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    Bird migration on merchant ships.

    A fascinating nine minutes on YouTube concerning birds landing and resting on merchant ships at sea.
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    The Birds Of The Iberian Peninsula

    The above Helm title is available from Postscript Books for £19.99. It was originally priced at £60.
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    Bill Oddie and his travels BBC Radio4extra

    Lovely thirty minutes from Bill. First broadcast back in 1973 but it could be from 2018 as it sounds so fresh. Lots of stories and calls. BBC Radio4extra Sounds Natural. 1.1.2019 at 1830.
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    Discovery: Life on the East Asian Flyway

    Migrating birds are in crisis in the Yellow Sea. But a Chinese bird hunter and a small group of Shanghai birdwatchers are working to save them and their mudflat habitats. BBC World Service, Monday, 13th June 2016 at 22:32. The first programme is available on the BBC iplayer.
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    Norfolk Birdfair virus warning.

    I clicked on the Norfolk Birdfair site earlier and received an immediate warning that the site was unsafe and my PC was at risk. I wonder if anyone else has received the same?
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    Bound British Birds pre 1940 wanted.

    If any BF members have pre 1940 bound copies of British Birds, and in good condition, then I would be interested in buying.
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    iTunes duplicates.

    This is sort of bird related and I'm hoping someone can help me. Following yet another mystery iTunes disappearance off this new PC my question is this; I managed to eventually recover most of my bird recordings but I am now left with many thousands of duplicate bird songs. I do know how to...
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    York Waxwings.

    Twelve feeding on Hawthorn berries on Green Lane at 1500 hours.
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    Eilat 2013

    I'm hoping to return to Eilat in the spring of 2013, either before or after Passover, and was wondering if any BF members are also planning to visit. It would be interesting to know if anyone has heard of any good deals around. Bubbs.
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    Windows Security Alert Updates...help please.

    Sorry it's not about birds but after a christmas virus problem my Windows Security Alerts is turned off and no matter what I do I can't turn the auto updates back on. I have tried going to the control panel and clicking on security. I've ticked the AUTOMATIC UPDATES but all to no avail. The...
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    The British Birds Harrier page 197

    Perhaps I'm missing something but can someone tell me what is attached to the lower breast of the Juv Hen Harrier on page 197? John.
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    The Cuckoo Radio 4

    The Cuckoo on BBC Radio 4 at 11am. Well worth a listen and available on Listen Again. John.
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    Bird Book Bargain from OUP.

    The OUP sale is now on. The Cuckoos. £124.00...now £31.00 The Hawaiian Honeycreepers. £125.00...now £31.25. I believe postage is included :t: Grab them before the book dealers. John.
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    Oulook Express problems. Help please.

    I know this isn't bird related but can someone help please? All my incoming e-mails are going straight into my deleted mail box. Everything was fine last night but now the above happens. Think I may go back to a stamp and writing paper :C John.
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    Walking around the Hula Reserve, Israel. RFI.

    It is ten years since I last visited the Hula in northern Israel. Can anyone tell me if it is still possible to walk around the flooded area to the north? There was some talk that the only way you could access the reserve was by hired vehicles and access on foot was no longer possible. I could...
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    Computer geek wanted ;-)

    I wonder if anyone can help?....whenever I get sent a document to download the download goes fine but then when I try open the doc I get the message 'UNABLE TO LOAD GRAPHICS CONVERSION FILTER'. No matter what I do to read the doc it won't open. I've downloaded the Microsoft conversion filter all...
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    For all large gull fans...

    You might enjoy this, especially full screen. http://www.slideshare.net/warbler/israel-large-gulls-fast-identification-guide-p\art-2-5909 John
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    40,000 bird sound recordings online

    You can now hear the songs and calls of 6,300 species among 40,000 recordings on the website www.xeno-canto.org Thanks to British Birds News and Comment. John.
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    Sharm el Sheik...book guide wanted

    I wonder if anyone could recommend a good up to date guide to the Sharm el Sheik area. John
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    Birdfair..which is the busiest day?

    Could someone advise me as to which day is the busiest. John.
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    How does he do it?

    These are brilliant. Goodness knows how 'Dan' does it. http://www.pbase.com/dophoto/image/113184301 John
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    Bird Book Bargains

    The shop at RSPB Titchwell has GREBES OF THE WORLD for sale at £2.50. This book is widely available for £49.95. It's a coffee table book with sumptious paintings by the brilliant, Chris Rose and text by Malcolm Ogilvie. There are also two pages of winter plumages...BRILLIANT.
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    Hotels in northern Majorca

    I wonder if anyone could recommend a good hotel, either in Puerto Pollensa, or very close. Thanks for any advice given. John.
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    itunes and birdcall back up

    Thanks for reading this and apologies for it not being directly related to birds. I have a large library re bird calls and songs in itunes but does anyone know how to back all my 'songs' up? The CD back up does not want to work properly, and it would take nearly 30 cd's to do a complete back...
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    Bird Book Bargains

    For those with an interest in The Hawaiian Honeycreepers or The Bowerbirds....go to http://www.oup.co.uk/sale/2009/ornithology/ You will not find these cheaper and they represent a true bargain. Even The Cuckoos is a good price. John.