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  1. J

    My taxonomic predictions

    I can't help note you always use subfamilies, even when they are the sole one. P.S. Hoatzin and Pink-spotted Fruit-dove are LC, as are the four Hemiprocne treeswifts.
  2. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    Fig 2A shows the families with 25 or more members in the tree. It looks like the ordinal topology is the Stiller et al (2024) one. I can't tell for certain if it's exactly the same, but there seem to be small unlabelled branches in the right places. I'm assuming this is not entirely because...
  3. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    I'm assuming you should be able to view the tree at Open Tree of Life, at least when the paper is published. Not sure if it's loaded yet or how to check the paper version versus the live OTT version. The current tree for Aves has Caprimulgimorphae as the first neoavian branch. If you look at...
  4. J

    Petition to AOS Leadership on the Recent Decision to Change all Eponymous Bird Names

    There can't be too many articles using Taylor Swift and Hitler in the same sentence. Perhaps this illustrates the flaw in the argument that all eponyms are equivalent.
  5. J

    Robins are flycatchers?

  6. J

    Petition to AOS Leadership on the Recent Decision to Change all Eponymous Bird Names

    noun plural noun: retcons (in a film, television series, or other fictional work) a piece of new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events, typically used to facilitate a dramatic plot shift or account for an inconsistency. "we're given a retcon for...
  7. J

    The mitonuclear compatibility species concept

    Genes do migrate between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes over evolutionary time. Mitochondria are no longer capable of free living because some vital genes are now in the nucleus (e.g. some involved in oxidative phosphorylation). This means for proper functioning of mitochondria, notably...
  8. J

    How to describe a new species in zoology

    The botanical diagnoses are equally baffling in English or Latin.
  9. J


    On the phylogeny and taxonomy lull, we have had an important paper on avian phylogeny this year. As someone who looks down the phylogenetic tree (or do I mean up the tree) rather than looking up from a species checklist it's been a good year, with significant papers on fish and angiosperms as...
  10. J

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2024

    Which would probably rule out Kalinago wren.
  11. J

    Howard and Moore Checklist G. O. A. T.?

    Somethings up. The updated families from Struthionidae to Apodidae are no longer available. They link to the old H&M4.1 version. But I see no update about where or when the new material will be available (presumably behind a paywall).
  12. J

    Taxonomy in-flux updates

    He's redefined Columbea as Kuhl's Lower Landbird clade (i.e. Gruimorphae, Strisores, Columbaves). Comparing the two trees there are only two main differences in the higher taxa. Columbaves branches after Mirandornithes in Stiller rather than being grouped with Strisores and Gruimorphae in Kuhl...
  13. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    They describe the composition and reason for name.
  14. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    Fig 2 needs that "Passeriformes (see Extended Data Fig. 2)" terminal changed to Fig 3. I note in Fig 3 you have Tichodroma in Sittidae rather than Tichodromidae, making Sittidae paraphyletic. Similarly for Chloropsis in Irenidae. I assume this is because you are using H&M4 families, but this...
  15. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    The Extended Data Fig 3 has the Passeriformes families labelled and has a timescale.
  16. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    The links are not working for me. This seems a report on two papers, but the links to the Nature and PNAS papers are not working there either. https://www.sci.news/biology/bird-family-tree-12811.html
  17. J

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    The page embeds a portion of a Googlesheets spreadsheet using an iframe. You'd have to edit the googlesheets file to narrow the column width (which could be done as you say if you have access).
  18. J

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    The first few BOW pages, ratites through turacos use the full page width. The pages from pigeon on have the narrow width. This has been the case for several years. You can override this by using Inspect (Q) on your browser. The width is set by .fl-row-fixed-width { max-width: 1100px; } (set...
  19. J

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    I suspect it's only recently that people make a firm distinction between Mac and Mc. Before people had a need to use their surname regularly it was probably interchangeable. All variants derive from the Gaellic Mac. Directories traditionally put Mc/Mac before Ma in alphabetical listings so the...
  20. J

    Time calibration and Linnean ranks in birds

    Those families and Pipromorphidae are recognised in H&M4. I'm guessing that this might have been an older arrangement and the other checklists have lumped them since 2014.
  21. J


    As for intent, they refer to there being 14 subfamilies in the abstract and introduction and then list Melieraxinae as one of the 14 subfamilies where they say "This study" while using similar footnotes to attribute the other subfamilies to earlier authors. P.S. Anyone know who first separated...
  22. J


    In the preview they assign Melierax, Micronisus, and Urotriorchis to subfamily Melieraxinae, with the spelling used by Lerner and Mindell (2005). In the published paper they assign those genera to tribe Melieracini, with a "c" instead of an "x". Is this the correct Latin (I think it is) and is...
  23. J


    The IOC also recognise erythronemius (rufous-thighed hawk) and ventralis (plain-breasted hawk) as species and it seems this is an old split, possibly going back to Sibley and Monroe. If the island endemics are recognised, the North American continental subspecies would presumably be recognised...
  24. J


    The authors do point out that they limited sampling to one per species, even though some species are not monophyletic. They mention "Accipiter poliogaster, various monotypic eagle genera, and Rupornis magnirostris" as taxa in need of additional sampling. They also mention the American goshawk...