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  1. EagleEyed

    Need Georgia Birding Information?!

    Hi All, The Near Georgia Report has, or has links to, almost all of the Georgia (US) birding information you might need at: www.neargareport.com Good Birding All, Eagleeyed
  2. EagleEyed

    nikon Ed82 fieldscope - filter wanted

    Hi Guys, I have been using the Heliopan UV SH-PMC filter on my US Fieldscope ED82 A for the past 3 years, love it: http://www.heliopan.de/Heliopan-Filters.pdf You can get one in the US at: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/232476-REG/Heliopan_708611_86mm_UV_Haze_SH_PMC.html Not sure about...
  3. EagleEyed

    Cable-Tie Sight for Angled-Eyepiece Birding Scopes - Latest sermon and guide

    Hi Kimmo, Thanks so much for the great pioneering work you have done with the cable-tie sight, I was amazed when I first learned of it here from you and tried it, it totally transformed my spotting scope experience forever. I agree that the scope makers should be able to make a great sight for...
  4. EagleEyed

    Cable-Tie Sight for Angled-Eyepiece Birding Scopes - Latest sermon and guide

    Hi All, Thanks and special thanks go to Ronald for the use of his superb drawings! I use mine with the stay-on case only, the releasable ties make this so easy to make it tight enough (and then be able to release it) over the case so that it won't readily move. The releasables should be...
  5. EagleEyed

    Cable-Tie Sight for Angled-Eyepiece Birding Scopes - Latest sermon and guide

    Hi All, Since first learning about the Cable-Tie Sight for Angled-Eyepiece Birding Scopes from Kabsetz and KorHann and others back in 2007 in the Nikon spotting scope forum here I eventually put together a free guide (see attachment) for the sight and would like to share it with all (along with...
  6. EagleEyed

    Nikon Fieldscope ED82 Angled Digiscoping ???

    Thanks All, very helpful! For documentation purposes I do like Baltus' approach, for use with the 30MC which I have that is a very good solution! Speed and simplicity are Very Important. For far away birds, shorebirds or waterfowl, etc., where I would need higher power than 30x, it would be...
  7. EagleEyed

    Nikon Fieldscope ED82 Angled Digiscoping ???

    Thanks horukuru! I am using a Manfrotto 055MFV carbon fiber tripod with the 701RC2 head, so far so good, like this setup. Did I read that you upgraded to the 501 head, if so did it make a good difference? How long have you been using the F31D? Mark
  8. EagleEyed

    Nikon Fieldscope ED82 Angled Digiscoping ???

    Hi All, I have a Fieldscope 82mm ED Angled (I also have the 50mm ED Angled) with the 25-75x zoom, the 50x wide, and the 30x wide, these are all the MC eyepieces not the digiscoping eyepieces. I need to get a digiscoping solution going for good quality documentation purposes but need some...
  9. EagleEyed

    Eagle Optics say Nikon SE is back for 2009

    Premier SE 8x32, 10x42, 12x50 for 2009 Hi All If you check: http://www.nikonbirding.com/binoculars.html You can download the 2009 catalog and it has the Premier SE 8x32, 10x42, and the 12x50 inside! Mark
  10. EagleEyed

    Where to buy Angled ED50 body?

    Call or email him and see!
  11. EagleEyed

    Where to buy Angled ED50 body?

    Hi All, Check http://www.accuflite.com/ I bought my Nikon #8337 kit (82mm, 25-75x zoom, case) and an angled body only (no eyepiece) 50mm ED Fieldscope from him last summer after reading that cl5man from this forum purchased from him previously. $1069, before shipping, for the #8337 (usually...
  12. EagleEyed

    Nikon ED50 for shorebird?

    Paul, I have the 82mm and the 50mm and would really prefer not to use the 50mm at over 27x Wide. I don't think 27x is near enough to view distant shorebirds. I find I use the zoom at 75x on the 82mm all of the time when viewing distant shorebirds. EE
  13. EagleEyed

    New "Fieldscopes" ???

    Hi All, Has anyone heard of any pending release of new Nikon "Fieldscopes"? I had heard from a pretty good source last year that there would be new scopes this year! It will probably be a surprise when it happens! Thanks, EagleEyed
  14. EagleEyed

    KOWA 883 or NIKON ED82A?

    Nikon 82mm ED Angled or Kowa 883 ??? Hi George, If eye-relief, field-of-view, and eyeglass wear are not possible issues then the 25x-75x zoom of the Nikon beats the 20x-60x zoom of the Kowa (and also anyone else's zoom for pure perfomance). Granted the 61-75x is not always usable but it is...
  15. EagleEyed

    great deal on ed 82mm

    Hi JMI, I have the 82ED, and this August paid $1069 for the new US #8337 kit (I realize you're in England) which comes with the 25-75x Zoom and the case. I also have the 30x Wide, and the 50x Wide eyepieces. The 50x Wide is really kind of a specialty eyepiece on the 82ED. I mainly got it...
  16. EagleEyed

    Nikon Fieldscope III ED zoom vs Pentax PF65 ED II zoom

    Thanks Brian, that is good information! EE
  17. EagleEyed

    filter ed82 A

    black lark, I believe the filter is much more exposed to the weather than the objective as it is more on the front of the scope than the objective (which is a little bit more recessed). If you use the slide-out lens hood I would think that the filter would practically have as much protection...
  18. EagleEyed

    Nikon Fieldscope III ED zoom vs Pentax PF65 ED II zoom

    Medinabrit, Do you actually think the Nikon ED is better than the Pentax ED (XW EPs or not)? The Pentax does have a bigger objective. Thanks, EE Texun, I suppose this is a little off-thread, but what digiscoping gear (camera, adapters, etc.) did you use to get these shots? I have two...
  19. EagleEyed

    Nikon 8337 Kit - New $1069

    cnybirder, Yes, but most people want to have the option of returning something no questions asked for a certain amount of time. Just need to check with him on what his policy is, he is not a "superstore", but seems to be a great guy giving good deals! The #8337 I received from him has the...
  20. EagleEyed

    ED50 - Angled or Straight?

    Sancho, Good work and congrats! Let us know what you think!
  21. EagleEyed

    Green-breasted Mango - Dublin Georgia USA

    Hi All, We have had a Green-breasted Mango in Dublin Georgia USA for about two weeks now! This is the first record for Georgia! You can read all about it at: http://www.birdingonthe.net/mailinglists/GABO.html Don't forget to search the GABO archives back to the 29th of October which I...
  22. EagleEyed

    ED50 - Angled or Straight?

    Sancho, I think that if Mrs. Sancho really listens closely she will easily see the wisdom of this logic! After all it's only about $400 US as opposed to other scope things which could be horrendously more $$$! :king: EE
  23. EagleEyed

    ED50 - Angled or Straight?

    Sancho, I think if that's your main scope and you love it, then you could really use both versions, and it really would not be too much of an obsession to have both, but rather a real necessity. If you do get both please make sure to let us know if you think the scopes are equally good or...
  24. EagleEyed

    ED50 - Angled or Straight?

    Don't forget the Cable-Tie Sight!
  25. EagleEyed

    Nikon ED50 eye piece opinions......

    OOOooooo, if you do make the 20x a 38x, you'll be very glad that you did!