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    Saw whet or boreal owl. Ontario Canada

    Taken recently. Thx
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    swallow ID ontario canada

    taken yesterday is this one of them brown tree swallow or a bank swallow thnxxx
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    Gull ontario canada

    Thank you. I now have confirmation that the one in behind the adult herring gull is also a herring gull
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    Gull ontario canada

    Why does it have pink legs then.
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    Gull ontario canada

    Ontario canada, couple weeks ago. Already put that info. Three are herring gulls but I'm curious about the one inthe back behind the adult herring
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    Gull ontario canada

    Taken couple weekw ago. Herring Gulls but whata the one in the back????? Thnx
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    Owl? Ontario canada

    Sorry early evening, totally dark out though. Mixed forest habitat with some fields nearby
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    Owl? Ontario canada

    Audio didnt attached the firstbtime here it is
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    Owl? Ontario canada

    Is this an owl or another hird or not even a bird???
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    Warbler ID Ontario canada

    Mourning warbler ???? Idk. Black tail and wings?? What warblers have that?
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    Warbler ID Ontario canada

    Taken tofay thnxx
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    Mourning or Connecticut warbler

    Ontario canada today
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    Common gallinule call? Ontario canada

    Sounded different than a pied billed Grebe to me. Not really any standing water at this spot, more like wet shrubby spot. I see what other will think though
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    Common gallinule call? Ontario canada

    Taken todat
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    Flycatcher Ontario canada

    Taken a coupkendayz ago thnxx
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    Thrush Ontario canada

    Can this be identified just from this photo? No prob if not. Taken today
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    Swan Ontario canada

    Taken recently but poor photo thanks
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    Unknown bird point Pelee Ontario canada

    Taken couple of days ago
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    Bird song Ontario canada

    Recorded today thx
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    golden or bald eagle ontario canada

    mid april 2016 near sault ste marie thanks, only photo
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    flycatcher ontario canada

    september 2017. is it possible to ID this to species from this 1 photo or no???
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    Accipiter Ontario canada

    Okay thanks I thought that might be the case thanks
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    Accipiter Ontario canada

    Can wing length be used to ID? It was certainly an accipiter based on flight pattern and tailnlength but only gotnthis photo, heavy crop. Taken today thanks
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    Red tailed hawk?

    Ontario canada today
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    Goldeneye Ontario canada

    Here is one of it on the water, if that changes anything or helps confirm