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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    I have never seen or used a more effective lens cleaner than CARSON LENS TIPS. Now they are temporarily discontinued....
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    ED82 + 25-75X MCII: AFOV AT 75X

    Thank You Henry. it seems acceptable, compared to DS 75X at 64^.
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    ED82 + 25-75X MCII: AFOV AT 75X

    I have the ED82S with DS 30X and DS 50X. Also have the ED50. Now I am cosidering the DS 75X for Astro. My question is: it would be better to buy the zoom and use it at 75 (having also the opportunity to use all the others magnifications)? I can’t find nowhere the AFOW of the zoom @75X but only...
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    What should I clean binocular lenses with?

    Since I discovered Carson Disposable CS-70, I use only this, after blowing. Fantastic
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    The 8x32 FL has been discontinued...

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    Buon Natale da Roma
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    Swarovski 8x32 EL Field Pro vs Zeiss Victory T* FL 8x32

    I have sold my EL SV 8x32 and bought the zeiss Victory 8x32 T FL. The Swaro had too much glare and for me that was unaceptable. Also the Swaro’s colors were unsaturated. The FOV was all in focus but the rolling ball effect was too much and the Zeiss is more relaxed. And the Zeiss is more...
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    Owners: How Are Your Leica Noctivids Serving You?!

    Intremediate or max, depending on the angle, for both 8X&10X
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    No retro Trinovids after all?

    I hope that they have already made the waterproof upgrade and now the marketings guys are writing the new webpages.
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    What was so hard about phase coatings?

    If you need burger money, ok, but the book is only for dummies
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    Bill Cooks book now available

    Of course I will do it, Holger. For free, as you and Henry Link, and Gjis an others do every day. But this is a different story: the book is not a free post, I have paid for it. It has been reccomended and described as:" opus magnus on binoculars", "very enjoyable", "authoritative". In my...
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    Bill Cooks book now available

    I agree but this is not the case, IMHO. And I had hoped that it was, when I bought it.
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    Bill Cooks book now available

    I agree with these guys! Really nothing new. You can learn a lot more searching in this forum. And the print quality is very very low. Sorry!
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    Bill Cooks book now available

    It works
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    Bill Cooks book now available

    Anyway, after many different solutions (breathe, saliva, isopropil alchool, soap water, microfiber, lens tissues from swarovsky) my conclusion is that the best of all cleaning stuff are the carson's C6 disposable lens cleaners (not the pen!).
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    Leica Can you Fix my Noctivid or give me my cash back !!!!!

    Kimmo, thank You very much for your help. Very useful, as ever.
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    Bill Cooks book now available

    We have no Windex in Italy!!!
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    Leica Can you Fix my Noctivid or give me my cash back !!!!!

    When I say alittle play, I mean LITTLE, half a millimeter, and not in the focus, just in the diopter windows. I have had all the best alpha binoculars and the Noctivid are the best of all. You can't explain: you need to use it for a while..... You should try: I am sure You would change your mind
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    Leica Can you Fix my Noctivid or give me my cash back !!!!!

    Are you sending it back via an official leica store?
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    Leica Can you Fix my Noctivid or give me my cash back !!!!!

    I have two Noctivids, an 8x and a 10x. I have carefully checked (of course) after Globetrotter's post and they are both perfect. Maybe a little play, but this is normal. May be the problem is with an early batch? Mines have been built in may (8X) and in june (10X) (I have checked the signed...
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    New Leica September 4 2017

    Bah. Really disappointed!
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    New Leica September 4 2017

    Maybe they are waiting for the americans to wake up
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    leica 10x50 HD Plus vs Swarovision 10x50

    The noctivid are my favorites. I love the contrast, the colors and the view in general. IMO the Swaros are too cold, the colors are less vibrant and the flares are too invasive; I like the leica soul and life. The swaro are easy to the eye and sharp to the edge, but the wow factor is for le leicas.