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  1. ptickner

    Anyone in San Diego?

    Thanks to everyone for your replies. I'm still poring over eBird reports and rare bird alerts, but I think I've got my itinerary mostly worked out. It's going to be a lot of miles and birding crammed into a short time frame! It looks like I may hit most of my birds, with the possible...
  2. ptickner

    Anyone in San Diego?

    I will be in San Diego in 2 weeks (2/24-26) and am looking for some local advice. I have a fairly short list of target birds and would like some local advice to maximize my birding time. In general, I am thinking of the Tijuana River, but maybe a run out to Jacumba if needed. Some of the...
  3. ptickner

    Vortex Razor HD vs top line competitors

    I've been very pleased with my Razor HD scope (85mm). As has been pointed out, it is a little heavy for long hauls, but I generally don't mind it since I think it helps cut down a little on vibration or shaking. I have found it to be very durable. It's done multiple Central America and Alaska...
  4. ptickner

    My daughter's optics

    My 3-year-old's binoculars are identical in their optical quality! Someone gave us a very cheap plastic pair designed for kids, but of course the plastic optics were terrible. I took them apart, removed the "lenses", and put them back together. They work great for him now and he loves them...
  5. ptickner

    ABA Big Year 2016

    Thank you for pointing this out! I've been struggling reading the mobile version, and the web version is much easier.
  6. ptickner

    Sri Lanka November/December 2015

    Fantastic trip report! I'm only halfway through, but am enjoying it immensely. It definitely puts Sri Lanka on my radar for future trips.
  7. ptickner

    Brazil - the Pantanal and a bit of Atlantic rain forest

    Again, thanks for the report. I've really enjoyed reading it and looking at your beautiful photographs. It definitely bumps the Pantanal up higher on my to-do list!
  8. ptickner

    Birding targets for 2016

    I'm guessing you're not in WY anymore?;) My goals are to pick up some of the more local birds that I don't have. I've lived in CO for almost 25 years and still don't have all of the chickens.
  9. ptickner

    ABA Big Year 2016

    This might be an interesting one to watch. Olaf definitely looks to be an interesting character, especially considering he seems to be known as "the nude birder", and in 2013 he saw 594 species while birding naked.
  10. ptickner

    Brazil - the Pantanal and a bit of Atlantic rain forest

    Fantastic. Brazil and the Pantanal have been on my "to-do" list for quite some time, and your report certainly makes me want to go there even more. Lovely photography as well!
  11. ptickner

    Calendar Birds

    Being a long-time Audubon supporter, I was quite appalled to see this. I emailed their licensing and marketing department, and received a fairly quick reply. They said that all entries were reviewed by one of their "bird experts", but they were forwarding these entries to him and would keep me...
  12. ptickner

    Planning a South Texas trip

    I can't make too many comments on your itinerary, except to say it sounds great. I've only done some whirlwind birding there and have never had the chance to devote a full week. The comment that I want to make is that I'm impressed with your ABA list, considering you've never been to South...
  13. ptickner

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2016 edition)

    I can add Sandhill Crane to the US list. We have a local population that winters over here in Colorado. They're fun to see when the snow covers the fields.
  14. ptickner

    Carara by my own

    I'm glad you hooked up with Patrick. He guided my parenst and me a couple of years ago at Carara and we had a great day (although not quite as good as yours - 134 sp is great!). Like you, I would also recommend him as a guide. We also had him guide us for a day out of San Jose that was quite...
  15. ptickner

    Monteverde in December

    Rafael! He's fantastic, and a great birding guide as well! We really enjoyed his guiding a couple of years ago. His ability to mimic the birds was incredible. When I wrote up my trip report I recommended him highly, and I hope that others heading to CR will heed both your and my advice and...
  16. ptickner

    Bird In Northern Texas Panhandle, ID request

    Welcome to BirdForum. I'm inclined to say your bird is a Northern Flicker. They meet all of your criteria, especially the white patch while in flight. This bird can either be red-shafted (primarily western) or yellow-shafted (eastern), and you can have either in TX. Your description sounds...
  17. ptickner

    Closeout spotter for $39.99!

    I wouldn't pay the $400+ for the 25-75x100 either, but if they show up in a killer deal like it's little brother did, I'd sure consider one!
  18. ptickner

    Closeout spotter for $39.99!

    I finally got the scope out today, and I have to say that I'm quite pleased, especially considering what I paid. I mounted it on my beast of a tripod (my Bogen 3036 with a 3039 head) so it would hold nice and steady. At low magnification, the clarity was excellent, and remained so past 30x...
  19. ptickner

    Hummer, Mindo, Ecuador, August

    For my own curiosity, please take a look at this photo ID'd as a female Booted for me. The bill looks to show some curve, and there isn't much white on the throat. I still lean towards Andean Emerald for Niels, but I threw the Booted out there since it definitely isn't an easy 100% ID...
  20. ptickner

    Hummer, Mindo, Ecuador, August

    My initial thought was Andean Emerald as well, but I also agree with the others who have posted that the colors seem a little off. My other thought is female Booted Racket-tail, which also has a white postocular spot and green spotting on its sides. Your pic looks quite similar to one in...
  21. ptickner

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all, and I want to say thank you for those who contribute regularly to this forum. I don't post in the optics sections very frequently, but I'm a regular reader and value the opinions and knowledge that I find here.
  22. ptickner

    Birder's Diary Taxonomic Updates?

    I appreciate the input from everyone. Bird Journal definitely looks nice, but I was hoping to avoid an annual fee. I'm leaning more towards Scythebill as I use it a little more.
  23. ptickner

    Closeout spotter for $39.99!

    I got mine today, but it is 30° f and a mix of rain and snow, so it may be a little while before I get to test it. At first glance it looks quite well put together for $40.
  24. ptickner

    Columbia National Avery - Passerine with black head, white eye and belly

    The Black-chested is in my Hilty and Brown guidebook, and are described as common in dry to humid forests in N Colombia.