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  1. nature elvis

    How can you differentiate old ATS 80HD model from new ATS 80HD?

    Hi I'm thinking of getting a used ATS 80HD but before I do I want to be sure it's the most recent model. How can I be sure it's the aluminium one that follows the magnesium ATM and not the ATS 80HD which predated it? As far as I can tell they look identical. Are there any clear, visual signs...
  2. nature elvis

    Lowepro Scope Porter

    Has anyone got any images showing the inside of the Scope Porter they cou D post or point me in the direction of? I've seen pics showing the inside of the side pockets and I understand how the scope porter works i.e the scope can be housed inside whilst stlll being attached to a Tripod but just...
  3. nature elvis

    Swarovksi eyepieces

    Hi, Can anyone Let me know how many Swaro eyepieces there have been within the usual range of 20x, 30x, 45x and 20-60x since the older AT80 scope. I'm confused by various websites showing a 30x sw and a 30 w for example. Not sure whether there is any difference. I'm pretty sure the 30xww is...
  4. nature elvis

    Any Birding spots near Padua?

    Going with the wife for 4 days at the end of April and looking for somewhere to catch some birds/wildlife for a day within easy train distance, any ideas?
  5. nature elvis

    Manfrotto 190cxpro4 128rc2 Swarovski ATS 80HD

    Hi all Hopefully, all being well, a used Swarovski ATS 80 HD is winging its way to me as we speak. :t:B (: Its taken a while to get the Scope, obviously as you can imagine the cost doesn't help in this regard and I'm aware I've asked a similar question on the forum quite a while back when I was...
  6. nature elvis

    Leica Apo Televid 82

    Can anyone, preferably owners, share their thoughts on the Leica Apo Televid 82 with the 25-50 eye piece? Seen a used one at a decent price and wondering if there any any known issues with this particular model I should be looking out for. Thanks in advance
  7. nature elvis

    055xv with 128rc Swarovski ATS 80 HD

    Would the above combination be ok with an Swarovski ats 80 hd scope? I'm pretty confident the head will be fine but not sure what would be the lightest manfrotto tripod I could get away with before it could become an issue with a large scope. The 055xv seems a decent bet as not sure the 190xv...
  8. nature elvis

    Swarovski 8x32 EL's vs Leica 8x42 Ultravid.

    As per the title really, I have the opportunity to buy either the 8x32 EL's or the non HD Ultravid 8x42's for the same price, around £850. Unfortunately I can't try either out in person first as my local dealers don't stock alpha bins. Therefore not sure which are the better buy. I would be...
  9. nature elvis

    Swarovski ATS 65

    Two questions, one, is this still a good scope given more recent models and two can anyone recommend a Manfrotto Tripod and Head to go with it. I've seen a ATS65 for around the £750 mark inc a 20-60 eyepeice. Thanks.
  10. nature elvis

    Hawke 8x42 Nature Trek

    How do these compare with the top line Frontier ED range? Any users care to comment?
  11. nature elvis

    Leica 8x32 BN

    Hi, new to this forum, wonder if you can give me some advice. I've seen an old pair of Leica 8x32 BN Trinovids. I've heard these were/are the bees knees when it comes to Birding bins and still command quite a high price on the second hand market. Basically the question is, is £599 a good...