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    BirdNET Analyzer species lists

    Many thanks - appreciate the info. Alas I've not delved into the world of python, but this would be useful indeed. Nick
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    BirdNET Analyzer species lists

    Does anyone know of (or have) a list of British Birds in the format accepted by BirdNET analyzer? Preferably full British List for starters but happy with anything approximating to this. I'd like to customise for different deployments and it would be good to have a shorter starting list that the...
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    Mouse or rat UK

    My instinct on this is Bank Vole - shape (including ears) and colour seem to fit. Tail length looks okay (body seems, scrunched up in this pose, maybe making tail look longer in comparison).
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    Dead whale - Helmsdale

    Here we go...
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    Dead whale - Helmsdale

    Aha - I saw that one about a month ago - though looks like it washed a little further up the beach since then. Will try to dig out some of my pics and post later, though they probably won't add much.
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    Gull id ayrshire

    Appears to be missing its primaries (at least on its right wing), so most likely a Herring Gull (and perhaps a rather sick one at that).
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    Kuhl’s Pipistrelle at Dungeness

    The recent UK Mammal Atlas says there are eight since 2000, with four on Isle of White, two near Colchester, one in Thames Valley and one in Bourne. However, it curiously also says that the species is "regularly recorded along the coast in parts of south-east England in acoustic surveys" Nick
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    Bird watching spots north east Scotland

    Hi Kenny, Great resources for birding sites in the North-East include Birding Guide to North-East Scotland: https://www.nhbs.com/title?slug=birding-guide-to-north-east-scotland-book and the free SOC birding app: https://www.the-soc.org.uk/about-us/app Most folks will be reluctant to give...
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    Goshawk camera trap footage

    We got some interesting camera trap footage of a juvenile Goshawk in Aberdeenshire in recent weeks. It reappeared three times over ten days, seemingly engaged in some form of play-hunting. Note this was not at or especially close to a known (to us) nest site. One clip can be viewed on the...
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    UK bug ID help please

    Western Conifer Seed Bug, a recent non-native arrival in the UK https://www.britishbugs.org.uk/heteroptera/Coreidae/leptoglossus_occidentalis.html Cheers Nick
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    Cheap Camera traps

    Hi Tom, I've no direct experience of the models that you link to, so can't comment on them directly, but my experience with some of the cheaper models (such as those one might find in a flash-sale in Aldi, for example) is that the biggest drawback is they are less reliable in terms of actually...
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    Pine Martin seen in Northumberland for first time in 90 years.

    Of interest, report on southern Scotland Pine Marten surveys: https://www.pine-marten-recovery-project.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/croose-e-et-al-2014-distribution-of-the-pine-marten-in-southern-scotland-in-2013.pdf This gives a useful historical perspective too and the map on p.16 shows...
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    Pine Martin seen in Northumberland for first time in 90 years.

    There is a well-established population in Scottish Borders (different from D&G animals) that arose from less clear origins (some, seemingly, were animals released following care in wildlife treatment centres). These have been there for some time and it is one of the study areas for ongoing Pine...
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    Pheasants in the UK

    I'd not exactly suggest a twitch for them, but... They have been self-supporting with no new introductions (and presumably next to no immigration) for several decades on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire. From memory, maybe a dozen or so territorial males in late 1990s. Quick check of Skomer Bird...
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    Uk bird I.d please

    e.g. some invertebrates: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/icad.12106 (though full paper not available to those without institutional subscription, unfortunately).
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    Longest twitch by public transport?

    Norwich to Wick for Harlequin (1991 or thereabouts). There was a National Express student offer at the time for £9 return anywhere in the country. Four intrepid (stingy) students set off from Norwich one afternoon with Birdline last reporting the bird to have swum out through the harbour...
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    Escaped Lynx killed - UK

    From afar, the shooting of the Lynx certainly does appear to be an overreaction. Surely, though, Borth Wild Animal Kingdom must face a high proportion of the responsibility for what happend, give that the animal was kept in what was evidently an inadequate enclosure. They have stated that they...
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    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Hi Phil, Many thanks for replying here. If vismigging is a significant part of your birding, then I'd suggest that it is well worthwhile getting involved with Trektellen if you haven't already done so. See: http://www.trektellen.nl/?language=english&. There's lots of UK involvement and it is...
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    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    Hi Phil, Did you ask why the record was not used and did you get a response? I'm guessing it was 2004, perhaps, but can't see anything that strikes me as sarcastic in the Bird Report for that year. It is unfortunate if this has caused you to withold records for the 13 years since. Nobody is...
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    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor (119877) Issues

    I've used lots of Bushnells but not the Agressors. If it is taking two images when set to take three then it sounds like it is faulty. They generally have a 2 year warrenty and we have exchanged cameras under this on a couple of occasions (just by dealing direct with Bushnell in America - but I...
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    John's Mammals 2017

    Thanks for the comments, folks, and very many thanks indeed for allowing use of your photos. I was particularly embarrassed when I realised I'd misspelled Mark's name, as I'd been corresponding with him about mammal watching in Israel just prior to the atlas going to press. The other major...
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    Where to stay in the Cairngorms?

    I stayed at this place (about a mile out of Nethy Bridge) through work for a few weeks last October-December: http://www.mondhuie.com/ Frequent Red Squirrels in the garden and Crested Tits on the feeders. They sometimes get Pine Marten - not sure how frequently and I didn't see any, though I...
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    Pine Martin in Ardnamurchan

    Not quite on Ardnamurchan itselt, but not far from the route there, Glenloy Lodge has martens on the conservatory windowsill most evenings and you can stay there B&B when they are not running dedicated wildlife holidays. See: http://glenloywildlife.co.uk/holiday/pine-marten-break/ Very much...
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    Views on pipit (UK)

    That's an incredible-looking one Mark - I had this one in the southern Highlands in spring a few years back. Not quite as rosy but also with reduced streaking. Nick
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    Northeast Aberdeen and Donmouth

    Reds have been recorded in last year or so in Seaton Park - e.g.: http://scottishsquirrels.org.uk/news/article/a-pleasant-surprise-in-an-urban-trap/ There are certainly still Greys around in the city but in decreasing numbers. If you are interested in the region's mammals, you should certainly...