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  1. MSA

    Second time around!

    I'm gonna need a bigger inbox ;)
  2. MSA

    Second time around!

    Thought I'd give this site another whirl - I used to be here quite a bit but my last post was over 3 years ago, and were very sporadic for several years leading up to then. The past few years have been quite eventful, including a move from the South Coast to Kilnsea (Spurn), and a heart attack...
  3. MSA

    Sea Eagle in Oxfordshire.

    Ah yes John, that was a Brill bird ;)
  4. MSA

    Should I Keep Birds From Bathing Below Freezing

    Surely the reason for bird deaths is poor hygiene - it's not the feeding/water that's being provided that causes the problem.
  5. MSA

    Spring destination?

    Went to Poland for a short break - 11 years ago, how time flies! - and it was indeed pretty awesome! Saw a few White-backed Woodpeckers (eg at Zebra Zubra) and the Great Snipe near Narew Bridge were well-known, no idea if they are still there though. Missed Grey-headed Woodpecker, possibly the...
  6. MSA

    A few more shearwaters, South Atlantic, November 2018

    Pic 2 is surely an Atlantic Petrel.
  7. MSA

    Seeing more moths...

    It's quite an interesting problem - I imagine you can't just swing up somewhere in a target moth's range, pop out the trap and bingo - you'd need to be quite specific in locating the trap (as a few hundred yards could make all the difference) and it would need to be at a location where trapping...
  8. MSA

    Tree Sparrow calls? W Yorks moors, Sep

    Sounds more like House Sparrow to me, certainly no "stand out" Tree Sparrow noises in the mix imho.
  9. MSA

    Ethiopia Feb 2020 independent budget

    A Feb trip sounds very appealing, and I'd certainly be interested....
  10. MSA

    Olrog's Gull in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

    I had no idea Josh - guess that explains why I only saw one or two, thought I just wasn't looking hard enough! The cruise left in the early evening, so I assumed the birds roosted out on the breakwaters.
  11. MSA

    Olrog's Gull in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

    Don't know if this will be of use, but on a cruise in Feb 2014 there were a few Olrog's Gulls on the breakwater at Buenos Aires main harbour, seen from the ship as it sailed off in the early evening.
  12. MSA

    Eagle silhouettes - Bulgaria Black Sea

    Why isn't the first pic Steppe Eagle, Tom? I'm pretty rusty on these eagles, so I'm just asking not contradicting your ID.
  13. MSA

    Stick Insects, Isles of Scilly

    I believe Smooth are around Parting Carn, near the post box in the wall.
  14. MSA

    Micro ID help please

    1 looks like Eudonia mercurella.
  15. MSA

    Visiting Dorset with my RSPB Group on our Annual birdwatching holiday in 2018

    It would also be handy to know whereabouts you will be based, as you're looking at perhaps 2 hours driving between the furthest-flung sites. Also, does your itinerary have to be fixed, or will it be flexible on the day?
  16. MSA

    Striped Ground Squirrel in Morocco

    Thanks for the ID Mike et al - I just had it down as Ground Squirrel - and the Fat Sand Rat clears up another ID question I had!
  17. MSA

    A global Big Year while working full-time (?)

    129 days is 5 x 5 weekdays holiday, plus 104 weekend days.
  18. MSA

    Striped Ground Squirrel in Morocco

    Is this one, or are there other species? It was at Oued Massa in Feb 2011.
  19. MSA

    Dorset birding

    A Peregrine being shoo-ed off its pylon perch by a Raven was the best on patch this morning. No Crossbill today, Parrot or otherwise, but keeping 'em peeled.... Really must post here more often - not really looked at BirdForum for a while now, mostly tweeting, but BF is more "permanent" and a...
  20. MSA

    Birdquest Tour Leader Evaluations

    I've been on a few organised tours, and have never had a problem with a leader. In my experience it's more likely that another participant will be a problem, but even this hasn't proven to be unmanageable (up to now anyway!). I can understand why you are asking, but a negative review may say...
  21. MSA

    Pied-Billed Grebe or Ring-Necked Duck?

    Could I throw Blue-winged Teal in as a possibility?
  22. MSA

    UK Moth ID

    It's a Large Ranunculus - http://www.hantsmoths.org.uk/species/2252.php Useful to post where and when, which can help with ID, as well as being interesting!
  23. MSA

    Green-winged Teal?

    I didn't want to mention the "h" word, but I too had my suspicions; an interesting bird (to my eyes) anyway.
  24. MSA

    Green-winged Teal?

    I tweeted this but got no response, so maybe I'm as stupid as many think, but the pic below was from a post on the Blashford Lakes blog about a trip to Keyhaven https://blashfordlakes.wordpress.com/ and I'm wondering if it's a poorly-marked GW Teal, or just a variation on Eurasian that I've...
  25. MSA

    Zambia, Sept, unknown

    African Cuckoo-hawk looks best fit for the raptor I believe.