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    What's on this moth?

    Nyctemera sp. Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini I agree with Martin Honey - looks as though the moth didn't eclose properly.
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    Butterflies of the Forbidden Kingdom - China

    Chinese butterfly books. The new 4 volume set is available on Tao Bao - https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. at a little under HK$3000 (circa US$385) per set. There is an older book, in 2 volumes, by Zhao (alt. spelling=Chou)...
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    Identify this butterfly, India

    probably Junonia iphita (Chocolate Pansy)
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    China butterfly ID

    Nymphalidae - Argyreus hyperbius. A common and widespread species in China, including Hong Kong.
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    Butterfly ID (Hong Kong & Thailand)

    Danaus genutia & Troides aeacus
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    Noted, with thanks. Will see what I can arrange for Hong Kong - though it's possible the 4th Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Symposium will be in full swing (in Tianjin, China) for the June 2012 timeframe. cheers, Roger.
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    Moth ID - Kenya

    Erebidae, Erebinae, Catocalini Egybolis vaillantina Stoll, 1790 http://www.flickr.com/photos/hkmoths/2102086635/ (though I've not updated the higher taxonomy to follow Lafontaine & Schmidt, 2010 [ZooKeys, vol 40] on this page yet)
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    Beautiful moth for ID - Romania

    Many thanks, Harri - I am much indebted. A very useful paper indeed. I note that one of the perspectalis specimens listed in the paper (from Nankai University, Tianjin - the authors must have been a guest of Prof. Li Hou Hun in 2009) is illustrated on the BOLD Taxonomy browser (link below)...
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    Beautiful moth for ID - Romania

    Harri / Martin, This is a bit of a puzzle - I have this species placed in the genus Diaphania - could you enlighten me as to when the generic combination changed and provide the citation for the publication in which the change was made, please? many thanks, Roger.
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    Anyone Know What This Little Guy Is?

    Sphingidae, Smerinthinae maybe Blinded Sphinx, Paonias excaecatus
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    Papuan lep

    Found it! Not a footman, but a forester (Noctuidae, Agaristinae) - Ophthalmis lincea http://www.papua-insects.nl/insect%20orders/Lepidoptera/Noctuidae/Agaristinae/Ophthalmis/Ophthalmis%20lincea.htm
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    Papuan lep

    looks like a footman - the list (such as there is for PNG) is at http://www.papua-insects.nl/insect%20orders/Lepidoptera/Erebidae/Arctiinae/Arctiinae%20list.htm Note that this list follows Lafontaine & Schmidt 2010 (Zookeys, 40) and Zahiri et al 2011 (Zoologica Scripta 40(2): 158-173) in...
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    Micro for I/D

    Tortricidae, Olethreutinae for starters....
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    Need help identifying moth

    the hairy palps and the resting posture are useful pointers - this may well be Acrolophus popeanella (plate 62: 3 in Covell's Eastern Moths)
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    Gambian moth for ID

    I agree with Lasiocampidae (Lappet moths, Eggars.....), but have no working knowledge of the African lasiocampid fauna, so can't even place to genus. cheers, Roger.
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    Butterflies in Thailand

    ids from Corbet & Pendlebury (4th ed.) - The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula 3 - Eurema sp. (probably E. andersoni) 5 - Hypolimnas bolina 6 - Jamides sp. (near J. celeno, but would be advised to dis-sect species from Thailand as there are many similar spp there) 7 - Ideopsis similis...
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    Moth (?) in South Florida, USA

    or at http://mothphotographersgroup.msstate.edu/pinned.php?plate=20&size=l&sort=h definitely in the subfamily Sphinginae. There is (just visible) a thin orange side bar on abdominal segment 4, but not on 5 or higher, so this rules out Manduca sexta, which is one of the most common species in...
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    Moths of March 2010

    I'll kick off with an update from January - some of you may recall I posted a photo of a female lappet moth (Paralebeda sp). Well the eggs were fertile and hatched, and are now (6th March) in 4th-6th instars. Photos attached. They're ravenous, too. The final instar is a surprise for me; having...
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    Feb Moths 2010

    Good question, Ken. I guess when one can't deal with all the moths... It's happened to me a couple of times in Hong Kong. One time a few Augusts ago I recorded a staggering 470 species from two traps, and missed plenty too (mostly micros). The other time was also spring, in 1999, when the...
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    Feb Moths 2010

    Hong Kong - 27 Feb 2010 - 350 spp. in one night! Well, seems like the north-western Palaearctic moths are starting to wake up a little. The same applies in HK - at the beginning of the month I trapped and saw 40 or so species, but even though there were two weeks of cool or cold weather, the...
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    polycarbonate for a robbinson trap

    used to be able to get small sheets of PC suitable for making trap collars in Sainsbury's Homebase when I was in the UK in the 90s. cheers, Roger.
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    Feb Moths 2010

    Hi Martin, Maybe you'll be seeing some of the migrants that occur in HK (and through to Africa) later in the year (Gem, Diamondback, Spoladea recurvalis, Hellula undalis...) The full list for 1st Feb is as follows: Family, Subfamily - Species Author(s) [P]-photo attached in previous post...
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    Feb Moths 2010

    Hong Kong (Lam Tsuen Valley) - mv light trap 1st Feb 2010 Ran a light trap overnight (1st-2nd Feb) on my roof in Lam Tsuen Valley, Hong Kong on the first mild night following a few weeks of rather cool nights (min temps hovering between 9 and 12°C), with the thermometer dipping to a balmy 15°C...
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    A couple of ID's from Malaysia

    second one is a moth - Lyssa menoetius (Uraniidae, Uraniinae) cheers, Roger.