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    Lark, Kenya.

    I submitted this before with no replies so I willtry again.
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    Lark-Tsavo West Kenya

    Any guess?
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    Lark-Tsavo West Kenya

    Not the best of pics but any idea what this might be?
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    Eastern US October

    Thanks. That was my initial thought as well.
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    Eastern US October

    These are not my photos but a friends. Indiana. So more than likely one of the eastern empi's... yellow-bellied, least, acadian, willow, alder. In this area yellow bellied & least tend to be the later migrants.
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    Eastern US October

    Any ideas which flycatcher this might be?
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    Sawdust/shavings Filling for nestbox?

    Saw dust is not good it can hold moister. Use wood chips and fill it up to the hole. Any type should work. I use Aspen Wood Chips made for small pet bedding. On a side not I use this in the fall for a Downy winter roost. It's almost unheard of for Downy to nest in a box as they are...
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    Seeing Beesley's lark in northern Tanzania.

    If no one else provides a phone number for you just do the following. If coming from Aruash you will drop down into the plains there should be a hard to see sign on the right hand side of the road with Beeslys Lark. A few kilometers farther there will be a small village with a store in the...
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    Colombia January near Rio Blanco

    Fern. I was thinking more of a warbler bill. The bill does not look thick or hooked enough for grey tail and the eye is black not red. The back looks slightly greenish with 2 light wing bars and yellow wash to throat/breast. My initial thought was female or immature Cerulean Warbler. These...
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    Colombia January near Rio Blanco

    I have a good idea what this bird is. Anyone else care to give their opionion?
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    Dowitcher oct 6 indiana usa

    Dont want to sway any opinions but I was guessing juv long billed? Mainly by NO tiger striped tertials.
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    Dowitcher oct 6 indiana usa

    Short or long billed? Best way to tell?
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    Shorebird USA indiana

    Not sure if bird as bird as in other pic.
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    Shorebird USA indiana

    Not sure if same bird in both pics.
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    Indiana Bluebird

    Eastern, Western or Mountain?
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    Bulbul: paya mags borneo

    As suspected Charlotte's it is. Thank you very much everyone.
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    Bulbul: paya mags borneo

    Bird was seen near cabin 1 on the way down from Paya Maga I'm sorry. The confusion comes from 2 recent new species Charlotte's Bulbul split from Buff-vented in 2017 (which is supposed to be a lowland species) or the recently described Creamy-eyed Bulbul (basically split from Cream-vented and is...
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    Bulbul: paya mags borneo

    Sorry if this sent twice (if it sends at all) first time user.
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    Best place to see a Cock of the Rock lek

    A quick flight to Mitu in Colombia would net you Guianan Cock of the Rock easily as well.
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    Guidance for Three Days from Mumbai

    What time does the flight leave Mumbai? What time does it return to Mumbai? How long does it take to drive to CEDO and back to Bhuj? How long before departure must you be at the airport? If you think it's possible to see everything in Bhuj or Kerala in 3 days including travel time (which in...
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    Guidance for Three Days from Mumbai

    Just a few hours outside Mumbai the very rare Forest Owlet can be seen at Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary. If you only have 3 days I would spend it here as not enough time to fly to Bhuj or Kerala, plus plenty of other birds around such as Vigor's Sunbird etc . A local guide for the owl can...
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    A wonderfully vague question about birding in Borneo / Thailand / Philippines

    Weda diving (and birding) resort with great on site bird guides, Halmahera, Indonesia.
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    black/white-winged larks Astana area October

    I might be in the Astana area in early October. Does anyone know if both Black/White-winged Larks can still be found around Korgalzhyn in October? Thanks.
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    Advice needed for Yucatan, Mexico trip

    Yes this is a little known site. It's mainly used by local birders. I believe the local Yucatan bird watching club even has a club house in the forest, which i believe you can stay in with advance notice. If not Valladolid is a great city with great architecture/restaurants/accomadation. I...
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    2017 Atlantic hurricane season

    Hopefully Irma did not cause the extinction of any species. Some areas with endemics were deeply impacted such as the Cuban cayes, Andros Island in Bahamas with the rare Bahamas Oriole, Inugua with a hummingbird, Montserrat with its Oriole and especially Barbuda with was hit especially hard and...