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    French ageing guides

    AlfArbuthnot you beat me to it!
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    Bird ringing - please help me get involved

    I'm going to jump in here and present a trainer's perspective: I am a trainer and I'm not actively looking for trainees. I don't need too as this year alone I've had seven training requests. None have been taken on. Why? I already have three trainees and do not have the capacity to take on more...
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    These are our top 10 invaders in the UK

    Tom/Kathy According to the NBN (http://data.nbn.org.uk/gridMap/gridMap.jsp?allDs=1&srchSpKey=NHMSYS0001593547) the Chinese mitten crab's distribution is still very limited. That could be the reason its not on there? As for the grey squirrel not being on the list - the Environment Agency is...
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    Best technique/equipment for photographing hand-held birds

    Hi Andreas I use a compact digital camera - canon powershot 520 (i think...) - as I am often out on my own and holding the bird. Its prooved very useful for getting images of moult etc to. I've tried an SLR - worked it someone else was holding the bird but found it difficult when I was on my...
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    Great Tit

    Jon, I'd agree with Graham - from the photo it looks like a 5 to me! And would also agree with Graham's explanation. I've had 5 GRETI's with very strong fault bars accross the primaries and secondaries, although they were still intact!
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    Impacts of alien birds

    John o'Sullivan - sorry but your view of evolution is way out. "Genetic mixing" is not required at all for evolution to take place. Most models don’t need new or “mixed” up genetics to drive evolution. For example genetic drift. Evolution occurs because of the inherent variability that occurs...
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    Bamboo Poles

    I have to disagree with you there too John. I use bamboo poles on some very well vegetated sites and find them easy to use and managable. There are also light. Like Niel the poles are left on site but the upside of that is that the poles are in the exact position they need to be in each time the...
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    Help to find a ringing station in UK

    Hi Martin, The Birds Observatory Council coordinate and promote the work of the bird observatories in the UK. I would recommend looking at their website (www.birdobscouncil.org.uk) as it has links to all the Observatories in the UK. Good luck with your search Rich
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    Do I do anything?

    Hi TheBirdGarden, Best to report it at www.ring.ac - unless its a racing pigeon! Cheers Rich
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    Rule supplier

    Funnily enough just bought one such metal rule in B&Q
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    Whats this wader?

    My money is on oystercatcher
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    why dippers dip...theory

    Randler, Animal Behaviour, volume 71, pages 1089-1093. Basically the guy tested three leading theories of why wagtails wag/dip/bob - signal submission, flush prey, or vigilance. Basically concluded that it was the latter as it was done during none food orientated activities such as preening and...
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    Why are telephoto lenses for bird photography so expensive?

    No in order to be an ameteur who can afford such kit you have to be rich to start with! The lenses you are talking about are top end, top spec (as nitheron 28 has already pointed out) proffessional tools - they're not toys. The people who buy them, I would imagine, are people who are...
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    Regional declines of Honey Buzzard

    Cheers Valley Boy - Time goes by far too quickly for my liking!
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    Regional declines of Honey Buzzard

    Gos will eat honey Buzzard - The RSPB run a HB viewing scheme in south wales, and last year got video footage of a gos taking the chick.
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    Wildlife Documentary

    Hi David I would echo the comments above regarding narration and different angles - but nethertheless excellent work for your first time! You may find this book useful - http://www.nhbs.com/catalogue/quicksearch it contians some very good information Rich
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    Red Kites as far south as Carmarthen South Wales

    Hi DuwDuw They get much further south than that these days - they a quiet often seen in North Cardiff, and I have it on good authority that they have been seen in flying over the centre of Cardiff onve or twice! Looking forward to the time when they are a common bird over the city! Rich
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    Gower or Norfolk best..when?

    I would agree a visit to Gower toward the end of the year would be great - hearlty recomend visiting Mewslade Bay, and the cover crop near there planted by the RSPB and a local landowner - lots of yellowhammer and the odd brambling. Its also a good area for chough
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    Focus???? Errrrrr........

    Beat me to it! I always work with one AF point, focus on the eyes and recompose - you get quick at it after a while. If the eye is sharpe its not too much of a big deal if other parts aren't. Nice picture though!
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    Hi Dave I think its something to do with the host server, or something! Hopefully they'll sort it soon. If you are after the sightings pages and forum then they stilll work - just bookmark the links below http://pub43.bravenet.com/guestbook/3627196539/ (sightings)...
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    Its a fox scat
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    New breeding species for Wales? Maybe Not..

    Dam you beat me to it!
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    Woodcock gets my vote too
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    How often ?

    This is where people get confused on the value of ringing as a monitoring/survey tool. Direct bird counts (i.e. surveys) can only tell you so much - if a species is there or not and its population trend. Other than that they tell you nothing. What they don’t tell you is about the population...