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    Any "compact scopes" that you like?

    Hi Chill 6x6, I've used ED50 for years, and also Meopta S282HD. Recently I got this 2nd hand Kowa 613 with 30x ep, I find it makes a better 'travelscope' on a lightweight tripod. I hardly ever use the ED50 or Meopta now.
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    19 years a member, trying to get in!

    Hiya Bill!!! Where've you been?
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    What binoculars are as good as Nikon Superior E?

    Oberwerk SE 8x32. Heavier though. But waterproof.
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    8x25 IS vs. 8x20 IS

    I've had both, kept the 8x20. For ease of use, less 'jumpy' IS, size. I liked the optics on the 8x25 though. Both are fairly plasticky, the 8x20 less so.
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    Good man, Lee! Keep up the good work! (P.S. to add to middle river's account, things haven't changed in some respects.....Andy is still outraged about something;))
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    Feathers I.D.

    Thanks Jurek!!!
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    Feathers I.D.

    I know this is a long shot, but I was told these feathers are from Peru. Any ideas?
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    Product Review: Oberwerk SE 8 x 32 ED.

    Hi just reporting back on the Oberwerk SE 8x32, after four months of use. You know how it is, you never "really" know until you've used binos in the field in various conditions. I have to say these have become my favourite "all-rounder, grab n'go" binoculars, and my closet contains original SEs...
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    White Tailed Eagles Poisoned in Northern Ireland

    News out that two WTE, one of which was introduced into Ireland (south), Country Kerry in 2007, have been found poisoned in County Antrim (Northern Ireland). Apparently an insecticide banned for outdoor use was used, so it seems intentional.
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    Get well card for Lee (Troubador)

    Best wishes to you and partner, Lee. Feet up, chill out, and we'll hear from you soon! And thanks to Jerry for letting us know!
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    New Old Member

    Lots of reviews and even more opinions on the site, so I'll throw in another...if I were thinking of a 10x for shorebirds in Pacific NW (conditions being similar, I'm told, to EU NW), I'd go for Canon IS 10x42 (Image Stabilised - best views!)
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    I wonder if there is some kind of population drift, Andy? Is it possible that your cuckoos are drifting North and West, and ending up here? I read an interesting article today someplace about tracking migrations that mentioned a drift.
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    The reverse porro, good alternative?

    I had a Vortex Vanquish 8x26 years ago. Foolishly sold it. Very good reverse porro. Ditto the Opticron Taiga 8x25.
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    I've never heard as many cuckoos calling as this year. And in places I haven't heard them before. Is this because a) there are more cuckoos, or b) the normal number of cuckoos are calling more? (I've discounted the possibility that it is one highly mobile cuckoo).
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    Political comments on the Binoculars and Spotting Scopes forum

    It's strange how binocular discussions can end up in the trenches, but spotting scope conversations adjourn to the club smoking room.
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    16x and steady views. Sig Zulu6 16x42

    i looked them up and the SS site said 'Discontinued'!
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    Scopes, It’s all so confusing…..

    Meopta Meostar S2HD82. Might go under a different name in US, possibly 'Cabela'?
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    Kowa TS613 Primary ED

    Will do, Steve. It came with a carry-bag, seems like a great fair-weather companion, outperforms my beloved ED50 without adding much weight. Now I need a lightweight tripod for cycling, like Slik Videosprint or whatever.
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    Kowa TS613 Primary ED

    Thanks for all the advice on this thread, my friends. I bought a secondhand 30x wide eyepiece, and on the 613 it makes a cracking, lightweight scope for walks and cycles.
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    Request for mushroom ID

    Possibly, Rafael, thank you. Curiously they were all disc shaped, with the curious "cone" right in the centre.
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    Request for mushroom ID

    I don't think this is native to Ireland. It grew in the potted soil of an indoor plant at home. There were about six of them. Not sure where the soil came from, I bought it at a garden centre, or maybe Lidl. There's nothing like it in my Fungi books. Any ideas?
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    What binocular provides your current favourite view?

    I thought you'd never ask.
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    What binocular provides your current favourite view?

    Exactly what Arthur said. Although I mostly use my Canon IS, and I love my Nikon SE 10x42, I find my Zeiss Victory TFL 8x32 give the most relaxed, 'easy' view in the stable. (And they're the Simon King special edition! Surely that adds cachet?😆)