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    Gull-billed Tern from Camargue

    No doubt about the second pic as Alexander has said it's a Gull-billed tern.
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    Sandpiper Cyprus

    The first two are Wood Sandpipers, note the well marker super & spotting on the brown upper parts. The third is a Green Sandpiper, note how much darker the upper parts are compared to the Wood Sand & the lack of distinct spotting.
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    ID please, Tuscany, Italy

    Looks more like Pied Fly to me too for the same reasons as The fern.
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    Please ID - Tarifa, Spain

    It looks like a 1st cy Western black eared wheatear.
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    Merlin ? N. Sweden.

    Yes Merlin.
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    Prey bird ID/ Iran

    Pallid or Montague’s Harrier.
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    Warbler ID - Turkey

    Another for Garden Warbler.
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    Comment by 'Parker' in media 'little stint'

    Isn’t it a Temminck’s stint?
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    little gull ?

    Kittiwake, black patch on back of neck, the nape, rule out Little gull.
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    Pygmy cormorant ? - Poland

    Another for Pygmy cormorant. In one shot the shape of the tail is what you’d expect from a Cormorant species & the short neck, small head & bill fits Pygmy very well.
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    ID please - Sanliurfa Turkey

    I don’t believe you were mistaken Alex you were in the right ballpark.
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    NL Pure 8x32 and NL Pure 10x32!

    With the variety in quality you mention I’d be inclined to refuse to buy them if the didn’t check them for you. Not very good advertisement for Swarovski, it’s like them denying there’s quite a broad range in quality between individual pairs of bins I know they have a brilliant record with...
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    Field work ... hard work!

    Agree with Lou.
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    Field work ... hard work!

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    Field work ... hard work!

    That was supposed to be Serin not Siskin. Brain freeze.
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    Field work ... hard work!

    Then it’s got to be a juv Siskin.
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    Field work ... hard work!

    Red throated pipit.
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    Field work ... hard work!

    Meadow Pipit.
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    No announcement about Springwatch 2021 as of yet!

    I know it’s a bit knit picky but I’m surprised Chris used the wrong terminology when comparing Skylark & Woodlark. Surpercilium not eyestripe.
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    Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler Cambridgeshire woodland.

    Had a look a this earlier & came to the same conclusion that it’s a Chiffchaff after a really good look.
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    No announcement about Springwatch 2021 as of yet!

    I didn’t realise it was a private zoo that Iolo is going to be, very disappointing!
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    Iraq - Basrah - 3 warbler

    Hi Yashar, The bird I suggested may be an Upcher’s warbler is in the 10th, 11th, & 12th photos above. I can’t see this bird in the other thread you posted with the videos. If I’ve identified the bird in question incorrectly then I apologise, as I said in the message I sent you I can only view...