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    Original 823 eyepiece to 883 converter

    Tanks very much, clearly I didn't look hard enough! Much appreciated.
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    Original 823 eyepiece to 883 converter

    I am looking to use an original 823 32x eyepiece on a Kowa 883, but am struggling to find info on any available converters. Does anyone know if one exists? Cheers, Tom
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    Thoughts about my 'new' Kowa 883 compared to my old 823

    I have just become the owner of an ex-demo Kowa 883 having used a Kowa 823 for the last 22 years. I really, really like it does make me realise how good the 823 was, the 883 is a little bit brighter and a smidgeon better resolution but the step up is fairly small, perhaps my 823 was a cherry...
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    Black Guillemots Anglesey

    Thanks for all the tips
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    Black Guillemots Anglesey

    I am visiting North Wales next week and will on Anglesey for several days. Any tips as to the best place for Black Guillemotes would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tom
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    February seawatching Fuerteventura

    I'll be in Fuerteventura in a couple of weeks. Is there any point in trying seawatching, I'm thinking in terms of possibly seeing Cory's Shearwater. Or is it the wrong time of year? Thanks, Tom
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    Pelagic bird trips?

    Does anyone have experience of pelagics from cornwall? I would like to do a Scilly pelagic but this requires getting to Scilly which i don't want to do, at least not this summer. Tom
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    semi palmated sandpiper?

    I was just reminiscing about trip to the US last summer and looking through photos. At the time I put this down as a Bairds, but is it actually semi-palmated? Tom
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    Decisions Decisions...

    I can add some thoughts with regards to the Helios... I have just bought a Helios Fieldmaster ED60DS as I like to have a back up scope/travel scope to my big Kowa. I did have an Opticron GS665 but this blew over in the wind whilst I was trying to see a Long billed Dowitcher. The scope was a...
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    Helios fieldmaster ed60?

    Thanks for that, there is little info out there. Seems it is the same as the Theron saker scope from US which gets good reviews.
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    Helios fieldmaster ed60?

    Has anyone any experience of the Helios fieldmaster ed60?
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    Why does a bigger objective lens give better resolution

    Can someone give a layman's explanation of why the larger an objective lens is the greater the resolution is?
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    Solitary or spotted sandpiper?

    anyone else? initially thought spotted but then the more I look at it I'm thinking solitary
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    Which bird have you wanted to claim but couldnt

    I was at Dungeness in August a few years a go, I got onto a falcon at some distance, it was small dark and quickly moving away from me and it felt very good for Eleonora's Falcon but poor views for 30 seconds meant I didn't do anything about it. Then a couple of days later one was seen and...
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    Solitary or spotted sandpiper?

    From a trip to the pantanal, spotted or solitary sandpiper?
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    black grouse sites for spring

    With spring approaching has anyone got any suggestions for the best sights for black grouse leks? The Rspb are running trips near wrexham, this would nearest to me as I live in Bedford, any other popular sites? Tom
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    Opticron IS 50

    I have a one with a 20x eyepiece, I use a kowa tsn 823 as my main scope and whilst the opticron can't compare in terms of brightness, contrast etc. It is a useful second scope and the image is pretty good as long as light conditions aren't too challenging
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    Trip report for Morocco

    Thanks for the comments, looking at guide does seem a lot more like peregrine, thanks!
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    Trip report for Morocco

    Below is a link to my trip at the beginning of November. http://www.birdtours.co.uk/pdf-area/Morocco%20%20trip%20report.pdf Tom
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    Iberian Chiffchaff - Morocco

    A little brighter than chiffchaff I thought, not the best photo!
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    Iberian Chiffchaff - Morocco

    Seen in Morocco last week, poor photo was thinking Iberian Chiffchaff
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    Greater Yellowlegs?

    no sorry, that's it and computer compressed it this size
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    Greater Yellowlegs?

    A pair of yellowlegs in Brazil last autumn, I was leaning towards greater? Tom
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    Oukaimeden snow cover

    thought that might be the case Tom
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    Oukaimeden snow cover

    I'll be heading from Marakesh to Oukaimeden at the very beginning of November. I cant find a too much info on potential snow fall around this time. Does anyone know if snow is likely this early in the season and if so what the road up there is like if there is lots of snow. Thanks, Tom