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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Swift Audubon HR/5 question

    Man! Wish I could repair my laptop with this scientific procedure…
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    Leica Sport Optics USA/Canada Warranty

    Yes, It is obviously a typo!
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    Leica Sport Optics USA/Canada Warranty

    I always assumed that Leica warranty was not transferable. While trying to locate Leica support contact info for servicing my 7 year old UV HD, I came across the new(ish) USA/Canada warranty. It is great to see Leica stepping up in this space. But then, reading it again gives pause, since...
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    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    I have been thinking about getting a spotting scope for more than a year. Finally purchased the Monarch 82ED-A with 20-60 zoom eyepiece from BF classifieds a week ago. The seller was great to deal with and the scope looked new in-box. I did a few backyard tests resting the scope on cushions and...
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    How to tell apart the EL 8x32 versions?

    pre-swarovision, swarovision, field pro This is a response of mine to another thread. The pictures explain the difference between the three. https://www.birdforum.net/showpost.php?p=3451012&postcount=8
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    Aftermarket compact cases for 8x32 and 10x42 binicukars

    I used the Vortex 32mm neoprene case for the SV 8x32 http://cameralandny.com/spec-sheet.html?catalog%5Bname%5D=Vortex-Soft-Sided-Viper-Binocular-Case---32mm-%23VPR-CASE32-Bags-and-Cases&catalog%5Bproduct_guids%5D%5B0%5D=1251503 The SV 8x32 is slightly taller for a 32 mm bin and the case is a...
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    Binos with or without field flatteners

    If you are going to replace the Leica 8x32 BA with field flattened bins, the only two options among the alphas are Swaro SV 8x32 and Nikon EDG 8x32 . There is no 8x32 in Zeiss SF and Leica thinks field flattening is for suckers. Between Swaro and Nikon, most would agree Swaro is the better...
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    Big fan of Porro prism .

    Fight Friday! Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Fight Friday! In the red,green and blue corner representing optics, real science and common sense is the tag team of Holger Merlitz and Henry Link. Holger is a professor of Theoretical Physics and Astro Physics, with a long record of reviewing...
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    Death Of The Alpha?

    Let's not
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    Waterproofing problems on Leica Ultravid HD

    Lee, I am trying to imagine the view through the bins in pouring rain. Do you still see CA if you try hard? ;)
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    Audubon Guide to Binoculars

    If the Swarovski SLC gets a score of 3.70 below Nikon Monarch 7 you can safely assume these guys don't know what they are doing. The SLC was even scored lower than Celestron Nature DX 8x42:brains: It's not like they are adding the cost benefit ratio into the scores. The top of the line...
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    Looking for something with a wide view and easy to hold

    cropershawk, I'd also recommend the EII 8x30. It is so close to the SV 8x32 and for the under $500 price that is amazing. Trying to read distant signs at 500m with elbows braced on a bench I could see SV is a bit sharper. The EII makes up for that with the super wide FOV and amazing porro 3D...
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    Victory SF 8x42 Prices by Color?

    GG, I have an UVHD 10x42 that I chose after trying the SV and SF 10x42's due to the compactness and brilliant image it provides. Even after getting the stunning SV 8x32 I am still wowed by the UV every time I use it. I have compared the both for some months and I know now that a 10x doesn't show...
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    Gap in my optics - Low light usage but semi compact (sub $500)

    The EII 8x30 is short and wide due to the Porro design as seen in the attached photo. If I tilt the EII vertically 90 deg in the picture the width of the bin equals the height of the SV 8x32 next to it. The EII handles very well for a Porro due to the small size. I personally haven't used them...
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    Gap in my optics - Low light usage but semi compact (sub $500)

    IMO there is no 8x32 binocular in the $500 range that can match the Nikon EII 8x30 http://nikon.com/products/sportoptics/lineup/binoculars/nature/x32x35/spec.htm. I have compared it to the Swarovski SV 8x32 extensively and have always been impressed by the image of the Nikon. It is only 575 gm...
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    Big fan of Porro prism .

    I didn't realize Henry had already provided a link to his review. Sorry I missed it.
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    Big fan of Porro prism .

    This Habicht Porro was recently reviewed by Henry who is one of the best long time optics enthusiasts and reviewers in Bird Forum - http://www.birdforum.net/showpost.php?p=3446960&postcount=8
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    Eye Strain with new bino! - Only a adjustment problem?

    Good one Lee. I took out my UV 8x20 BL after a few months and found the view fuzzy. I knew collimation was the issue, but wasn't sure. I followed your advice and tested looking at a window with vertical and horizontal frames. The vertical frame looked fine. The horizontal frame looked smudged...
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    Binoculars for kayaking

    I have a B&L Discoverer that was accidentally left out in the deck and survived a thunderstorm. Not sure if it will take a full dunking. I wouldn't mind taking it out in a kayak along with a floating strap as they cost under $200 NIB . The B&L 7x42 provides a bright relaxed view with...
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    SLC 8x42 v EL8x32 comaprison - anyone tried both

    The only time I see glare in the SV 8x32 Fieldpro is when viewing landscape slightly to the left or right, below the afternoon sun. This past Monday I was at a marsh at 5 PM with the sun over an island in front of me at 25 deg altitude. Looking directly at the island right below the sun (between...
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    Diopter problem

    I have noticed that when my eyes are tired I try to accommodate by adjusting the diopter. Overall I have found the correct position on all my bins and it doesn't change. Looking at a pattern on a tree could trick the eyes as there is not much contrast. IMO it would be better to use a resolution...
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    Biggest WOW binoculars you have ever looked through?

    Couldn't agree more with Gigs on this great post by Stanbo. Your comment makes the most sense. Porro binoculars show a 3D view due of their wide inter objective distance and not the inter pupillary distance. In a "3D" view seen through the Nikon 8x30 EII, objects some distance behind and front...
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    Tract Toric 8x42 Experience

    True that SD. Getting the 10x right seems like a tough act even for the European and the Japanese Alpha bins. The 10x Alpha clones will take some time to catch up even though they are very close in the 8x magnification. Can you comment on how good the CA control is on the HT compared to FL and...
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    Determining the Age of a 10X42 L IS by Serial Number

    I am hesitant to buy the Canon 10x42 IS because along with "lumpish appearance" you mentioned there is the 1.1kg weight, awkward eye pieces, unprotected objective lenses, and horror stories about Canon service charging an arm and a leg for repairs. A drop or ding could seriously mess up the...
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    Determining the Age of a 10X42 L IS by Serial Number

    Thanks etudiant and kabsetz. I am amazed that a 12 year old design is being favorably compared to the upgraded alphas of 2016 for handheld resolution. As Canon upgraded the 10x30 and 12x36 last year they might do the same for 10x42. If Canon can reduce the weight by 200gm and upgrade the...