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  1. J

    Service TSN1/3 Scope

    This was one of my points with my request for broken scopes to work with/ work on. Kowa is on again and off again in regards to working on these. I was surprised they were working on them recently. I knew it would not be long before they again "no longer" worked on these.
  2. J

    KOWA TSN-4 conversion to 45 eyepiece

    No way. Even if you fit a diagonal past the bayonet opening you will not be able to make the scope focus. Focus is very limited. With a telescope focusers have comparatively tremendous travel. Not so with spotting scope focus adjustment. Sorry.
  3. J

    Opticron SDL zoom

    Opticron is not very good at providing information in the same format as other vendors. I think they really shoot themselves in the foot. These are some bits that may help. JP
  4. J

    Which Zoom Eyepiece for Kowa 663M Opticron SDLV3 or Baader Hyperion Mark IV

    One more thing for others who may read on such things here later and slight change of topic, IMO the HDF is superior in view to the kowa te-z9 or is it 9z? The vixen glh48 eyepiece is the same as the hdf. Hard to find but still obtainable in the $170 range. It is a couple of degrees more narrow...
  5. J

    Which Zoom Eyepiece for Kowa 663M Opticron SDLV3 or Baader Hyperion Mark IV

    Toasty1, I have both of these eyepieces along with tsn1 and tsn3 scopes. Same focal length as yours so same resulting magnification. I could not get satisfactory results with the baader. I found a combination of haze/ vingneting on one scope and failure to focus past a few hundred yards on the...
  6. J

    Kowa TSN1, TSN3 Baader Hyperion MK IV zoom

    Tried this on a third body. Learned some of these bayonets have a larger ID, later ones I suppose. Another Tsn1. Passed the bayonet easily this time. However, is was a model with the window (later 173xxx sn#) and the BHZ nose will not pass the smaller diameter of the window channel. Chris ...
  7. J

    Kowa TSN1, TSN3 Baader Hyperion MK IV zoom

    Outcome first. This did not work for me and looks doubtful for others . I was enticed by the customer photos on Baader’s site that showed a TSN2. Also, I found at least one post here that claimed success. This turned out to be the source of the photos on the Baader site. There were also photos...
  8. J

    Kowa TSN-4N

    No multicoated on the body. Looks to have the window. Paint scheme slightly different than on other late prominars which also have the window. Anyone ever see a N before? I'm beginning to think multicoated wording on the body is just a kowa marketing change rather than a scope change. It was...
  9. J

    Kowa TSN-4N

    So what is this variant? any details as to what the differences were. It looks to have the glass window in the eyepiece socket. This is an ebay item set to ship from Japan. Anyone see one before? This post is intended to have a photo attachment. JP
  10. J

    The Kowa Eyepiece Compatabiliy Thread

    Celestron Ultima 80 zoom for TSN 1 -4 I have been playing with making some adapters for budget scopes to allow them to use better eyepieces. In doing this I went the other way and discovered that the Celestron zoom 8-24 for the 80mm ultima does fit and preform like a champ on my TSN-1. My scope...
  11. J

    More Kowa Eyepieces then and now.

    Jerry, I have considered it. And that may still happen. I'm in this I suppose on a low level and hoping I can stay satisfied on or near that level. Knowing myself I have to be careful as scope fever could easily get me. The My thought so far is to stay in the same eyepiece family and the 66...
  12. J

    More Kowa Eyepieces then and now.

    I have the TSN 1. I have older eyepieces. From what I have gathered here and elsewhere at least some of the new eyepieces for the 6xx/82sv series are superior and compatible. So far, what I seem to be reading is that the newer zoom lens is MUCH better than the original. This appears to be the...
  13. J

    Kowa TSN-82 SV