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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    How are Lenses coated?

    Just curiosity on my part, but how are binocular lens coatings applied? CVD, DC sputtering, dipping or a combination of processes?
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    New 8x42, 10x42 and 8x56 Geovid Pro models

    What would be the advantage of the Perger prism over the standard Ultravid or Noctivid binoculars? thanks! z
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    Swarovski/Leica 8x32 for my use ?

    I went thru a similar process in early 2021 and ended up with a pair of EL 8x32 FP as an upgrade from a pair of Maven B3 8x30 and also a pair of Swaro CL B 10x30. I still have the CL's and like them a lot, just a bit twitchy to hold steady when out hiking etc. The ELs are a joy to use with a...
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    $1K binoculars experiences - Conquest HD, Monarch HG, Tract Toric, GPO Passion HD, Trinovid HD

    HiPaul, Are the extended eyecups for the x42 conquests only or do they offer them for the x32 as well? I have the 10x32s and would love just a bit more eye relief. thanks z
  5. Z

    Swarovski CL Companion 8x30 vs Kowa Genesis 8x33 ??

    I have the CL 10x30 and really like it overall. It can be a bit tough to hold steady at times, but the optics are incredibly sharp. Ergonomics are good except for the diopter but once you get it set, you’re good to go. The optical quality coupled with the size make it my 1st choice for hiking...
  6. Z

    Maven B3 8x30?

    I had the Maven B3s and sold them to get the Swaro CL. The B3 had a nice sweet spot In the center but was lacking in edge to edge clarity. I think the CL is much better optically.
  7. Z

    8x32 roof with least glare

    Good point. I might re-try it just out of curiosity. Thanks for feedback!
  8. Z

    8x32 roof with least glare

    Thanks Eitan, your description is helpful. I'll check that out tonight. Here are some pics I took of my ELs, CL and my wife's trinovids' To my un-trained eye, I would say the Leicas are much better. EL: CL: Trinovid:
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    8x32 roof with least glare

    I guess I really didnt notice it until Eitan posted his pics and I tried his method of holding them up to a bright light. but while using them in the field, I dont see it but time will tell. I want to try his test with the EL, CL-B and my wife's trinovid BA. Her leica's are really nice bins for...
  10. Z

    8x32 roof with least glare

    I tried this today with my EL 8x32s and eek! Was probably somewhat better than the Opticron but not near as good as the UV. I did notice it was significantly better with the eyecups all the way out though, but maybe that just masked the glare some.
  11. Z

    Swarovski CL companion 8x30 question about light gathering and eye relief

    I know I certainly enjoy my CL 10x30s almost as much as my ELs. When steady, they are a pleasure to look through.
  12. Z

    Binocular harnesses and slings?

    Rick Young is what I use, but Marsupial gear makes a very nice harness. KUIU and Stone Glacier are great choices as well.
  13. Z

    Nikon EDG Sports Line - Dead Or Alive ? When discontinued ?

    Thank you! This is very helpful as is the link (I dont mind the math either:-)). I'm enjoying learning more about this. I do notice the "rolling ball" in my ELs IF I look for it, otherwise I dont really see it. Interesting comparison for me is my wifes Leica Trinovids BA...She has had them for...
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Sharpshinned hawk on my wall above our pond and bird feeders...iphone through my EL8x32s
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    Nikon EDG Sports Line - Dead Or Alive ? When discontinued ?

    I really need to start noting the dates on some of these threads! Thanks for the information. Its interesting to see the differences between mfgs or are they really design choices? Can you explain what AMD means? Also, are there any references that explain the technical details of binoculars...
  16. Z

    Nikon EDG Sports Line - Dead Or Alive ? When discontinued ?

    As an SV owner, I'm looking forward to the results of your test. Should be interesting...
  17. Z

    Swarovski SLC is now morphing into the Kahles Helia S 42

    I learned the same today as well and find it odd they would not sell in the US. Seems like a miss...
  18. Z

    What should I clean binocular lenses with?

    Optics amateur here, but I just got a new pair of Swaro 8x32 ELs and the shop (timeandoptics.us) also sold me a small soft brush and a cleaning fluid from Zeiss. They also said to clean only as needed and not as regular maintenance. z
  19. Z

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    A Coopers Hawk at about 200 yards. Beautiful bird. Used Swaro 8x32 EL
  20. Z

    Binocular motherload

    If I had not compared them side by side and just ordered the Zeiss SF, FL or the EDG, I am sure I would have been thrilled and enjoyed them for a long, long time. They were all different, but all really good. The ELs just worked better for me after comparing them.
  21. Z

    Binocular motherload

    Hi Pete, it was Robert who helped us and yes, he definitely was very knowledgeable as well as very gracious and patient. I'm going back there later today for a few accessories and a birding book. Thanks for posting the link. Hopefully this will drive some business his way.
  22. Z

    Binocular motherload

    Please take this as purely an amateurs observations and not someone who knows much about optics. If I knew more, maybe I would have had a different choice but here goes: The Leica UVHD+ had very finicky eye relief, requiring more manipulation to get a nice clear view. The Zeiss FL just didnt...
  23. Z

    Binocular motherload

    Thank you! I have to say the man that ran (owned?) the store was incredibly gracious and helpful, allowing us to take $4-6k worth of binoculars outside at a time and very knowledgeable. But still the best part is my son surprising me by buying them. Such an amazing gift from an amazing young man😊.
  24. Z

    Binocular motherload

    I'm currently in Sugar Creek, Ohio for some personal business with my son. Beautiful country, Amish farms, country stores - everything just amazing and very different than my home state of NM. My son and I were driving around the countryside and stumbled across a little optics store out in the...