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    Blackbird singing in December.

    Blackbirds sing in the dead of night, I thought. Seriously though, I'm assuming you all are in Europe, or at least not in North America, as we have several Blackbird species here. Is there only one species in Europe? Is there another name?
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    Ah, thanks. So I'm curious, how similar is the European Goldfinch to the American Goldfinch? Does the European Goldfinch say "potato chip"? Does it prefer niger (thistle) seed, and do the Europeans use special thistle feeders that finches can feed from but larger birds can't? The American...
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    What type of Goldfinch are we talking about? There are several. None of them in the U.S. has any red markings.
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    Chickadee help

    To clarify, I was speaking of House Wrens. I think you're talking about Carolina Wrens. Their behaviors are quite different.
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    Chickadee help

    House Sparrows are an enormous problem here in the U.S. mid-Atlantic. They are devastating to Eastern Bluebirds. Many birders are actively trying to attract Blue Birds to nest in houses they have put out, and the House Sparrow kills most of them - parents and chicks, destroys eggs, and takes...
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    Renaming all North American Birds

    Yeah, just make sure there aren't two strikes. (Don't even try to figure that one out; Americans understand.)
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    Suggestions on blue birds, grosbeaks and nesting robins

    Hi Kakatua - your location is listed as midwest, and I assume that's midwest USA - anyway I hope so; birds that are considered a nuisance in the US are not always considered so elsewhere, so my comments apply to US only. House Sparrows and Starlings are the only birds that are a nuisance to me...
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    Suggestions on blue birds, grosbeaks and nesting robins

    Yeah. Rats need food. Cockroaches need food. House Sparrows and Starlings are rats and cockroaches. (In the USA anyway, I understand that they are appreciated in Europe.)
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    Have you ever been torn between a twitch or sporting events?

    As I age, the number of sports I follow decreases (when young, there was no sport I would not follow.) It's now down to baseball and football. Baseball definitely take precedence over birding. Football, no. But then, I'm in DC. On one hand, we just won the World Series, on the other hand, we...
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    How did you get started with Birding/Birdwatching

    1979 (40 years ago!) sitting on my porch (Takoma Park, Md.) I heard a bird singing, kept singing for probably an hour. It was about the most beautiful sound I had ever heard and I was determined to find out what bird it was, but had no idea how to go about it (I had no means to record it). At...
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    House Wrens

    Thanks Bill. Here's a photo.
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    House Wrens

    Someone familiar with House Wren behavior might be able to help here. We have House Wrens in a Wren house in the back yard that we have been enjoying watching from the kitchen window, feeding their chicks for about two weeks. We've watched them carefully and today, for the first time, we can...
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    Found 2 baby birds - now they wont leave us

    In my experience, Robins like worms; it's their favorite food. In fact they are attracted to humans digging in the garden with expectation of worms being unearthed.
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    Loud bird outside window

    Do you have an iPhone (or similar)? Download a white noise app and see if that helps. Works for me, when I'm travelling; at home, we run an air cleaner all night, and nothing outside the house disturbs us. Neighbors complain all the time about helicopters, power tools, etc, and we sleep like...
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    Half-male half-female Red Cardinal

    Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls It's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world
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    What is ‘Rhino Horn’?

    It's a brass instrument with centrist conservative leanings.
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    What age should boys start using binos

    Careful. Looking at little gulls with binoculars can get you in trouble.
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Patagonian Sierra Finch. Earlier this month, in Ushuaia, Argentina. Wife took the photo.
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    The Eurasian Bee-eater -video-

    Magnificient, beautiful bird, thanks. Love that ritual tail-wagging at 1:13. A mating ritual?
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    House sparrows are not shy

    Birds of prey rarely attack house sparrows because of where they primarily hang out, mostly in public or residential areas. But it's not just animal predators. Nature has a way of keeping the population of a species in check, whether by predators, disease, climate, habitat, and other...
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    Birds you don't like...

    Please report back. I'm very curious to find out how their behavior differs from the pests we have here.
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    Birds you don't like...

    By the way there is a current thread devoted to house sparrows, might want to weigh in there.
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    House sparrows are not shy

    Maybe a refresher course in evolution might help.
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    Your Favorite Bird(s)?

    General: black and white warbler, carolina wren, song sparrow Winter: Junco and white throated sparrow
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    Recent Cardinal Sightings

    Cardinals don't migrate, so wherever they are, they're there year round. However it isn't uncommon to see them more in winter, particularly around feeders. I know that I see them far more often in my yard in the winter, because in warm weather they have far more food sources and are not as...