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    Help me ID please

    I have taken the liberty of contacting Phil Round who maintains records of ringed birds in this area of Thailand. The last digits on the ring of the Baikal Bush Warbler look to be _08, and of 67 Baikal Bush Warblers that have been ringed at Nam Kham, only one has the last two digits that tally...
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    Hainan island

    Yellow-bellied Prinia?
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    Bird ID in Borneo / Sabah

    Is the raptor a Black-shouldered Kite?
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    Haikou August 2016

    Jeff These two threads have photos that show the feature better than I can explain. Basically, there are two dark patches on the horizontal, either side of the pupil. These are the 'flecks' mentioned: http://hkbws.org.hk/BBS/redirect.php?fid=79&tid=3122&goto=nextoldset...
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    Haikou August 2016

    #3 and #4 are the same bird aren't they? I agree with John on juv Cinnamon Bittern. The fleck in the eye is really helpful here, a feature Yellow doesn't have.
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    Spoon-billed Sandpipers in China

    Nice work Jon and John!
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    Birds of Nanchang and Poyang Hu, Jiangxi Province

    Hi Gretchen - is the tree a Melia azedarach?
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    Bonelli's Eagle with radio transmitter in Hong Kong

    When Geoff Welch was collecting photographs for the 2014 Hong Kong Bird Report, he obtained two photographs of a Bonelli's Eagle taken at Mai Po Nature Reserve on 14th October 2014. Close examination shows what appears to be a radio transmitter attached to the bird's back link to the photographs...
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    Help with Thrush ID

    Agree with Rockfowl - sounds like and OBP
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    RFI Collared Crow sightings

    Just thought I'd give this post a quick bump in case any other observations have come to mind. All very useful feedback so far, thanks very much.
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    Guangxi, Baise Birding

    Hi Mike (not in HK!) I'd be very interested to hear inparticualr of any Collared Crow records you may get when birding out in the area around Baise. Good luck and enjoy yourself there, it looks like it could be a good patch. Cheers Dave
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    Fish ID

    Are they just Goldfish?
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    Exploring Lantau

    Hi Mike It would seem these birds are dyed in the bird markets to simply make them more attractive to buyers. There is evidence of it happending in Vietnam (which explains the unusually coloured WSS we see in HK in Spring) where birds with extenisve white-parts are favoured. Also we've seen...
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    Hong Kong Stonechats

    It is Stejneger's Stonechat Saxicola stejnegeri over here in Hong Kong. At the moment.
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    Exploring Lantau

    I had 8 Great Cormorants looking lost over the Rambler Channel just before sunrise yesterday morning on my way up to Mai Po from the Island. Or were they Japanese............
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    Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

    Nice one - might have to get a Bo ma Shan thread running to see how it compares.....!
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    The Magic Roundabout

    149 (all leucopsis). They gather of the flat roofs near the arrivals lounge and pile into the line of Ficus in Carpark 1 just before dusk. Easy enough to watch from the escalators/stairs outside. The only limitation I've found is when VS201 arrives early and you miss them going into roost as...
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    The Magic Roundabout

    How's the White Wagtail roost going at Carpark 1. Must be starting to increase in numbers now - I reckon there's potential for HK maximum count if its watched regularly
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    18 months in Shanghai: March 2012 - August 2013

    Nice report and photo's. I remember chuckling at the Generic Shop there a couple of years ago after dipping on the pheasant!
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    China observations

    Alpine Swift - Xinjiang May 2012 Thought this may be of interest from our recent trip to Xinjiang and Sichuan in May/June 2012, where Paul Leader, Geoff Carey and I had up to 10 Alpine Swifts along the River Ili about 35km east of Yili (Yining). Not the best photo I grant you, but a good...
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    Chalkney, Markshall and Shardlowe's Woods, North Essex

    Hi there Just a quick query, but does anyone bird these Woods in North Essex, or know of any recent interesting records? I be interested in any observations from these areas, though I realise that they might not be that well watched. Best David
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    Mount Kinabalu accomodation

    Great. Many thanks horukuru, will check it out.
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    Mount Kinabalu accomodation

    Reading all these post with interest. I am off to KK next week with the family. We are staying at one of the coastal resorts but were thinking of trying somewhere different, perhaps around Tambunan - does anyone have any recommendations for this area, both birding sites and family-friendly...