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    Comment by 'Swarovski Man' in media 'Muslin Moth'

    These are beautiful. Well done. What lens did you use ?
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    Anyone used DBA VHD+ from Opticron

    Hi Rufus. I've owned the 8s and 10s. They are optically very nice, but as mentioned, the 8s only have a 7 degree field of view, so are not very immersive, which is a shame, because it lets the rest of the bin down. I found the 10s were also very good optically, with an apparent fov of 60...
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    New Coatings on NL ?

    I sold a pair of (green) SLC 8x42s to a fellow bird watcher a while back who was replacing the same model that he had dropped and couldn't find again. Perhaps Swarovski should fit tracking devices to their green models.
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    Opticron Aurora VHD 8x42 - Focusing wheel?

    Hi Dougan. I did wonder that as well ! I received mine on 28th March from thephotographyshop on eBay. I was really looking forward to getting them but was disappointed in the end. If the focusing was better and the exit pupil fully rounded, then I would have probably kept them. Kamakura...
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    Opticron Aurora VHD 8x42 - Focusing wheel?

    I also bought an ex-display pair of 8x42s (£600). Like you, I was not happy with the focusing, which was stiff, with a very small amount of play, although mine didn't make any noise. Despite being made in Japan, probably by Kamakura, the left exit pupil was noticeably truncated, which was...
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    Another Leica Service Experience...

    I recently purchased a used Apo Televid 82, which I am really pleased with. The only problem was that the rubber eye cup was broken, so I contacted Leica who sent me out a replacement, free of charge. I know that this is small beer compared to other repairs, but I was impressed by the gesture...
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    New Opticron Aurora BGA VHD Binocular

    Hi Pete. Could you tell us if the new Auroras have hydrophobic coatings, which I would assume they do at this price ? Thanks
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    SLC range to be discontinued by Swarovski!

    Yes folks - it looks like it's time to panic-buy. Cley Spy are now listing the 8x42s as "discontinued". Actually, I might buy a pair elsewhere, because I find them more comfortable to look through than the ELs, which have less useable eye relief and suffer from a lot of rolling ball ( at least...
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    Review of Meopta B1 MeoStar 8x42

    I recently purchased a new pair of 10x50s - serial number 17xxxx - at a price that I couldn't resist. Yes, they are large and heavy, but handle really well despite this. Eye relief is fine for spectacle wearers and the focusing is superb - smooth, evenly weighted in both directions and with a...
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    Anyone feels going back from Noctivid to the Ultravid HD...?

    Interesting views on some excellent bins. I recently spent a very pleasant afternoon at Loch Leven RSPB reserve, comparing HD+s and Noctovids. To my eyes, the view through the Noctovids was far superior - noticeably clearer and more immersive, with a real "wow" factor that I didn't get with...
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    Anyone owned / tried a 15x45 Conquest?

    Hi James. I tried the 12x45s several years ago and was very unimpressed with them - optically bland and cheap feeling. Best avoided unless you are desperate for the blue badge.
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    Vortex Razor 8x42 vs Zeiss Conquest 8x42

    Hi again Ron. If it's of any interest to you, I did a direct comparison between these when I had my second pair of Razors at the start of this year and still owned the Conquests, which I recently sold (both 8x42). Both were very good, but the Conquests had the edge - they exhibited less flare...
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    Air bubbles in my Razors ?

    Ron, Glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase. I know that it's subjective, but I agree with you about the ergonomics of the Razors - they handle beautifully and feel superb in the hand. To my mind, they are redolent of the Leica BLs, which also look and feel great, due to the...
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    Air bubbles in my Razors ?

    Hi Ron. I've returned the Razors to Amazon for a refund - there were just too many issues with them. They weren't bad, just not good enough compared to alphas. They were really only a bargain in relation to their RRP of £999/$1,279. I would categorise them as a mid-price bin selling at...
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    Air bubbles in my Razors ?

    Hi Giosblue. I bought the Razors directly from Amazon - "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon" - they were not a grey import. Anyway, you are correct in saying that you do not need to produce a warranty card to take advantage of the guarantee, so that wouldn't be an issue anyway. Regarding the...
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    Air bubbles in my Razors ?

    Last week I bought (another) new pair of Razor 8x42s, and was delighted to find that they were Made in Japan - new/old stock from Amazon at £553. I really like these bins, despite some issues with glare and a relatively small field of view. However, when I took off my specs and looked at some...
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    Eye relief in 10x42 SLC and EL?

    While the eye relief is only 16mm, I would encourage anyone to try them before dismissing them as unsuitable. I have the 10x42 SLCs and wear glasses, but find them absolutlely fine - in fact, the lesser eye relief means that you hold them closer to your glasses, which gives an increased...
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    Meopta 7x42 MeoStar Review

    Thanks for that Andy. I'm off to have a look ... Mark
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    Meopta 7x42 MeoStar Review

    Hi Lee. First of all, I just want to say that your approach to the review made it a very interesting - I have wanted to see a Dartford Warbler ever since I first saw a photo of one in the AA Book of the Countryside back in the 70s ( perhaps one day ).I bought a pair of Meostar 7x50s two years...
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    8x42 EDS experience?

    Cluster - FWIW, I tried the Viking ED-S at RSPB Lochwinnoch a few years ago and thought that it was okay, but did not have any stand-out qualities, although it got a good review in one of the birding magazines at the time ( when it was priced far higher than the £175 that you can get it for now...
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    I am also delighted that Opticron are releasing the Disco 7x. I've had a couple of 8x42s and they were very good for the money. Interestingly, for Opticron, they seem to have a good field of view. The increased depth of field that the 7x will bring, combined with a close focus of 1.5m should...
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    New Zeiss Conquest HD - Focus Wheel Issue

    I have had four pairs of Conquest HDs and the focussing has been excellent on all of them, although there can be a tiny amount of play if you look ( or feel ) for it, but batch variation does exist and I know others who have had poor focussing. I remember trying a pair of 8x42s in one shop that...
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    Viking 6.5x32 MD review

    I have had a couple of MD 6.5s and foolishly sold them. I bought one from Dougie in Glasgow's Viking repair shop when they were reduced to £99 - what a bargain ! It was a really excellent little bin with the smoothest focussing that I have come across and a close focus of less than 1 metre...
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    Vanguard Endeavour ED II 10x42 vs. 8x42?

    I bought a pair of 8s this week for an excellent price, but am returning them - the view was not as good as I remembered it to be when I last looked through them ( fine but not great ), the focus had some slack in it and the left exit pupil was badly truncated. I had thought of ordering the ED...
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    Review: Imagic BGA VHD 8x42

    I couldn't agree more with Troubador - these bins are probably the best available at this price point.