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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    These prisms have now been cleaned and the scope reassembled. It was very difficult to get rid of all the dust specks on reassembly. I was wondering if it's worth getting it nitrogen filled again or to just leave it as is? Also I'm thinking of getting the Baader MkIV zoom. At present I use...
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    Opinion on CN

    Apart from the Nikon Monarch 82mm?
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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    Would silicone grease be better than lithium for the focusing thread?
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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    Joachim, I am indebted to you. The prisms have indeed cleaned up albeit with a lot of elbow grease. I am so grateful. I took pictures of them before cleaning but there's no need to post them now. Many thanks to Henry and Binastro too for their advice. I think the araldite may have caused the...
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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    I've heard back from the Kowa repairers and they have heard back from Kowa Germany who say the parts from the Kowa 82sv don't fit the 824. Kingsview said they don't really do the repair I want. A BF member may be able to help me though so that sounds promising. An ebay search has proved...
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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    Thanks, that's interesting. I'm waiting to hear back from the official UK Kowa repairer. I think you hit the nail on the head there. I think I used Araldite epoxy internally and re-sealed the scope up prematurely on the original break. I'm pretty sure the prisms were ok prior to the first...
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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    Thanks for that Henry. Before the second break the prisms seemed misty. Maybe because the nitrogen escaped. The top one nearest the eyepiece was "cleaned", I thought carefully after the second break but it seems to have made things worse. The prism nearest the objective, the focusing one seems...
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    Kowa 82 series prisms query

    Following another scope mishap the prism housing on my old 824 has cracked and now been re-glued/epoxied. Whilst cleaning the prisms I noticed the coating has been impaired and they now need to be replaced. Does anyone know if the two porro prisms in the angled bodied 821/823 are identical to...
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    Which Opticron binoculars focus clockwise to infinity?

    The bga eds don't. Just checked another birder's pair.
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    Product Review: GPO Passion ED 8 x 42.

    Quite a few offline now. Eg 8x20 Ultravid. Maybe they're in his book and it's a prod to buy it? Still available through the Way back machine.
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    Brief review of Shuntu Panorama ED 10x42

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    Which Opticron binoculars focus clockwise to infinity?

    I think at least the Traveller 8/10 x32 would as it's based on the Nikon M7 which focuses clockwise to infinity. I think the bga eds might too.
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    ES80 GA vs ES80 GA ED v3

    Hi Paul, there might be a bit of an improvement as coatings are gradually improved - however sample variation would be a bigger factor. Your best bet would be to use your current scope to compare with any newer used one, though ideally you need to borrow a zoom set to high power to compare the...
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    how to open the oculair of a trinovid 8x20 BC

    This might help.
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    Current RSPB 8x42 HD binoculars?

    Some links to my previous comments Product Review: Hawke Frontier ED X 8 x 42. | Neil English.net
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    Current RSPB 8x42 HD binoculars?

    Hi Q I don't use RSPB binoculars but I've tried them all out over time and IMO your wife has hit on the best one in the current range. For £80 less the newer Harrier X may match it optically but I feel the mechanics are better on the HD. The HD focusses clockwise to infinity as do all the so...
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    New Pentax PF-85EDA

    New scope announced from Ricoh, as usual taking astro eyepieces. https://us.ricoh-imaging.com/product/pf-85eda-spotting-scope/
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    Broke college student looking for binocular recommendations ( less than £100) UK

    Going new, this Nikon with a 10 year warranty, wide field and focusing clockwise to infinity is worth a look. I've had a look through and the optics are decent, my sample had a smooth focuser and good close focus. Available at £99 from Jessops and maybe else where...
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    Rubber eyecups for Nikon HG/LX 8X32

    Hi Andy, I've now heard back from Nikon spares. I was quoted a net price of £32.92 for 2 eyecups and £5.90 freight (for eyecups and rainguard). The rainguard or eyepiece cap as Nikon prefer was £14.81. Tax/VAT was 20% of total order. I didn't get an answer if they ship to the USA but maybe...
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    UK binocular deals, special offers and bargains

    LCE have a sale on currently. Some bargains to be had. eg Zeiss 8x32 Conquest £400 and Swarovski STM 80HD 25-50x £1000. Used Swarovski 80 STM HD 25-50X | London Camera Exchange -Taunton
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    Rubber eyecups for Nikon HG/LX 8X32

    I phoned Nikon UK and was told to email [email protected] requesting price and availability of the rainguard and include if possible a picture of the item and matching binocular. I didn't ask about eyecups as all requests go to the email address. Things have changed since I last contacted...
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    Rubber eyecups for Nikon HG/LX 8X32

    Hi Andy, I got some new ones a few years back from Nikon UK. I need a new rainguard so I could ask them if you like. The eyecups were of the Matt/fluff attracting type similar to the HGL rubber, but work fine.
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    Unusual Noctivid eyecup action

    Forgive me if this has already been noted/discussed. I've noted some people find the eyecups don't extend far enough to avoid "kidney beans", and I seemed to recollect something strange about the Noctivid eyecups. I was able to try them out again and ascertain what is happening. The eyecups...
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    Looking for Travel Scope but Cheaper End of Market

    Hi John, if you're able to I would have a look/consider the new Viking Swallow 50 kit scope. I've looked through it and it seems a very good performer for the money, ( £159.95).
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    Life after the ED82…

    If you have a good ED82A and are happy with the narrowish zoom the only reason for change would be to upgrade to a bigger objective eg 95/88 for brighter views and potentially greater resolution.