's-foot Crane's-bill? 5. Groundsel? 6. Petty spurge? 7. Prickly sow-thistle? 8. Rosebay willowherb? 9. Sun spurge?
  4. Ross Ahmed

    Plants to identify please

    All photos taken November this year in NE England. 1. ? 2. Common Burdock? 3. Bilbao Fleabane? 4. Bilbao Fleabane? 5. Silver Birch? 6. Sticky groundsel?
  5. Ross Ahmed

    plants to identify please

    1. Large flowered Early Primrose ? 2. Bulbous buttercup ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6. ? 7. Sea plantain ?
  6. Ross Ahmed

    Plants to ID please

    All photos taken NE England this month 1. Cotoneaster? 2. ? 3. Blackthorn? 4. Ground elder? 5. Weigela? 6. ? 7. Wood avens?
  7. Ross Ahmed

    4 plants and grasses to identify please

    All taken NE England this month. 1. Fragrant orchid? 2. Common bent? 3. Rosebay willowherb or water smartweed? 4. Deergrass?
  8. Ross Ahmed

    Are my plant IDs correct?

    1. bird's-foot trefoil? 2. False mayweed or German Chamomile? 3. Hemlock? 4. Catnip?
  9. Ross Ahmed

    Plant and a tree to identify please

    Both taken NE England July 2022. Tree - thought it was Goat Willow, but I'm not sure now. Plant - Bird's-foot Trefoil?
  10. Ross Ahmed

    What species of five-spot burnet?

    Sorry hopefully shown now
  11. Ross Ahmed

    What species of five-spot burnet?

    Is the attached Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet or Five-spot Burnet?
  12. Ross Ahmed

    4 plants to ID please

    All taken NE England this month.
  13. Ross Ahmed

    The British List: A Checklist of Birds of Britain (9th edition)

    We should all take (presumed) Fea’s Petrel off our British lists then, for now anyway.
  14. Ross Ahmed

    The British List: A Checklist of Birds of Britain (9th edition)

    Why has Fea’s Petrel disappeared? Because Desertas has been split and Scilly et al records don’t rule out Desertas?
  15. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    Thanks Xenospiza. Could you provide more details of these please (map and what stuff they’ve recorded)?
  16. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    That definitely has potential, but the habitat is a bit ‘artificial’ and there’s generally farmerkers etc wandering about.
  17. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    I think this is a key variable. My guess is good habitat 2km from coast, that has lots of food and lots of common birds, could be just as good as a few stunted sycamores right on the coast.
  18. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    Thanks for veering the thread back towards the original question. The large area of woodland in attached lies 2km from the coast at its closest point. Is this too far from the coast to get the same stuff as a site right on the coast?
  19. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    Have you considered that expectation bias might be operating? You don’t expect to see these species inland, so you’re not looking for them and as a result you stand a lower chance of seeing them. Attached is a map of all sightings of Yellow-browed Warbler 22 Sep-22 Nov 2017. Again, little...
  20. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    That all sounds reasonable Michael, but is this just what you think probably happens? Or do you have evidence to back this up? A flick through my notebook this provides little evidence for a concentration of birds at the coast. For example, this was my tally on one of the best day’s of the...
  21. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    Hmm not sure I fully agree…for example if you watch thrushes coming in, many of them don’t land ‘right on the coast’ but instead continue inland until out of view. Variables such as available habitat and weather probably influence whether birds land ‘right on the coast’.
  22. Ross Ahmed

    When is a site 'coastal'?

    I'm looking for a coastal ringing site in NE England, in the hope of ringing some interesting passerine migrants and the odd rare (such as Dusky Warbler, Bluetail, Red-breasted Fly, Little Bunting etc). To stand the best chance of ringing these species, most would probably agree that I need to...
  23. Ross Ahmed

    possible Parrot Crossbill Northumberland, UK January 2017

    Been looking at a fair few Crossbill sonagrams recently and all have looked like Common. However, the sonagram of this one is more Parrot-like. Could this be a Parrot Crossbill? The sound file and sonagram are attached.
  24. Ross Ahmed

    Dartford Warbler in New Forest in February

    I may get a chance to do some birding in the New Forest at the end of February. How easy are Dartford Warblers to find at this time of year in the New Forest? Will they be singing?
  25. Ross Ahmed

    What Crossbill species and types

    Sound recording.