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  1. eddieh

    Motorcycling and birding

    I'm hoping that I'm posting this in the most appropriate place. If not, I'll move it. After a 45 year hiatus (probably stretching the meaning of the word a tad), I am about to buy my second bike. I'm sure other Birdforum members use their bikes to travel to sites, and wonder what they do...
  2. eddieh

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Juvenile Buzzard'

    Really nice shot. Must sneak away from the wife and dogs and get to WWF :)
  3. eddieh

    "Hen Harriers nearing extinction"

    I don't suppose the situation is helped by a report of a shooting on a royal estate in Norfolk being swept under the carpet. That sent a good message out to the less ethically minded game shooters in the country didn't it!
  4. eddieh

    Bonfire - environmental impact

    Terry Wogan has silent indoor ones every year on his radio show. I've been annoyed that people use fireworks for such an extended period for quite some time now but I'd not realised quite how much it effects animals until we got our dogs. One couldn't give a monkey's, the other is extremely...
  5. eddieh

    Pentax camera adapter for the Pentax 80 ed scope?

    I think he meant this http://www.microglobe.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?pName=pentax-pfca35-camera-adapter-for-pentax-spotting-scopes I've resurrected this thread for purely selfish reasons. Pentax now make versions for Canon and Nikon SLRs and I was wondering if they are any better than...
  6. eddieh

    Tansy? Ragwort?

    Thanks for your answers. It would appear then, that in the area(s) of Scotland where ragwort is known as tansy, it is possible that no differentiation is made between the two plants. This leaves me with the website question. Is tansy poisonous or not, or is it the case that it can be used for...
  7. eddieh

    Tansy? Ragwort?

    I’ve been discussing something on another forum and am getting a little confused about something. The discussion was about Common Ragwort. Somebody said that it is known as Tansy in Scotland (or maybe, just a particular part of Scotland) and I have found out that it is sometimes referred to as...
  8. eddieh

    HM The Queen, Songbird Sruvival and the RSPB

    From Telegraph article " Last year Songbird Survival published a study by Prof Roy Brown which said that the grey squirrel was the greatest predator of native songbirds - an even bigger killer than domestic cats. An article on its website by Richard Coke, a Norfolk landowner who owns woodland...
  9. eddieh

    Songbird vs Raptors

    I'm quite (pleasantly) surprised by the speed with which CJ Wildbird foods addressed the situation and got back to us. I doubt we would get the same response from Buckingham Palace.. The fourth paragraph of this is a bit of a giveaway. I'm not an organised sort of person, but I might just look...
  10. eddieh

    Songbird vs Raptors

    Maybe those of us who aren't BTO members should now consider joining. I did notice that on the Songbird Survival website is a link to CJ Wild Bird Foods. Does this indicate some sort of sponsorship by CJ Wild Bird Food? Maybe they could be encouraged to distance themselves from such an...
  11. eddieh

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Is it a dessert, is it a hat?'

    My thoughts exactly. Or some sort of meringue construction
  12. Is it a dessert, is it a hat?

    Is it a dessert, is it a hat?

    Trust me. It's a mute swan.
  13. Starling


    Taken in my garden. I think these bird are really quite attractive if you only spend a little time looking at them
  14. eddieh

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Starling on a branch in the sun'

    Really nice. Shows many different aspects of the (often overlooked) beauty in the patterns and colours displayed by starlings. Something for me to aspire to.
  15. eddieh

    52mm to 43mm step down ring

    Thanks for your post JRT. My scope is a Pentax and the eyepiece I am using ( also Pentax) has a 43 mm thread which is exposed when the eyepiece cup is removed. I did manage to get hold of a 52-49mm and a 49-43mm stepping ring. Unfortunately, the times when there has been enough light to satisfy...
  16. eddieh

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Overexposed (?) robin'

    Thanks Scott. I probably went overboard with the levels trying to subdue the saturation. I know there is a tool for this but have had no success playing with it. I'll play with the original and see what happens.
  17. Overexposed (?) robin

    Overexposed (?) robin

    This shot was drastically overexposed which I've always been told is fatal in digital photography. I think I've managed to rescue the exposure situation but would welcome any comments or advice whatsoever.
  18. eddieh

    Bill Oddie, a Mallard and Saturday Kitchen on BBC1

    I think this is an excellent thread Peewit.And one which could instigate many and varied discussions relating to hunting for sport and/or food.My own feeling is that there is nothing wrong in hunting as long as the prey is not over hunted, is eaten and that it is not done in a manner which...
  19. eddieh

    Swan @ Ouse Washes Camb's UK

    Thanks for that. And thanks for not picking me up on calling it a Bewick rather than Bewick's
  20. eddieh

    Swan @ Ouse Washes Camb's UK

    Would I be correct in saying that this is a bewick rather than a whooper Sorry about the poor quality. This is a savage crop of a distant shot Ta Eddie
  21. eddieh

    Rose Pink ED50

    And there I was hoping that I hadn't offended you with the last line of the pm I sent you |:d|
  22. eddieh

    WT Eagle presumed shot in Scotland

    Found this from 03/12 on BBC News http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/tayside_and_central/7124862.stm Apparently the police have a name. As long as the name isn't Harry something might come of it.
  23. eddieh

    Canon 350d and Pentax 65eda

    Thanks very much Jules & Robin ( shame you're not a bat specialist Jules3:-)) The info you've both given will be very useful. Ta again Eddie
  24. eddieh

    Canon 350d and Pentax 65eda

    suby99 Did you manage to find a 52-43 step down ring or achieve the connection in some other way? I have been thinking of doing the self same thing having got some very "iffy" but slightly encouraging results hand holding my slr up to the eyepiece of my scope (PF 65ed). I couldn't find such a...
  25. eddieh

    Announcing November 2007 photo theme challenge - Birds on Feeders

    Does this mean on or after 02/11/06 or are photos taken on 01/11/06 allowed ta Eddie