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    Doi Ang Khang

    Any birders planning on visiting Doi Ang Khang this winter should be aware that all accomodation, including Ang Khang Nature Resort and Ban Luang Resort have been forced to close, with some resorts also having been demolished. Camping is still permitted.
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    Keang Krachan NP - road beyond Bang Krang closed for 18 months

    If you are planning on visiting Keang Krachan NP within the next 18 months the road between Bang Krang campsite and Paneom Tung will be closed for 500+ days whilst they resurface the road. No doubt a large increase in visitors will follow, along with speeding cars and less wildlife.
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    Norfolk birding

    Co-ordinated Little Egret Roost count A co-ordinated Little Egret roost count is planned along the North Norfolk Coast for the weekend of Sept 30th/Oct 1st, I am keen to expand this years count to include other roosts around the county. Does anyone know of other roosts away from the coast and...
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    Keang Krachan National Park

    It has been reported that there are plans at Kaeng Krachan to pave the road after the river crossings to the top at Phanoen Thung. Consequently this road will be closed for about a year from August, as well as the top campsite. per http://www.northernthailandbirding.com
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    Norfolk birding

    Little Egrets Hi All In addition to standard WeBS counts, a coordinated count of all Little Egret roosts along the North Norfolk Coast was carried out on the evening of Sept 24th, data has shown that WeBS normally significantly under counts the numbers using the coast, previous counts have...
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    Norfolk birding

    Breeding Avocets 2015 Hi All I am in the process of writing the Avocet species account for the 2015 Norfolk Bird and Mammal Report and I am missing breeding information for several sites for 2015. The sites include: Cantley, Buckenham Marshes, Potter Heigham, Horsey, Stiffkey Fen, Strumpshaw...
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    Norfolk birding

    Brent Geese The Brent were back much earlier than usual in Brancaster Harbour, with the first adults noted Sept 9th, 10-14 days earlier than normal, with numbers quickly building over subsequent days, always a sign of a poor breeding season. At the time I suggested to others that there would be...
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    Norfolk birding

    County Rarity Descriptions A full list of those species that the Norfolk Records Committee require a description for, can be found at http://norfolkbirds.weebly.com/ You can also download the correct form at http://norfolkbirds.weebly.com/submitting-records.html on which to submit these...
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    Spoon-billed Sandpiper

    The first Spoon-billed Sandpiper of the winter was reported from Pak Thale Oct 26th. Photo here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=537570099720848&set=gm.663028677148610&type=1&theater Neil www.norfolkbirderinthailand.blogspot.com
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    National Park Entrance Fees

    Entrance fees at some national parks are to increase by at least a hundred baht for foreigners, the new prices will be charged from 1st Feb 2015, but it's Thailand, and the parks could start charging the new prices at anytime. More details here...
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    National Park Entrance Fees

    Anyone been to Keang Krachan or Doi Inthanon in the last week or so and knows what the current entrance fees are for foreigners, the price at Doi Pha Hom Pok/Doi Lang seems to fluctuate between 200 and 400 Thai baht currently. Have also received unconfirmed reports that DI are charging 4-500...
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    RFI: Gurney's Pitta still at Khao Nor Chuchi?

    Gurneys Pitta Hi Temmie I guess the lack of responses to your post says a lot. January was never a good time to try and see Gurneys at KNC, but it seems like the situation there is depressing, few birds left and probably on the verge of being lost from the site. The site probably still...
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    Spoon-billed sandpiper

    Spoon-billed Sandpiper Regular updates on sightings from Gulf of Thailand and elsewhere around the country at www.northernthailandbirding.com Neil www.norfolkbirderinthailand.blogspot.com
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    Khao Din Sor Migration 2013

    Reasonable numbers of Amur Falcons north over Chiang Dao in the last two week, best days 73 16th and 52 26th, with 38 north already through this morning before 9.10 am despite low cloud and light rain. Previously best counts here have been during final few days of Oct and early Nov. Lots of...
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    Norfolk birding

    Well said, thanks Norfolk Birder
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    Norfolk birding

    Are you sure about the Swallows, a flock of 100 in March would be exceptional, given the current weather conditions this year, one would be pretty impressive. This year could be first time for many years without any March records. We all make mistakes www.norfolkbirderinthailand.blogspot.com
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    Leg Flagged Red-necked Stint

    Today we saw a leg flagged Red-necked Stint at Laem Pak Bia, green flag below the knee and black above on the right leg and a metal ring below the knee on the left leg. Does anyone have any information on the bird or know where I can find out about it Thanks Neil...
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    Big Increase in National Park Entrance Fees

    Have just visited Kaeng Krachan and currently at Doi Inthanon, entrance fees remain unchanged for farrangs at 200tb per person. Neil www.norfolkbirderinthailand.blogspot.com
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    Norfolk birding

    Grey Tits Hi Kieran I remember seeing a very similar bird sometime around March 1995/96 at Holme, like your bird it also lacked any yellow on the underparts being grey white with a grey green mantle. Overall it had a very washed out appearance. It occurred at the same time as a large number of...
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    Big Increase in National Park Entrance Fees

    Was at Doi Inthanon briefly yesterday, the planned increase in Park fees was due to be implemented on Oct 1st, but has not yet been introduced and they were still charge 200THB for foreigners to enter. There was some confusion at the gate as to when entrance fees would increase, I was told Nov...
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    Inner Gulf Winter 2012/13

    Morning spent birding Pak Thale/Laem Pak Bia, numbers of waders generally poor Pak Thale Spoon-billed Sandpiper - adult winter plumage Great Knot 650 Dunlin 1 Ruff 2 Painted Stork 13 Heuglin's Gull 2 Greater Spotted Eagle immature Laem Pak Bia Spot-billed Pelican Mangrove Whistler...
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    Big Increase in National Park Entrance Fees

    National Park Fees The entrance fees will be payable daily, but it is Thailand and there may be some room to negotiate. Fee's at less visited national parks will stay the same. Suspect the increased fees will not go towards conservation, but more likely towards building new roads and ugly new...
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    Big Increase in National Park Entrance Fees

    Have just found out that there is a planned 150% increase in entrance fees at some national parks in Thailand. Increases are only for grade A national parks which include Doi Inthanon, Khao Yai and Keang Krachan. From November 2012 costs for non Thais will increase from 200THB to 500THB for...
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    Wallcreeper - First for Thailand

    Wallcreeper Video of Wallcreeper now on youtube, nice find http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m5YtDcY7oU Neil http://www.norfolkbirderinthailand.blogspot.com/
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    Advice - Preferably from international birders

    Don't rule out Taman Negara, I spent two weeks there in 2001 during Chinese New Year, yes it was busy but relatively few people were on the trails at first light and once away from the HQ I saw hardly anyone during the day. Many of the non birding visitors did trails immediately around the HQ...